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Hyundai Santa Fe Indicator Lights and Gauges



  • angel20angel20 Posts: 22
    If you go back and read the earlier comments, the update was done on my 07 cause I have had 7 engine light situations...where no one can tell what is wrong. Hyundai was under pressure from my lemon law lawyer to fix it or replace it. Still waiting to see what happens. :lemon:
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Posts: 336
    I did see your posts.. Got confused since reflashing the ECU would probably not have an impact unless the data in the ECU was corrupted or incorrect IMHO...keeping my fingers crossed for you.... :) I was thinking there were a bunch of updates that they had come out with....that affected all the 07's
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    yeah - i think a reflash would help if the parameters that are set in the ecu are asking for responses that cannot be achieved.... so reset the ecu with different parameters...
  • I think you've nailed the problem... my 2006 Monte Carlo TPMS lite goes on whenever I pass 2 specific spots along the Interstate. There are some large microwave/cell towers in each location. I've messaged my GM dealer but no reply. I am fairly convinced this is a generic TPMS problem.
  • I think you'll find there are certain specific locations, as described in the Hyundai Tec Service Bulletin that trigger the problem. I have exact same issue with Monte Carlo 2006 TPMS, and I have learned three locations locally, mainly along Interstate & Turnpike near microwave/cell towers, that trigger the alert.
  • I've posted about this in maintenance & repair, but no activity there. My experience is similar to jcoug's but not to the extent--YET. Five miles from the dealership on purchase day the light comes on. Tires had high 30's to 40 PSI in them. I lowered to 32 considering the tires had been driven. Take it back some days later and they reset the light, but it comes back on driving home. I live with it for a couple of weeks and have them look at the light when they are changing the oil. Service guy said they had too little air and raised the pressure to 35. I mentioned the door placard says 30, but he says the tires "run better" at 35. I told him the light I was getting was not a low pressure light, but a malfunction. Tires run better at 35. The light stayed off for the next drive, but after stopping and re-starting, I'm looking at the TPMS light again. I have an appointment scheduled in the morning. We'll see what the service idiot says this time. Probably that the tires shouldn't have 35 and this is over the "safe limit" rating of 30.

    My patience is thin, and I hear it cracking.

    Will post with updates.
  • Hi nateman7ahc...

    Is there a cell tower visible at the place where the light goes on ?
  • Hi Montec,

    Actually, the light is on all the time, so i don't think it's outside interference (I hope there's not that much!). I took the car to the dealer and after they really looked at it (I don't think they did anything before but check the pressure and flash the computer) determined that the right rear pressure sensor was bad. I asked the service mgr if these things took batteries, and he gave me some line that they self-generate power. From the picture in the Veracruz brochure (which I had time to peruse while waiting), it looks like one of those large watch-type batteries on the sensor. Regardless, they didn't have the part and would be two days. So another trip to have them break the bead on the tire and replace the sensor and pair the new sensor with the computer.

    Will advise as we proceed... ;)
  • Turns out the right rear sensor was bad and the dealer had to replace it. Took about two hours to dismount the wheel, replace the sensor and test drive. All is working fine now, although dealer is rather frustrating with their ineptitude.
  • I originally started posting in May of this past year. After over a dozen different trips to the dealership for the same TPMS issue, a lot of phone calls, letters and contacting a lemon law lawyer - Hyundai finally acknowledged that there 'may' be a problem with the TPMS system on my 2007 Santa Fe. However - they made it very clear to me that I am the only owner in the entire country having this issue.
    When they received the letter from the Lemon Law Lawyer saying that they better fix it or we move forward legally, Hyundai was very generous in putting me in a brand new 2007 Santa Fe (with only 11 miles on it) and they also cut me a check equal to two months of car payment (since that's about how long I was driving their rental car).

    I wish it had just stopped there. But...I am sad to say that two weeks after getting into my new Santa Fe - the TPMS light went off. Here I am again, with a second car and on the 4th trip to the dealership with the TPMS issue. It's not even coming on in the same areas that it came on in the other car - so I'm not drawing any similarities to the area (ie - electromagnetic interference). Hyundai continues to send up a "specialist" mechanic every time I call. According to Hyundai, it's all a very strange coincidence and I have been told on numerous occassions by their customer service specialist that I am indeed the only person in the country having this problem and while it's very coincidental, they're looking into it.

    Any thoughts??? Any solutions? Anyone else having these problems???
  • I have had my SF for a month now and I have never seen the TPMS light come on. I love my SF so issues to report.
  • That really is odd. I have had my SF since last April...never seen it come on after self test....I wonder what is happening at your end and feel for you. Having a new car 2...with a problem like that is frustrating to say the least!

    Good Luck
  • I agree with you. I can tolerate the bright blue during the day, but in night driving it is very distracting. I used some blue masking tape (the kind you use for painting) and cut it out to block off a lot of the display. I would like to know if there is an electrical fix to add some more resistance to the dimmer switch to dim the lights further. Insteresting that if you put your headlights on during the day the display is nice and dim???
  • Is there any way to have the lighter and/or other power outlets be on when the car is turned off? My other cars always were wired that way. There are times when you want to leave an item to be charged (cell phone, etc) while you are in having lunch or whatever.
  • I don't have an answer for making the dash lights dimmer, but there is no difference in the display brightness during the day or at night. The display just looks dim during the day because it is so bright out. We run with our headlights on all the time. We turn the display to full brightness during the day, but have to turn it down at night.
  • I know that most people find the Santa Fe's blue displays to be very cool and I do like them while driving around town. However, while driving where there is no lighting, such as in the country at night, I find them very irritating. When it is very dark out the blue is so bright that it reflects off of my glasses, even when I have them turned down as low as they can go.
    Does anyone else have the same issue and is there any way to dim them even further?
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    I keep mine dimmed down and have absolutely no problems with them, even in dark areas.
  • I wish I had found your post before I posted mine (Dec 6/07). I recently leased a 2008 SF Limited and also find the blue displays far to bright in country driving. I didn't know it was so bright because when I test drove it at night it was in the city and tested it in the country during the day. I can accept the brightness at night in the city, it's only in the country when it is completely dark out that it becomes a problem. Have you found a solution to the problem?
  • I agree re the distraction of the blue lights at night. I apply some strips of window darkening film to the blue areas when I drive at night. If it's a cloudy day you don't have to remove them during the day as you can read the info thru the strips, but on a bright day I just peel them off and keep them in a compartment.
    I think the Sante Fe is a great car. I've had it for about 5 months and have almost 12,000 miles and no complaints.
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