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2013 and earlier Nissan Rogue Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Today i made contract nissan Rogue Awd SL with premium pk, splash guard and floor matt for$23,400 inc des charge.
    MSRP is $25,050.00 so total payment 25,680.50

    when i ask price to sale people at dealer, they said this is new car so they can't sell under MSRP, but i think you can buy at least 1000-1650 under MSRP and more lower. because this time is end of year.

    i used internet deal i think this is best way to save money
    and time.
    the dealer who gave me above price was cool,so didn't try
    discount more but i felt if i wanted i could.

    i am in NJ

    i am not an american this blog gave me a lot of information
    thank you so much.
  • Hi!
    Does anyone know the money factor and residual on the Rogue SL AWD for 36 or 39 months and 12,000 miles?

  • I got a similarly equipped Rogue for 24600 - 500 off MSRP.
    (Was supposed to be 1,000 off but didnt realize the dealer slipped 500 back in on the lease docs.) ;-( Still a good deal.

    I think residual = "purchase option at end of lease"???
    If so mine is 14,563 on a 36 month/12,000 mile lease.

  • patg2patg2 Posts: 24
    this is what i am looking for...the only option would be mats...i have several dealers looking for this car?? i see many are paying below i have a chance with the base model? thanks...
  • we finally decided to get a Rogue last night, after looking at the Rav4 and CR-V. both nissan dealers in our area (Charleston, SC) had told us that it was extremely difficult to find one with a leather package in our area. last night, we just happened to go by the dealership because my husband wanted to take a look at an Xterra, and they had just traded with another dealer for the rogue with leather. it's an SL AWD in gotham gray with leather package, moonroof, splash guards and floor mats -- with taxes and fees it came to 28374. Basically, MSRP, although they did try to sneak in $600 for "First Place Finish," which i think is just glorified scotchguard, as if it was in the MSRP (it wasn't on the window sticker). Getting them to knock that off the price was, oddly enough, the toughest part of the transaction. we normally wouldn't pay MSRP, but they did give us a good deal on our trade-in (a Toyota Tacoma), so we had around $2200 in equity on it, getting us out the door at $26,149. (we seriously considered an '07 Rav4, but Nissan offered us almost $2000 more on the trade-in than Toyota would). after driving the cr-v and rav4, we found the rogue to be far superior for our needs (although the V6 in the Rav4 is nice). this dealer also has free oil changes for life, which is a nice perk.
  • I was agreed by a Nissan dealership yesterday 11/04 for a Rogue SL AWD with premium and leather package, moonroof, splash guards and floor mats for 26028 before tax (550 over invoice price). The dealership needs to locate the car for me though. They said they would call me back today, but so far haven't yet. I will post again after I get the confirmation, to let you know how I got the price. Wish me good luck!
  • Hi! I saw your post in Edmunds about Rogue Awd Sl you bought recently. I also live in NJ and look for a Rogue Awd S model. Which NJ Nissan dealer you deal with? Thanks.
  • I am waiting to hear back about pricing for an SL AWD with those packages as well. They informed me that it would be either January or February when I actually see the car. I will post the pricing when it is confirmed.
  • beafokbeafok Posts: 14
    I live in OH, stopped by a Nissan dealer last week, and was quoted approx $100 under invoice due to vendor discount (the company I work for is a Nissan's supplier). Should I go for it? My other option would be Rav4.
  • beafokbeafok Posts: 14
    Today, I went to the dealer who originally told me that they can do VPP on the Rogue, but they disappointed me as now they can't do VPP because this model is in such high demand.

    Somehow I managed to find another dealer who accepted VPP, there are 4 types of VPP within Nissan, in which the best they can do is sell it at invoice price. I sealed the deal with them today.

    SL AWD

    Packages and Options
    Splash Guard
    Moonroof Package
    AWD Premium Package
    Leather Package

    Rear Bumper Protector
    Premium Package Floor Mats, Carpeted
    Roof Rail Crossbars

    I really like this car!!
  • patg2patg2 Posts: 24

    are you at liberty to let us know how much you ended up paying? ;)
  • beafokbeafok Posts: 14
    MSRP: $27,940.00
    Invoice: $25,709.00 (which I paid)

    I also got 60 month at 5.59% (I think this is the best Nissan can offer on this model right now).
  • I purchased a Nissan Rogue today! SL AWD premium pkg white with grey cloth interior, splash guards, mats, rear bump protector.
    MSRP: 25110
    Paid invoice : 23265

    Very pleased with my purchase and internet :) sales experience thus far! I had a 2002 Acura MDX but the gas was killing me ($250-275 in gas per month!)
    Thanks to this forum I got a great deal on a great car!
  • patg2patg2 Posts: 24

    is anyone purchasing the base model? what are they going for? ;)
  • HI Roguemomma or any other Rogue Owners...

    I'm interested in a SL AWD White Premium Rogue...

    Can you tell me your experiences or prices if any of add on options concerning

    Extended Warranty, Rust Protection, 3M Hood Protector?

    Is the 3 M hood protector need on this car since it's higher up?

  • Thanks for all Edmunds posters - it helped me alot in making my search so much easier.
    Just (Nov.3) purchased SL AWD White Premium Rogue for my wife:

    AWD Premium Package
    Moonroof Package
    Leather Package
    Rear bumper protector
    Splash Guards
    Premium Floor Mats
    Roof Rail Crossbars
    MSRP: 27,940.00
    Invoice: 25,709.00
    Sent my exact options wish list via internet to couple dealers+ Carsdirect & Costco . Costco was the about MSRP, Carsdirect $800 over Invoice, but they didn't have options & color I want. The best instant offer was from Universal City Nissan internet (Los Angeles):
    $25,999.00 or $290 over invoice. My own max price I was going to pay was $26,000.
    So next day I went and got it. Fast, no hagling, no surprises,pleasant dealer.
    Total, incl. all tax and fees $28,444.21
    Wife loves her Rogue. So far milege is about 24.7 (70% city/30% freeway).
  • patg2patg2 Posts: 24
    has anyone made a deal for the base model and what should one expect to add-ons, except for mats...please i need some direction asap...thanks :blush:
  • Hello can anyone tell me how much is the lower price that I can pay for a Rogue SL AWD with the Premium Package and all the fees includes? Is my first car and I want to make the best deal. I live in New York. Thank you. :blush:
  • In pretty much the same situation as you. Although this is not my "1st" car purchase, it is my 1st time doing it on my own, and it can get intimidating. My 1st step was to go on and found out what the Rogue I want MSRP's for and what the invoice price is. Then as a Costco member (kinda like a Sams club out here in Cali) they give their members special pricing. The quotes I got were $300 above invoice, w/c out here in So Cal, Is pretty good, since there aren't a lot of Rogues to be found (they're selling like hotcakes!) To figure your OTD (out the door price) Destination Tax Title and License, add about 9%. From other forums that I've been on, people have been offering just the invoice price + TTL, and getting it. It just depends on the dealership--best way, though is to do by internet. Another site that really gave me a lot of help is--> just scroll down to Rogue forums from there you'll find a couple of really informative discussions on what owners have paid for their Rogues. Hope this helps, good luck :shades:
  • I've been to 3 of the 4 Nissan dealerships in town.........I got the internet price over the phone before walking in the door with each of them........Planet quoted me $26022 and United $26140....(AWD, Premium Pkg, Leather Pkg & Moonroof)......However, when I got to Planet they changed the numbers on me didn't give me the internet price when I got there...It was like trying to buy a car in the 70's with them....The car also already had 800 miles on it.......United did offer their internet price and kept true to my trade in....but didn't have the color I wanted (they don't have one coming in).........Does anyone know anything about Douglas Nissan at the Henderson Auto Mall? They seemed ok...Thanks!

    I've driven 3 of these.........The Rogue is great.......I have been an SUV girl for a long time but this one really rocks over the CRV & the Rav4.......I can't wait to get one!!! My Christmas present to me... :shades:
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