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2013 and earlier Nissan Rogue Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • netak1netak1 Posts: 21
    Anyone have any insight into pricing in the NJ area for a 2010 SL AWD w/ the leather, premium, and sunroof options? According to Consumer Reports, the bottom line price looks like it's 26,538.

    Also, thoughts on the 0.9 for 60 months extending beyond today into next month?
  • njusernjuser Posts: 4

    I just bought one in NJ yesterday for 28K OTD with 0.9% for 60 months:

    SL AWD
    Splash guards
    Kick Plates
    Roof Rails

    Sticker on the car was 29,600.
  • rkrocksrkrocks Posts: 1
    I just closed the same deal - 28k OTD here in MA on an SL AWD with sticker of 29,830...add bumper protector and floor mat/cargo protector to njuser's list of options. Our sales tax is a little less so all in all we paid about the same. I paid a bit more than I planned on because the dealer has to "go out and find" the Iridium Graphite/grey leather combo I want - I couldn't find that combo within 200 miles online....Nissan makes it, but seems no one sells it! Could only find Iridium with back leather. Who wants black w/red accented leather in a grey/brown/purplish car? - YUK! (nevermind how HOT it gets in the summer!)
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    Still shopping for a small SUV for a family member. Seeing prices on the Rogue S / SL in MD and PA for $1900 under invoice minus the $1500 in customer cash. Anyone know what type of dealer cash is available? An example of a price quote I got on an S all wheel drive with the 360 package, floor mats, splash guards, and kick plates:
    MSRP: $23990
    Invoice: $22804
    Price: $19404 (includes $1500 in customer cash) + TTL (tax is 6%, doc/lic fees are $215 total)
    Similar pricing can be seen on and Seems like a great deal and a good value for the money (better than the FWD Santa Fe that's also being considered), but I always like to understand the math behind the numbers. Anyone here "in the know"?
  • What dealer in MD quoted you those prices. Herb Gordan said they were no haggle via online but they are a little higher.
  • dad2bedad2be Posts: 57
    Go to and enter zip code 20879. Pick the right trim and your options then the price will be displayed (still the same price as of today.) Click on Locate your Dealer and it gives you a link to the dealer with the lowest price. I followed up on this and was routed to Brown's Nissan. Used this information to get a matching quote in eastern PA.
  • Just bought a Rouge S with 360 package(plus the standards mats, bumper guard, etc.) for $19814 plus GA sales tax(7%). I had been quoted a SamsClub no hassle price at another dealer for $19,921 + tax earlier, but that dealer was 100 miles away.

    Some points for your info.

    The Nissan website talks of $2750 in rebates for this package, but the $1000 off the 360 package is already reflected in the sticker MSRP price.

    Rogues with the 360 have been rebadged as a Rogue 360 instead of a Rogue S.

    The dealer is going to try to say the lowest possible price is "Invoice minus rebates".

    I took the cash rather than the low apr and was prepared to write a check for the car. Strangely the dealer turned down my cash offer and I had to finance with them to get this price. I paid $3000 down and finance the rest at 2.54 % for 48 mo.
  • Thanks for the overstock tip! I went to Norris Nissan West and got the following deal:

    SL AWD Black
    Premium package
    splash guards
    kick plates
    rear cargo weather mat
    cross bars

    $23,900 (includes destination) + tax tag
    They also beat carmax trade in value by $200
  • rkjindalrkjindal Posts: 12
    edited July 2010
    Just bought my Rogue today.

    S with 360 package
    Splash Guards

    OTD was $19,898.55 (Includes a $500 college grad discount).

    Any thoughts? My local Northern VA dealer would not even match.
  • pavlonpavlon Posts: 5
    Just got one last night in CA. Black, AWD, SL with leather package, premium package, moonroof, floor mats, trunk cover, splash guards, roof rails for $23,500 + TTL. (includes destination, and without the college grad rebate). OTD came out to $26,300.
  • what dealer did you buy it from
  • pavlonpavlon Posts: 5
    In the San Francisco Bay Area. It was the last Rogue on the lot with this package and it was the last day of $500 customer cash.
  • keithjamkeithjam Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    I just purchased a:

    Nissan Rogue S
    360 Package
    Floor Mats
    Splash Guards
    Rear Bumper Protector

    Paid $21,103 with $500 rebate and 0.0% financing.

    $23,684.20 out the door.

    Is this a good deal?

    I have no clue how people are getting fully loaded SL's for over $5,000 below invoice.
  • Just bought a 2009 Rogue SL with 14K miles, Bose sound system, 6 CD system, MP3, leather, heated seats, bluetooth, sunroof, 1 owner, clean carfax (92 points) - paid $23,995 in Tucson, AZ. Sweet ride.
  • $23,995 for Rogue SL AWD with sunroof, premium package, everything EXCEPT navigation. Beautiful...
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,524
    As long as you like it that is good, but its not a exceptional deal. MSRP is 27K, dealers are dealing on them, with about $1750 cash back...
  • flightnurseflightnurse at 35K feetPosts: 1,524
    The Rouge has never had a FACTORY Nav system installed. Many dealers sell a aftermarket unit.
  • rkjindalrkjindal Posts: 12
    Fortunately Nissan has corrected this for the 2011 model year and will now offer a factory installed nav
  • shilohduffeyshilohduffey Posts: 16
    edited August 2010
    A factory nav/backup camera is available on the 2010 S model, as part of the "360 Package," but on no other Rogues (makes no sense). We didn't need it, so it was a non-issue for us.

    We purchased a new '10 Rogue SL with Premium and Leather Packages, plus roof-rail crossbars, splash guards and rear bumper protector (all stand-alone accessories) for $22,300 plus tax (6.5%) on the net after trade-in ($13,500 for an '09 Honda Civic LX), and normal motor vehicle fees. There are none of those $399 or $599 dealer add-on charges here (Houston, TX). They tried to tack on a $149 "document preparation fee", but we negotiated it out of the sale. The $1750 rebate helped keep the cost down. Bottom line: $10,000 OTD. We were so pleased with both the vehicle and the deal, we bought another one (identical except for color) ten days later. My trade was a bit more ($16,000 for an '08 Mercury Mariner Premier VOGA Edition), so the final price was $7300 OTD. The sales associate kept pushing the low interest rates for creditworthy customers (which we are), since the dealer does make a few bucks off the financing. We nodded and smiled ... then paid cash. But we're sleeping at night. Our numbers show about a $1000 dealer profit, plus the $1750 rebate from Nissan ... looks like everybody won.

    The dealership is Sterling McCall Nissan, part of that Group One conglomorate (at last count 144). We had visited their Toyota store, where we were descended upon like road kill by vultures. Our Nissan experience was quite the opposite from that fiasco ... everyone was courteous, professional, and low-key. We have a real estate background, and are astute negotiators. We also spent a couple of hours researching dealer cost, invoice, holdback and anything else we could unearth. We figured that $23,400 would make everyone happy ... so $22,300 (plus the three add-ons ... about $300) was a pleasant surprise.

    We definitely made the right decisions concerning vehicles and dealership.
  • I am considering buying a Rouge SV with Sl package - gray with black leather. I'm right around 26,000 how does that sound? I've been looking at this car, the 2010 Cl V EX-L with navi (although the 2011's are coming out in a few weeks), 2011 Ford Escape, and 2011 Chevy Equinox. I keep going back and forth, back and forth. I've read so many mixed reviews. I'm wondring if the 2011 changes in the Rouge has fixed many of the issues people have had with it. Many of the ratings said it looks plain, and doesn't have good style - I'm curious if the 2011 fixed their concerns. Also the leather in the Rogue doesn't seem as "plush" as the Honda CR V, but the front end of the Honda looks to "carish" then the 2011 Rouge. Also, I"m worried that the Rogue looks to much like a "girl car".....ha,ha,...which is why I was leaning to the escape or equinox since it wasn't as "round" and more "suv" looking...Just curious what you all think. The dealership has a car on hold for me waiting for me to come get tonight..but I'm hoping for some feedback from you guys first.
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