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1997 Dodge Neon Head Gasket



  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    No problem, I deleted your identical post in the Technical Service Bulletins topic. This topic is definitely the right place for your post.

    Good luck with the Neon.

    Your host, Bruce
  • DID they fix the head gasket problem in the 2000 neon? and what is wrong with the brakes?
  • joebob87joebob87 Posts: 1
    I have a '95 Neon (purchased in Sept. '94) and had the head gasket go last fall. I talked to the people at Chrysler and after having it officially analyzed at the dealership, they offered to cover it all (including labor) except for a $50 "co-pay." This was at close to 70k miles and I had no extended warranty.

    When I first called the mechanic at the dealership, I reported it as a failed rear main seal, and he said he has replaced approx. 50 head gaskets and not a single rear main seal on this 2.0 liter engine. (This in a town of 30,000!) Problem is also common to this engine installed in Strati/Cirruses. I also heard somewhere that they are on the 5th iteration of this part number. I believe it was the parts guy at the dealership who told me that.

    Bad problem, but I was impressed with Chrysler standing behind their product.

  • ignaigna Posts: 4
    Hello everybody!
    I got a question about Dodge Neon 1998 (or,
    maybe, this is common for all Neons with auto
    I am going to buy this car in a few days and
    tested it yesterday. Before I was driving only
    japanize cars and and driving Neon was my first
    experience with small american cars.
    Is it common that you feel when you change gears?
    From R to D , lets say.. The car jumping up a bit
    every time you change from P to R or R to D ?
    I don't feel anything when I do that in Civic...
    I would appreciate any answer here, or you can
    send it to
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    Did you try posting in the "Transmission Trauma" topic??? You might get a better response there.

    Your host, Bruce
  • sha721sha721 Posts: 1
    Hello all! Just to let you know, my 1998 Neon Sport blew the head gasket three days ago. A friend of mine told me to research it on the Internet because he heard it was a widespread problem. I have since found that it is indeed a model-wide and engine-wide problem (for the Breeze/Stratus/Cirrus with the same engine). I am currently embroiled in a battle with Daimler-Chrysler and my local dealership to have the cost of the repairs covered ($690 for a car with 45K miles on it!). I have received excellent guidance from the following website: Click on the link marked "Secret Warranties" for some good info. I have already filed a complaint with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration ( I am demanding that DaimlerChrysler stand by their product and extend me the same "goodwill" that they have to other customers in this matter. Barring an amicable settlement, my next step is to file a small claims court suit naming DaimlerChrysler and my local dealership as the plaintiffs. I will then proceed to create a website with links to all the other websites that already exist concerning this problem. I may even contact my local television station's consumer affairs investigative reporter and see if they would be interested in this story. Bottom line is DO NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN AN EXTENSION OF THE ORIGINAL WARRANTY TO 5YRS/100K MILES!! There is enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that Chrysler has already done this for some of their customers. Therefore, it should apply equally to ALL of their customers! Do not be intimidated by the corporate giant! Stand your ground and assert your rights as a consumer! The beauty of our capitalist system is that they will either handle your complaint satisfactorily, or they will lose a valuable customer and gain a whole lot of bad publicity as a result of it. I'll come back in a couple of days and let you know how it goes.
  • mdeans2mdeans2 Posts: 1
    I'm hoping I can help answer a few of your questions. I work at a GM and Jeep Dealership. I was looking into buying a 96 Neon so I decided to ask one of the jeep mechanics about it. He told me that they've had alot of problems with Neons blowing head gaskets, but other than that they were fine. Unfortunately, the problem is so bad that our dealership won't even buy Neons at auction anymore. Thats got to be bad, considering that our dealer buys pieces of crape on a regular basis. well , I hope my information was of help.
  • emiller3emiller3 Posts: 1
    Just wanted to say thanks for the advice. I have a blown head gasket and was about to pay $650 at my local independant garage when I came across someone who submitted that Dodge was standing behind them. So I figured I had nothing to lose and called the local dealer. He said that my car with 62,000 miles would have a deductible of $100 dollars and he could do the work tomorrow. I was very impressed. Thank you Larry Miller Dodge in Peoria AZ. When I called I was ready for a fight because this is what I thought it was suppose to be like talking to a dealership on these issues. Not at all. Thanks again Edmunds for this wonderful money saving site and Dodge for standing behind your car.
  • Hello.. I am a single mother of two boys... I bought my 98 dodge neon Brand new from my local dealership.. this was my first brand new car and I was very proud to finally own something That i could trust to not let me sitting along side the road,,,, well I was wrong.. not only am I making the $260 per month car payment .. now at 69,000 miles ... I have to come up with $700 out of pocket to have a head gasket replaced I am furious and I feel almost violated to the fact that Chrysler knows this is a problem and to the proportions of recall status yet nothing is being done about it... My two year old car overheated and let me sit along side a busy highway at ten oclock at nite with my two kids.. Luckily I was near a gas station and could call for assistance.. I have called the customer service number I will hear back from them maybe tommorow.. The man on the phone was very polite and curtious.. and to some this maybe funny ... he asked me where i heard about this being a major problem and I asked him if he had a computer at home and he replied.. yes mam I do I said well.. go home tonite... go into any search engine.. type in the words... DODGE NEON HEAD GASKET PROBLEM.. I said and there you will see about 40 pages of reviews .. and complaints on this issue.. I wonder if he will really do that tonite when he goes home.. hopefully.. thank you
  • jmn2786jmn2786 Posts: 15
    Supposedly if you complain to Chrysler enough they will pay for half or all of the cost. This has worked for many people with 95-early 98 Neons.
  • piasamanpiasaman Posts: 1
    We own a 96 dodge neon with 30,000 miles on it. At 25,000 mi. the head gasket started to leak. The mechanic at a local repair shop found it during a routine oil change. He told me that all neon head gasket are bad (poor design) and to get hold of a Chrysler rep. He also said that on the new neons the head gasket have been redesigned. Well we went to the local dodge dealer ready for a fight. To our surprise they immediately acknowledged the neon head gasket problem and replaced it. They did require a 100.00 co-pay because the car was out of warranty. Not real happy with the co-pay with only 30,000 mi. on it, but I guess it's better than paying for the whole thing. Other than this problem ,the neon has been a great little car, fun to drive, handles well and pretty peppy too.
  • jodoinjodoin Posts: 1
    At 49K miles a head gasket replacement was required because of leaks. Cost $627. At 60K same trouble....Cost: $454. ...Chrysler paid for parts supposedly.
  • oilcan2oilcan2 Posts: 120
    I have a early 95 neon sport,4 lug nuts 82k
    I never have had a leak problem.I have used
    amsoil 0w30 oil and by-pass filter since 5k.I do
    not know if this is the reason but the engine
    generates less heat with this oil.the temp sensor
    stays a few degrees below half.
  • krzysskrzyss Posts: 843
    Hi !

    I do own 96 Plymouth Neon Sport, which I bought new. I was happy owner for 4 years and a change. 2 months ago I noticed that something is leaking from the engine compartment. Car was 4 years and 3 months old with 51000 miles. Trip to dealer answers the question. It is infamous "head gasket problem".
    They fixed it for 651USD and I asked Service Advisor to put in writing that head gasked was broken (he put note on the receipt that gasket corner cracked or something similar). I made beautiful color copies of my receipts and sent them promptly to DCX. One month later I received phone call that DCX stands behind their products and I will receive reimbursement in the mail.
    Today I cashed the check for 651USD.
    I still like my Neon even though it is quite noisy (not quiet).

  • bbern214bbern214 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how I can get my $650.00 back from the dealer for this problem? What have you done? E mail me at

    I had the engine gasket problem on my 1995 Dodge Neon at 69370 miles in November 1999. It cost 650.00 at a dealership and nobody ever told me anything was known about the problem. Today, May 15, 2000 at 77000 miles, I had my car checked at an independent garage and found out the main rear seal is blown, and that it will cost another 400.00 to repair. This is so outrageous I can't believe it. I will be selling my car ASAP and I will be buying a 2000 Honda Civic. I've had several Chrysler products and I will NEVER buy one again and I will do eveything in my power to badmouth the company! What is wrong with the Government? Why can't they force Chrysler to recall these cars? HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • chickysuechickysue Posts: 1
    im looking into buying a 1995 dodge neon for my 17yr old daughter the car has been diagnosed with the head gasket problem the seller is still under warranty and will have the gasket fixed do i still want to buy this car???? somebody help me with this decision is the warranty on this car transferrable? email me at please i dont want to buy this car for my daughter if it is unreliable
  • clayton3clayton3 Posts: 1
    This is old news, but here's my story. At 42,000 miles (no extended warranty beyond 36K) the local Chrysler dealership quoted me $650. They also told me that they would need to keep the car for possibly up to two weeks because there were 50,000 headgaskets on back-order! I returned the next day armed with customer comments from the internet (notably the Neon consumer homepage). The dealership fixed it for free and had it done in three days.
    The following week, the engine spit out a spark plug and stripped the threads. The dealership said they needed to remove the heads to rethread, hence a new headgasket for another $650. Go figure. A heliocoil did the job quite well for under $20.
  • kellyr2kellyr2 Posts: 1
    I would strongly suggest not buying a Neon.

    I have a 97 Neon with 35,000 miles on it and it has been the the shop for major things! One of them being the head gasket. I also had problems with the transmission, clutch, and fuel pump to name a few. Luckly it is still under warrenty.

    I'm looking at getting rid of my Neon as soon as possible before anthing else goes wrong with it.
  • As of this morning, I have been in the process of obtaining a loan to purchase a '97 Plymouth Neon 3-speed with 55K from a private party but now I'm really worried after reading so much here about the head gasket problems. (I'd certainly much rather invest in a used Honda, Toyota, or possibly Saturn but cannot afford it at the moment and after a HORRIBLE experience with a Dodge Shadow once, I swore I'd NEVER buy an American car EVER again!)

    This original owner purchased a Premium Care Protection package ($100 deductable) that is transferable, and the 100,000 mile / 6 yr. warranty is also going to be transferable to the new owner as well. Would this not cover me just in case I should have some head gasket or oil leak problems?

    She's asking just the pay-off balance ($6,500) but I'm concerned about the resale value. The customer has kept the car in immaculate condition and has receipts for everything and did regular maintenance like clockwork as well. I test drove the car at length and didn't notice any louder than normal engine sounds and my only regret is that I wish it had more power going from 0 - 65 but what can one expect from a 3 speed?

    I would appreciate ANYONE'S honest input ASAP before I enter into this deal . . . Plus, I'm getting ready to move from Missouri to Boston at the end of this month so I'll be putting the Neon to the long distance trip test soon after purchase. Please advise :-)
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