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2013 and earlier Nissan Rogue Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I wanted to get an idea from you what you may offer for a 2008 Rogue SL FWD with the following options: Prem. sound, moon roof, 9k miles, and basic options. It is listed at roughly 20k. I certainly do not want to pay market value since I know the dealership got it at an auction. Please respond if you can. Thank you.
  • nxphamnxpham Posts: 13
    If you post your email, I'll forward you the email chain I currently have with another dealer. They are willing to do the price I wanted that the other dealer wouldn't take.
  • Thank you. It's my handle
  • nxphamnxpham Posts: 13
    I sent you an email.
  • nxphamnxpham Posts: 13
    email didn't go through. don't think I have your correct email
  • lovemymika@yahoo.thanks.
  • I need to get a new car in a month. I checked online, there is no incentive, does anyone know if it will come out before april? also, i haven't found the price people have been paying for nissan s awd, i wonder if i can get one for 18500. i got my honda accord coupe for 18750 06 about the same time in 2006.
  • Dear A_S_H,

    I am interested in buying the same car that you bought for my wife. I am also in LA. Can you tell me what dealership you bought this car from and who was your sales person. I would appreciate if you can give me his contact number.

    I will greatly greatly appreciate your information. Thanks. My e-mail address is gupta.nirdesh31atgmaildotcom

    Best Regards,

  • 2009 SL FWD
    Premium package
    Leather package
    Splash guards
    Portable navigation

    Sticker 28195
    Invoice 25936
    Paid 25086 (before t&l)
  • scubadoo2scubadoo2 Posts: 13
    There are some great lease deals on the Rogue right now. Just got a fully loaded, MSRP $29,200, with tax and bank fee down, for $327 month, 39 months, 15,000 year.
  • Hi scubadoo2,

    That sounds like a great deal! Would you mind sharing the name of the dealership? I don't know if you are anywhere near me, I am in NJ and am not having success getting anywhere near this deal.
  • Dealership sales professionals are paid commission pony up and pay a profit for those who work on the lowest percent retail markup in the retail industry.
  • sam0118sam0118 Posts: 1
    I am looking for 09 Rogue SL AWD base model, without any extras in Northern California. The best quote I have so far is $21,800 + TTLD. Is it a good deal? It would be nice to see what quotes other are getting for SL AWD base model?

  • ang339ang339 Posts: 1
    What dealer did you buy your Rogue from? I am in the process of purchasing (looking in OC and Riverside). So far the lowest price I've gotten is $24132 out the door.
    Is that a good price for a new 2009 Rogue SL FWD (Premium/Moonroof package)?
  • Not sure if you were asking me? I purchased at Keyes Woodland Hills, through the internet department (Alesh).
  • seanb61seanb61 Posts: 6

    I was just quoated for loaded SL, AWD, Leather package, premium pkg,

    $383, 2000 down 39 month lease 12k includes tax title, plates bank fee.

    Does this seem good?
  • scubadoo2scubadoo2 Posts: 13
    No. That is not a good deal. With $2,000 down your actual payment is $443 per month. A $1,000 down equals approx $30 per month.

    I just leased with all options, $327/month 15,000 miles a year with tax, bank fee, and mv fees (about $2,000) down. If I roll the $2,000 into the lease that's $387 per month or $56 less than the deal you were quoted plus it's 15,000 miles not 12,000.

    Don't take it. You can do better.
  • djnephdjneph Posts: 16
    Hey Guys,

    Just purchased a Rogue here in the Austin area for $23800+TTL-$500 College Rebate, OTD was $24,990 (tax was at 6.25%). Also, qualified for 2.9%.

    Floor & Cargo Mats
    Wheel Locks
    Front Window Tint.

    Seems like a decent deal, hopefully it was.
  • seanb61seanb61 Posts: 6
    Ok -

    Now have this offer $349 for 39 on loaded SL, AWD, leather premium, moonroof.
    $2000 out of pocket.

    They are also taking back my Murano with 3 lease payments remaing, which I forgot to mention earlier.
  • scubadoo2scubadoo2 Posts: 13
    I still say you are $20 too high especially with 15,000 miles, but they are eating you other lease payments so it's probably about right.
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