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2013 and earlier Nissan Rogue Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hhmm tried very hard. Could not get it below 23000 OTD in CALIFORNIA. About 20800 before ttl. I could not get any better at other dealers so went ahead. Looks like I am off by few hundred $.
  • Purchased a Nissan Rogue FWD special edition at 20100+TTL(tax rate 7.3%)+doc fee(499)=223xx OTD at Tennessee. Is this a good price?
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Sounds like a good deal. Here in Texas, the Spec Edition version is going for $20755 (MSRP of $24420) but our doc fees are only $189 and tax is 6.25%. Enjoy the ride!
  • Yeah, I think the price probably can be even lower but it costs more time for negotiating. BTW, I just realize that I forgot to claim additional $500 incentives from Nissan. Is there any way I can get that money back? I already purchased the car. Thanks.
  • driver735driver735 Posts: 14
    After 3 months driving the rogue, car still exhibits grumbling noises and vibrations. I can not trade it in at this point without significant monetary loss. The dealer says this is normal behavior for the rogue. Persons considering the rogue should consider something else.
  • palbkhpalbkh Posts: 1
    When you buy a car, you buy the car and services. I bought a Nissan Rogue in 2011. I request you not to buy a Nissan. Their service is extremely poor. Nobody wants to take responsibility of the issue you maybe facing. They all just keep pointing to one another and refuse to talk amongst each other and sort the issue out. Their services agents in the call center are not knowledgeable at all and provide you with incorrect information. When you do try to correct it, they refuse to correct it saying that I need to wait for a resolution to be sent via post. Once I get that and do not agree with the resolution I should call back again. Of course I will not agree with the resolution because their facts are not correct in the first place. Finally, I was told in not so many words that it was time for the agent to go home so I should just wait.

    Again please do not buy a Nissan.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 2,623
    Daughter has an '09 Versa SL hatch and loves her 1st car. For what it is, it really is a nice car...especially that one doesn't fall into it, I just slide over into the front seat. I personally wouldn't be ashamed to have one as my daily driver. Nissan has fixed a couple of things under warranty and have been great to work with. Guess some have good luck and some, like the poster above, do not. But the same can be said for most manufacturer's I'd bet...usually comes down to how each company deals with problems as they crop up.

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2014 Hyundai Tuscon SE/2005 Mazda 3s/2008 Hyundai Accent GLS/2009 Nissan Versa SL hatch

  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    Why not tell us the issues and problems you had, also tell us the name of the dealership/s.

    For what it is worth, each manufacture has issues, but I can tell you that my Partner has had 8 Nissan's and not one problem that was not taken care of on the first visit.
  • What dealership have you had the most success with at getting this pricing? Live in Houston. First 2 quotes were $2K higher. Thanks so much.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Gunn Nissan...home of the 1 price, no "haggle" pricing.
  • driver735driver735 Posts: 14
    prospective buyers of the nissan rogue should be aware of grumbling sounds and vibrations. If you are used to driving a car with a smooth shifting automatic transmission, this car is not for you. It is impossible to get used to.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 1,590
    Driver my partner and I have a 2008 Rogue with 55K miles on it, never an issue and never head this "grumbling" sound. However, the CVT does make different noises then the old school automatic, too bad you were too busy listening to the radio or talking when doing a test drive to "hear" this "grumbling" noise on your test drive... This is a listen learned for you...
  • Driver has reply for every post in "new rogue buying experience" forum and either exhibits his frustration in wrong place or is paid by competitors. If its the former case, man you need to get over it and fight out with Nissan. They do everything possible to save their face. And if you have so much time as to spam this forum, rather spent a little time finding a lemon law lawyer! Your posts are not helping anybody (and that includes you).

    If there is a moderator in this forum, please save us from his spams.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 2,408

    2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2013 Accord EXL V-6, 2012 BMW x-5, 2012 ML350

  • Just bought a brilliant Silver 2012 Rogue FWD / Special Edition package for $5,888 (1 at this price). OTD prices $21K (8.375% sales tax). Premier Nissan - San Jose. $5,100 Off MSRP All Rogues ask for Vincent Nguyen internet Sales Manager. Selection may be limited at the 2013 are already in.

    I lucked out as I was about to pull the trigger at $5,100 off MSRP with my first color choice (Perl White) when I called Premier Nissan they had the "1 at this price sale" and exact package that I wanted but not my preferred color. Don't count on this one only price because: 1 there is really one, second the trim/option may not match what you want. As the salesperson said, it is "that one" at this price. In my case only 8 miles :)

    I recommend the $1,200 SE package which includes: Alloy wheels, Fog Lights, Tinted rear windows and lifgate - very nice!

    Thanks for reading.
  • Less than one week ago Aug 23rd a bought a Rogue for "1 at this price". Thought I got the deal of the year now you can too. I just saw today's AD (Premier Nissan San Jose, CA). You can get my deal for ALL 2012 Rogues. So a Rogue S - FWD should be around 17K before tax.

    Even better 1 or more Murano at 8K off.

    EOM -- disclosure: i don't work for any dealership ...
  • how much did you paid total? can you break it down.
  • How much you paid? Can you break down the prices?
  • 2002_accord2002_accord Posts: 9
    edited September 2012
    I don't find OTD prices to be useful but here it is. I paid MSRP - 5,888 (dealer discount+manuf rebates) = 18,362 before taxes / license / fees. No dealer added accessories such pin stripe, etc. No trade in. Financed 10K, but if you pay cash you don't get the additional 500 rebate.

    My OTD ~ 20,800 (near $100) - already filed my receipts.

    MSRP: 24,250 (includes destination)
    PAID: 18,362 (msrp - 5,888)
    Tax: 1,750
    Doc Fee: 80
    Licent/Title 608 (approx)

    OTD: $20,800
  • Hey man, I'm in Houston trynna get a good OTD price like you just did. How did you get so much shaved off the dealer's price?
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