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Hyunda Azera Transmission Questions



  • penzfanpenzfan Posts: 12
    whatever u's your car
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    this is listed in the 2006 owner's manual under vehicle maintenance requirements ...I personally change @ 70k...the new synthetic trans fluids can be in service for 100k miles if so desired especially the Lucas "06 has only 35k miles, so I'mnot due a change for a while...
  • cobrazeracobrazera Posts: 352
    THX for the info. My '06 has 44K miles and it's good to know I don't need to service the tranny for a while. 30K mile service did sound extreme. I'm not a fan of unnecessary maintenance - "if it ain't broke don't fix it". I just changed my original air filter last year, no change in performance or mileage, just figured it was time. Never over 5K on an oil/filter change, tho.
  • jamazerajamazera Posts: 149
    changed to a k&n got one for $20 a deal....haven't changed tranny fluid, but when I do it will probably be the Lucas synthetic...also changed to Hawk Pro ceramic pads last year....did see a little difference in stopping..not as dirty.. oil/filter change once a yr w/ Royal Purple syn racing oil or Amsoil syn....only put 4k miles a year at the most on it
  • My 2007 Azera now with 145,000 miles has developed a jerky shifting problem (automatic shift). It occurs after highway driving and slowing down at a tollgate, without coming to a halt (EZ pass gate). Upon acceleration there is a moderately serious jerk in shifting from gear 3 to gear 4.

    Dealer service people did not detect any faults and reset the defaults in shift-values. the problem did not go away.

    any suggestions you have are very welcome!

  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Manohar...glad to see someone with as many miles as I have. Sorry to hear of your transmission problem. I'm assuming that you've maintained the transmission by getting it serviced at regular intervals. Here's one thing you can try (don't laugh). Disconnect your battery and leave it disconnected for about 5-10 minutes. Re-connect and drive. See if the "reset" works.

    My reason for this suggestion... my 2006 (with just over 145k miles) began running roughly (at highway speed) and almost seemed like it would cut off as I slowed down. Pressing the gas pedal made the car speed up, but slowly and the car would shudder as it did. I stopped, turned it off and disconnected the battery, re-connected after a few minutes...beleive it or not, the car ran find afterwards.

    If that doesn't do anything for you, I would suggest a transmission specialist to take a look at it. I have heard that some Hyundai technicians don't like to find problems they will have to repair. They would rather make you think you need to get a new car instead.

    Keep us posted.
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