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Jeep Liberty Engine and Performance Problems



  • my 2002 Jeep 3.7 engine stuck while driving gave no sings just stopped anyone else had this problem and what happened
  • My mother in law has an 02 liberty limited. Your describing what happened on Sunday. She was driving and it just quit. I thought it was an electrical problem as the battery looked bad. Had it towed when the battery checked out and the mechanic she goes to says the engine is smoked due to lack of oil. It was low but there were no warning signs nor any sign of a leak. I don't buy it is oil related but I am still digging into it.
  • Hi Everyone - I am looking for some major help. I have a 2006 Liberty w 58,840 miles. I have done all the recalls that were issued. All of the 3 dash lights came on for my brakes (ABS, Anit-skid etc). We took it to 3 different places (even the dealer) to get estimates and find out what was wrong. All came out with "replace the brakes". I have replaced my brake pads (front and rear) and my roters (rear). This I thought would have taken off the lights on the dash - it did not. We took it to a garage and a speed sensor was not working - they fixed it and hardly a cost but was unable to clear the lights. We now have this code S0302 that comes up - Can anyone help me with this? There is no check engine light on - just still all 3 brake lights on my dash. I keep hearing of plugs and coils - but is that anything to do with brakes>???? Help please???? Thank you !
  • Hi, I have a 2004 Liberty 3.7, Manual trans with about 45k miles on it. It needs some routine maintenance (delayed since I'm unemployed), but there weren't any major problems I was aware of. The other day, I was driving down the highway there were some thumps in the rear passenger side, as if my tires had kicked something up into the wheel well. I figured I ran something over, so slowed down a little. A few minutes later there were some more thumps, similar to running over the rumble strips on the side of the road. I reached home and then ran all my weekend errands with no problems.
    Then, yesterday I was driving to a job interview and noticed a loud, rhythmic squeaking coming from the same tire. After several miles, I slowed to make an exit and the noise stopped. However, I continued to notice odd noises, simliar to metal hitting metal at random times on the way home. Any ideas?? I can't afford a major fix, but sure don't want to ruin my Jeep!
  • i have an 04 jeep liberty with a 3.7 engine. bout a month ago check engine light came on showed cyl 6 misfire. checked for spark had it. checks plugs looked like crap so i replaced them. cleared code, after bout a week check engine light comes back on and runs really rough with an upper engine noise. it sounded like lifters. called a dealer and they wanted to do a cleaning system on it. after replacing the lifters with no progress we brought the jeep to the dealer, they did the cleaning service and said the plugs i had in it were causing the problem so fine just to humor myself they put new plugs in it. now the problem still exists. runs rough with a noise at startup. check engine light came back on i imagine its still the cyl 6 miss. any ideas....i read somewhere that the battery going bad would cause it but have never heard of that. went to college and have a degree in automotive technology and i cant figure out whats goin on. dealer wants me to pay 300 bones for not repairing vehicle.
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  • Last night on the way home my 2003 Liberty started making a "clacking" noise and would stall unless I shifted into neutral and pressed the gas pedal when coming to a stop. Had to re-start often and barely got the car home. Any ideas?
  • Sorry to hear about your problem. My valves just went out too at 65,000 miles (3 out of 6 valves). My engine is pretty much shot. I purchased my car new...had 7 miles on it from test driving. I went back to this dealer where I purchased the car who charged me $128.00 to find out the problem. Their estimate is appx. $2000.

    I called another dealer who informed me that Jeep/Chrysler is aware of the problem as it has been ongoing with the Liberty's. I called in a case to Jeep/Chrysler today. I am expecting a call back from them tomorrow. I'll let you know how this plays out.
  • Thanks! Please let me know if you find out anything.
  • cabi2003cabi2003 Posts: 2
    i've had the auto shop to openned my engine and found that the number 5 rod bearinghaw sparn the bearing due to some type of oilimg problem without any signs or anything changed oil reg. costing around 3800 dollars to repair. i know of to orthers to have the same problem my jeep and a 2006 dodge truck. good luck to all 3.7 users.
  • update on my jeep brought it to the local jeep dealer they told me it needed the carbon cleaned out....ok so they did it and no help.... after fighting with them filing a complaint w/ the better business bureu and chrysler corporate we finally got our money i bought a copy of the shop manual off ebay. twenty mins after into reading the manual found out that my head gasket blew causing the valves to overheat. so removed head and found blown head gasket and burnt valves so let everyone learn check fluids!!!! still saved 400 bucks fixin it myself!
  • Hi. I hope someone has an answer or suggestion for me. I have a 2003 Liberty Sport. I bought it brand new with 50 miles on it. It now has 63K miles. Until now the only problems I've had with it was I replaced the water pumb and a rear window motor about 2 years ago. About 3 weeks ago I smelled a burning smell while sitting at a red light. I chalked it up to coming from someone elses car. Then a few days later I noticed it again. Then it got to be every day, at almost the same time (driving home from work in the evening) I would smell it. The smell lasts about 10-20 seconds. One evening I noticed a whiff of smoke along with the smell coming from the top right side of the engine. It lasted about 20 seconds. I have not seen the smoke any more, but the smell still happens every day. I do not see anything leaking onto the ground. Has anyone else experiened this?
  • nottowaynottoway Posts: 67
    Air Condition Compressor runs when button is OFF, Temperature on Full Hot and Air directed to the Floor.
    I can understand why it might run when on Defrost but why when full heat directed to floor. Both my 2005 and 2006... Help Help Help
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,349
    Check your A/C electromechanical clutch with the hood open, engine running and A/C set to OFF. It should not turn when not in defrost.
  • nottowaynottoway Posts: 67
    Thanks, I did that on both my jeeps. Took them to my mechanic and Had him set the controls. A/C button off, Temp full hot, Air direction floor only and on both of them the compressor was running. Makes no sense.
    Today I am going to a local dealership (something I swore never to do again) and check out a new Liberty. I won't bother to ask the service advisers a question because they have proven not to have a clue about anything. They will want me to have a $100 diagnosis.
    Be nice if there was a MoPar website where you could have a live chat with a knowledgeable person.
    I think the answer is going to be, never select the floor only position.
  • Hi:
    I wonder if you have found the problem. This has happen to me three times this year. It was today, a week and two weeks a ago. Also, happend two times last year. Today, i went to the bank and after trying to start the jeep again, it tried but the gas gauge was marking as empty. The fuel pump was changed three days ago. So, do you have any findings?

  • nottowaynottoway Posts: 67
    Running at 70 >>80 mph for 4 hours on freeway, off freeway and idling at stop light and engine starts shuttering and running like on 1 cylinder. Barely had enough power to get out of intersection and into parking lot. Finally shut down completely.
    Turned off ignition and waited 3 minutes and got a normal restart. Check engine light was now on. Drove to my great independent garage and owner did the $85 test. Indication was that the Air Flow Value out of range, Fault code P0101. Indicating Mass Air Flow Sensor Not reading Air flow Properly. Ordered new sensor which is just 2 screws mounted directly after the air filter. 10 minutes labor $42.
    Drove 2 days no lite no problems. Technition said the sensor airflow readings at idle were 9.0 g/s after a while readings spontaneously changed to 17.80 g/s still at idle. Sensor was telling injector that a lot of air was entering engine when it was not and the injector was flooding engine with fuel. Replaced sensor and drove 1,500 miles at high speed for 2 days. Leaving a stop light, I floored the acclerator, turbo spooled up and engine lite went on. Went back to garage and they showed the same sensor but then decided that their diagnosis computer was not up to date.
    Killed the light and everything has been normal for two days with no jack rabbit starts. Waiting for new program to be installed to rediagnose to see if there are other problems.
    Replaced Fuel Filter (I supplied from NAPA for $20 instead of $48 from dealer.
    Labor for fuel filter, sensor, testing total $321 so far.
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    And, don't let Living with CRD get you down. :):)
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  • nottowaynottoway Posts: 67
    Check engine light back on, Garage has updated their equipment used for testing. Now they think there is some air getting into the intake after the filter. Maybe a crack in a hose. Killed the light and I have driven two days with no light and no problems. Fuel mileage staying around 21 MPG on Low Sulfur #2 same as new. Noticed a black substance caked on the Turbo ?????
    This thing is like waiting for the next shoe to fall, I am about to take the plunge and get it away from me.
  • Friend,
    Have an 05 CRD with the Italian engine. With no modifications we're getting between 24 and 29 MPG. The engine light has been on since the dealer changed the oil @ 3000 miles we now have about 70K.
    I've not checked mine for black substance on the Tubo? but I'll ask my mechanic and get back to you.
    Truly a good auto!!">
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