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Jeep Liberty Engine and Performance Problems



  • Ladyelaine,

    Thanks for sharing. What is RPM? Evidently you too are having drivetrain issues.
    Please describe the symptoms. Is it similar to what I described?

  • I took your advice and contacted Chrysler about the same issue i was having with the engine hesitating/jerking. Initially I received an email response saying this warrants contact from a case manager. I received a callback the next day from my case mgr who left a non-working phone extension. I have called customer service several times over the past week and a half leaving messages with other reps to have the case mgr call me back after 6pm. I was advised the person assigned to me doesnt work after 3:30 their time and she was the only one who could assign me to someone else. I put in a supervisor callback request and was advised there is not a supervisor available that would be able to call me after 6pm either. I have had no response. I'm curious as to how your appt went?......
  • I have and 06 Jeep Liberty with the diesel motor in it runs good at 60-70 mhp when ya give it gas it was to spitt and sputter. I have done the EHM (elephant hose mod) and didn seem to help. It has a new turbo on it. and now the water pump wont engauge untill its very very hot...thinkin the computer is giving me problems ..HELP PLEASE!
  • Did you ever find out the problem. I am now having the same problem from m 2003 Jeep Libety. My oil is not leaking on the ground but it is on the right side of the engine. First he said it was my head now he is saying th valve cover gasket needs to be replaced. $2,000 or $250 is the price difference.
  • Sounds like you have a valve cover gasket leaking. If it were the head, you would have unusal noise, power lose, and possible water in the oil or oil in the antifreeze. Your problem is minor. Look around the cover and you can see oil on it. Good Luck.
  • We just bought a new 2011 Jeep Liberty a few months ago and we are having the same issue. It has been to the dealership 4 times and still not fixed. We are considering lemon law but the first work order wasn't documented correctly so Chrysler says that it has only been in 3 times. Chrysler sent an engineer to drive it and they say there is nothing wrong. It misses and jerks all of the time!!! How they can say it isn't doing it is beyond me. We are contacting a lawyer for our next move. Has anyone had this issue resolved? I like the Jeep but really want it fixed or replaced.
  • yes i am having the same problem. i was driving my 2003 liberty renegade and a bell went off, i looked directly at the dash but no indicator lights so i drove on. come to find out...that same day, i checked the oil and there was no oil in my jeep at all. there is no visible leak per serveral mechanics. but where did the oil go??i was 400 miles over my oil change but i get my oil changed regularly so i thought the tech forgot to put oil in but jeep says it is normal for a motor to eat 5 quarts of oil between oil changes. i only have 67K miles on my jeep, so what jeep is saying is the liberty motor is only good for 8 years or 70K miles then you need a new vehicle because the motor is shot in this one and the dealer does not know what the problem is.
  • 88kid88kid Posts: 1
    So glad I saw this post! I have an oil leak on a 03' Jeep Liberty. It appears to be leaking from the right rear of the engine and then very slowly dripping on to the exhaust pipe thus creating the smoke and odor. There is no loss of power and the oil looks fine. The engine is very close to the firewall so I cant pin point the exact point of the leak. Any way to diagnose the problem or will I need to start pulling the top of the engine off?
  • cobra65kcobra65k Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    2006 Jeep Liberty I am looking at for my Uncle has been diagnosed as having a hole in one of the cylinders. Jeep dealer wants 6K to fix. I have torn apart the upper half and already found Ring and valve seat fragments in the intake. No.1 Cyl is only at 21 lbs on compression and the plug is fouled with standing oil in cylinder. YES, they know.Cheap aluminum heads wont keep the seats in due to heat stress and the composition of the Head will not stay true. 25 years in the auto industry tells me there is a dead horse in the room.
  • drhall4134drhall4134 Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    I have a 2007 Jeep Liberty with a 3.7 engine. Last month I had to put in over 1800.00 in engine repair because of Carbon Build up on the cylinders & valves. Since the time of this repair I have been digging into this issue and have found out that Jeep is aware of this problem but has chosen not to address it. Searching the internet has produced numerous instances of the same issue I am having. I have also talked with the people at the local Jeep Dealership they also admit (unofficially) that there is a problem and my jeep is one of many that this issue has and is happening.


    If you have this issue please respond-Looking at a Class Action Lawsuit
  • They are problematic pieces of crap. Just sell it. That's what I did.

  • I have a comment on your tapping noise. Mine does the same thing and I never had a Jeep before but my neighbor needed to sell is because he got lysed off and couldn't afford it. It only had about 10,000 miles on it and I laid use it as a second vehicle, I thought it would be nice to have a four wheel drive to take drives to the desert. It's a 2007 and I have yet to put it in 4 wheel drive. As soon as I accelerate it stops the noise immediately. It runs very well and at a light with the A/C on you don't hear the tapping noise and like you I am the only one that hears it. As far as the octane goes it's correct because the computer is programed to use that fuel and if you don't the engine will run hotter than it was designed for that why it would need servicing sooner. One of the other reasons I bought it in spite of the window issue which Chrysler extended the warrantee to cover the windows for the next ten years was I have a friend with a 2002 Liberty that has 210,000 miles on it. he took very good care of it, changing the oil frequently that's why I bought it. I however don't keep a car with that kind of miles on it, I'll probably sell it when it gets to 50,000 miles or so.BTW, my friend never had any major work done on the complete power train. Brian
  • So, I just had both heads replaced from dealer i got it at and a week into driving it and i hear some tapping noise coming from engine. I let it sit so i can find some time to check oil or maybe possible exhaust leak. then this morning check engine light comes on and the noise is louder. Does anyone know what the problem could be this time? This is the 3rd time I am having it towed to the dealership. Ive only had it since end of Oct and only driven it for about a week total. very stressful and depressing. paying for something i cant even drive. Winter is coming and not kool!!!! :lemon: ???????? every state should have a lemon law to protect us comsumers as well! What about Jeep recalling all engines and replacing them with something reliable and dependable?
  • I have a 2004 Liberty w/108000 miles. I have replaced the plugs, the coil pack, rotated plug 4 and 5 cause tester says #5 is foul. None of this fixed the problem of losing gas mileage, stinky stinky exhaust after it warms up and shakes pretty bad at idle. Took it to a repair shop who tells me that I'm losing compression on valve #5. So I took it to another mechanic who did an upper end engine flush to see if the engine has carbon build up. That didn't fix it either. Now I'm reading on these forums that my problem could be a valve cover gasket and not the valve? Anyone have opinions??
  • Oh and it is NOT making any noise....
  • I have a 2007 jeep liberty and have a misfire in the # 6 cylinder. i have replaced the coil pack and the spark plug so far and nothing has changed. More i read up on the jeeps i am starting to think i might have the same issues.

    I still need to do a leak down test but i am very interested in class action lawsuit. The motors should not have this problem.
  • I have a 2002 jeep liberty that has a random misfire in cylinders 2 and 4. I took it to a mechanic and he said there is no compression in 2 and only half compression in 4. He told me I should get another used engine, but I have been reading these posts and I really don't want to put money into a used engine that will give me the same problems later on. I had a second mechanic look at it, and he said he could do some work on my engine for about $1200. Apparently, I have a cracked head gasket or something like that. I purchased some Blue Devil from Autozone and tried it, but it did not fix my problem...figured it was worth a shot. It did stop the smoke for about a month, but now it is smoking again. Since I purchased this vehicle used, I am still paying on it. I thought about trading it in, but I don't want another 5 yrs. of car payments. It's frustrating because it looks like Chrysler knows there is a problem with the engine but refuses to admit it. I'm all for a Class Action Lawsuit!!!
  • have 2003 libby had no problems until now at 157,000 sounds like valve spring broke i see iam not the only one, :mad: never by a car from a company that has taken bail out money :P this is how they will pay it back by ripping off consumers it must be made in china :sick:
  • kreckerkrecker Posts: 10
    I totally agreed, I tried to get Chrysler Jeep and Dodge to help out but they wanted it to go away so they basically said no. I traded in the car for $2000 after giving up. I tell everyone never buy a Jeep or Chrysler product. Count me in on any lawsuit but also start telling all not to buy there product.

    just tell me who to contact on lawsuit...... but I did check attorney and they all said forget it..... if you have any better luck now let everyone know.......
  • kreckerkrecker Posts: 10
    Start blogging about the Chrysler Jeep engines being so bad.......... the company refused to help all who bought these lemons throughout the 2000-2007. Post all this so people stop buying........

    We all need to use the intenet to be the advertising medium for this......start posting.............Chrysler needs to contact all who had to get rid of these cars and pay them for these mistakes. Chrysler has decided to say nothing in hopes it goes away while we all got screwed buying these cars, then engine problems, and finally we are all left holding the bag................ Chrysler should be ashamed and do something about it.......

    Stop Chrysler Now !!!!!!!!
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