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Jeep Liberty Noises and Sounds



  • did you ever get this issue figured out? I just bought an 02 liberty and have the exact same symptoms
  • mikeandamy1013mikeandamy1013 Posts: 2
    edited June 2012
    mine did the same thing, it turned out to be the bushings on the subframe were gone

    new subframe from jeep was told to be 475 for the part. they don't sell the bushings I guess. i never fixed it
  • i have an 03 liberty sport with just over 100k on her and she recently started making a groaning/whine sound when coasting over 40 mph, it gets louder when i accelerate downhill but goes away if i accelerate uphill. im at a complete loss here. i cant afford to be carless as im starting a new job this coming week. any tips/solutions?
  • Our 2002 Liberty makes a crazy weird whistling noise when we go over 55. It is inconsistent and only started after we replaced the windshield. We replaced it again, thinking something was installed wrong. Still there. It actually got louder recently to the point where it is beyond annoying to drive the car now. Anyone ever hear of such a thing? I can't find any loose trim and have tried taping down different parts of the windshield. Nothing changes. The wipers don't seem to be the issue either. I'm about to drive the thing into a tree!
  • has any one had a problem with a klinking noise in the rear of the Jeep when you shift from 1st to 2nd.. I had a problem with my 2005 Jeep Liberty Sport.50,000 miles. I just had to replace the rear upper support arm, that goes from the top of the rear housing to the Body, three points. took care of the noise. took about three hours to replace. bought complete unit at Oreilly Auto Parts for $200.00. Dealer wanted $200 just for the center bushing.
  • :cry: I have a 2010 Jeep liberty with 30358 miles. The day before yesterday on 09/02/2013 It started making a sound like a stuck Carburetor plate when you step on accelerator. And when you level out on the speed you want then the noise stops. No warning lights are coming on at all. I was told it could be a bad alternator but I'm wondering how that could be. Does anyone have any ideal what's causing that?
  • jackie256jackie256 Posts: 1

    Hi All - I have a 2012 Liberty and since day 1 have had this sound like i was driving over the "wake-up" bumps on the side of the road. Have had it in 6 or 7 times to 2 different mechanics who say they dont hear anything. Its intermittent, have noticed it more in the cold. Anyone whose ever driven with me have heard it and say they can feel it in their feet if theyre sitting in the front passenger seat. I know I read in the beginning of this forum of the same noise in another Liberty, but that was from like 2007. Any similiar issues lately?

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