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Nissan Rogue vs Honda CR-V vs Toyota RAV4



  • pitkeyspitkeys Posts: 18
    SDC2 said...

    "12) Can tow a bit more with RAV."

    Yeah, if you consider an additional 2,000 pounds a "bit"

    Actually, several Toyota mechs confirmed to me well before I installed the RAV's hitch, not to go by the paper rating on the RAV. Maybe it's a CYA thing, but others who know the car well have also confirmed 2k with the prewire etc is the best workable limit. In fact there was an advisory about that in the package the hitch arrived in. The paper limits one reads need to be taken with a grain of salt as there are other factors in play with towing.

    For example, around these parts we get high winds and 4-5k foot altitude changes. I very much wouldn't want to be downhilling on some of our passes in a 25kt xwind with 3500 behind my old RAV. Even in 3rd. Especially with a slab-sided camper. Plus some of the campers I've pulled are way, way off on balance.

    I'm not a stranger to towing (having hauled too many 30++ ft. boats) and I SAH wouldn't want 3500 behind something as short and light as the RAV,especially in a breeze. And don't forget the tongue loading bit also, Plus, if you've got a mate, loaded coolers, max gear, dogs, and who knows what else, you're on a thin edge. Not much payload in a RAV.

    Agreed. If you want to tow a decent size camper, then the Rogue (and the RAV IMO) is not the best choice. However, a good motorcycle trailer would be worth looking into.

    Thanks pathtomax and ticmixman.

    You know, I had the same feeling today when I drove the same route for my third fuel comparo (35+ this time) I think it may have to do with the ergonomics of the Rogue. It sure feels tighter to me and definitely seems to get to speed faster, as others have commented. I've found several times that I'll be +20 on the speed limit in no time. have to clock it because I'm pretty sure this is because the Rogue seems to giddyup with much less fuss than the RAV

    BTW, some other ergonomics with the Rogue vs the RAV (all subjective certainly):

    1) The interior ventilation is better in that the volume of fresh air coming in without the fan on is much more than I recall on the RAV. Plus, the flow can be controlled much more effectively in the Rogue so I find I don't need A/C nearly as much.

    2) Pop up the nets in the wayback hold and it's a great place to put cut pieces of rebar or other skinnies where they won't be ornery in a fast stop.

    3) Will have to measure this, but the doors on the Rogue seem to open a bit wider.

    4) The conventional hatch is so much more convenient.

    5) Yes, the Rogue needs more cupholders, but we found a nifty gizmo today that slides between the console and seat edge so now we've got places for our bevs plus the hound's.

    6) The lack of gearbox hunting in the Rogue is a real joy. Hated that in the RAV.

    Re the side vs to opening hatch on the next gen RAVs, Google 2009 RAV and you should see some comments about this.

    As captain2 says, the V6 RAV is a surprising combination of power and thrift, but it'll cost, especially with all the Sport stuff.

    Another thing FWIW, again very subjective, but the Nismo customer phone reps seem much more pleasant and responsive than Toyota. I'm beginning to wonder if Toyota has fallen into the GM trap.

    Fun/sporty driving in an SUV is oxymoronic, but the Rogue gets closer than anything else we've driven.
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Well it is true that almost any vehicles tow ratings are optimistic...I haven't had one yet that I would want to tow at or near their rating, and the RAV is probably no exception. But it should tow my camper just fine, or any of our family's boats.

    BTW it isn't $5K to get the V6, it is more like $1200 IIRC.

    Enjoy your Rogues. They look nice but are too small for me to fit into, but that is true of most vehicles - I thought I was doomed to drive a Tahoe forever until I got into a RAV4. It sure beats the Tahoe at the gas pump :shades:
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    BTW it isn't $5K to get the V6, it is more like $1200 IIRC.
    It was down here in Texas - the RAV V6 with everything but the DVD system was just over $31k, and was further inflated by Gulf States Toyota's $1500.00 option packs of largely worthless gingerbread. And you don't find a higher demand Toyota (the RAV certainly that) without such fluff. The Rogue listed out at $28k with every option in the deck. I bought the Rogue for just below invoice ($25.5) - although I never really got into anything serious with the annoying AH Toyota salesman his idea of a 'good' price was $31k, insisting of course to negotiate from the inflated price. I guess he thought I was born yesterday. This all despite the fact that I drove up in a late model Avalon, am obviously an established Toyota customer and further could afford to buy anything on the lot. Toyota, for as much as I like my Avalon (and their products in general), needs to understand that there are some real alternatives out there - heck even the Honda dealer was accomodating (and seemingly willing to wheel and deal). Toyota will continue to lose sales IMO until they come off their high horse a bit.
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    I've found several times that I'll be +20 on the speed limit in no time.
    Amen! I think the reason for this might just be the CVT, as it 'seems' to be slipping when in fact it's not slipping at all. The 4 banger RAV (and FTM the CRV) sound like they are laboring while tranny gears are (more traditionally) 'held' into the higher rpm ranges, the CVT OTH simply changes 'underneath' a more constant but usually lower engine speed and magically we are are driving 80 instead of 60. The CVT as I said is a bit of an adjustment - but one I think I'm going to like :)
  • pitkeyspitkeys Posts: 18
    "but one I think I'm going to like"

    The highway near our houe has just been repaved and it's skippy how quiet the Rogue gets up to sped on the new surface, as well as how smoothly.

    Agreed--the CVT does take some getting used to. Sometimes it reminds me of a hefty 4-cycle outboard .

    BTW: Some other discoveries:

    1) The rear window and tailgate, maybe because of the angle, don't get plastered with dust like my old RAV or my wife's FIT, even with the spoiler vents. Maybe 'cuz the angle's more slanted on the Rogue. That's a big plus here in rangeland.

    2) The RAV had the plus of extension sun visors, but that's fixable on the Rogue.
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Sounds like you were looking at a Limited...I paid $24.8K for a V6 AWD RAV4 Base model with a few options...went through a fleet dealer and had an incoming RAV spoken for before it even got to the dealer, so they had no chance to apply "paint sealant" or any of that other crap dealers like to improve their profit margin with...
  • mrbizness1mrbizness1 Posts: 85
    "so they had no chance to apply "paint sealant" or any of that other crap dealers like to improve their profit margin with.."

    wow, the dealers are still trying to push paint sealant. Unbelievable!!!
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    definitely a Ltd. - with a sticker of $31k WITHOUT the DVD system but did have everything else - what would have made it 'equal' to the Rogue SL AWD w/ premium , leather, and moonroof. Except of course for the bigger engine in the RAV. The extra Toyota charges down here are by the distributor not the dealer so therefore all cars released have this crappola 'port installed'. They seem to only do this on 'popular' vehicles - surprise surprise. In this case another $1500 I didn't want to spend, and something I believe unique to Toyotas bought in this area (the Gulf Coast) and in the Southeast - the homes of the only two remaining independent Toyota distributors. A practice Toyota corporate needs to police because in this case it helped make the RAV ridiculously more expensive than my full boat Rogue. It's hard enough to get a Toyota dealer down on anything and inflating the price with ostensibly worthless 'option packs' only makes things worse. The 05 Avalon I have incidentally was also priced in this manner and has (IMO) the best drivetrain in it that's available these days.
    This should not be construed as an indictment of anything other than Toyota's marketing practices and certainly NOT the RAV, which I may have been willing to spend a bit more for (for that V6) - just not 5 big ones.
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Yeah, there is little doubt that Toyota's distribution system smacks of "because we can"...I wouldn't pay that extortion fee either. Enjoy your Rogue!
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    there is little doubt that Toyota's distribution system smacks of "because we can"...
    exactly, and to be fair I've experienced the same thing at Honda dealers in the past, but not nearly so much at Nissan - maybe if they (Toyota and Honda) come to understand precisely how many folks like me that there are that have this problem with being gouged in this particular manner. People that spend the extra coin for Toyota products expect them to be generally higher in price and are also usually rewarded with higher resale values that can mitigate that higher initial price - however these 'option packs' whether it be by the dealer or the distributor is nothing but very thinly disguised profiteering - why it is so irritating. As you say 'because they can'.
    All 3 of the particular vehicles in this discussion are good choices, but it seems to be Toyota that WANTS to get me as POed as possible. So much so, that it actually makes me feel better to know that Toyotas didn't get my $25k!
  • thomasw98thomasw98 Posts: 29
    Having had a RAV 4 V/6 Sport and now a Rogue SL AWD (with Premium pkg):

    1) Rogue rides much better, not as "busy" as the RAV. Handles tighter. Wind noise seems much less at 65-70 MPH in Rogue. Road noise also. Rogue much better in crosswinds...[cut]

    Excellent comparison! Thanks pitkeys.
  • pitkeyspitkeys Posts: 18
    Hope it helps, Thomas.

    Each time I get in the Rogue it just feels better--at rest and moving. Perhaps a wimpy comment (certainly very subjective), but in 50+ years of owning/racing/rallying cars, if I don't feel a sweet spot (and look like that each time you eyeball it), then it'll wear on me in time, more than cars normally do. Each time I get in one, I like the reinforcement that I spent the dough OK.

    Try to rent one of each that you're considering. Spend a couple of days with each and see what's worth the long term obligation.
  • I love the "maintenance minder" on the CR-V and other Hondas... does the Rogue have any similar system, or do you have to remember to do routine maintenance at specified intervals without idiot lights to remind you?
  • danjay13danjay13 Posts: 3
    There is a digital maintenance reminder in the '08 Rogue. It is quite easy to use and very intuitive. As well, on some trim levels, you get other information like fuel economy, outside temp, distance to empty, etc.
  • I was just checking out the '09 RAV4 on my local Toyota dealer's website (Limbaugh Toyota in Birmingham, AL). A Limited model equipped similarly to a CR-V EX-L is over $29,000. This is for a 2WD 4-cyl model!

    Backup Camera - $495
    6-CD JBL Stereo w/XM - $490
    DRLs - $40
    Premium Package w/Leather - $1,930
    - Heated Leather Seats, 8-Way Pwr Driver Seat
    Moonroof - $900

    Base - $24,490
    Opts - $3,835
    Dest - $795
    MSRP = $29,120

    A CR-V EX-L is $26,565 with destination. What am I missing here; does the RAV4 have something I'm not aware of (other than a slightly more powerful engine) or is Toyota just THAT overpriced?
  • phkphk Posts: 1
    I need some expert help. I'm looking at a loaded Rogue with leather and want to lease it for 39 months with Nissan. So far we are at $389 including tax. How do I know I'm getting a great price on the Rogue? I can find the invoice but what are the hold backs and idealer ncentives? There are no rebates at this time. I also need a brush up in leasing 101 so I can see how they are working the residuals.

    OK experts - I need some help!
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,955
    Try the Nissan Rogue Lease Questions discussion - this one is really more about comparing features between these three SUVs.
  • I currently drive a 4 WD. The honda CRV has 4 WD drive available the Rogue has AWD "intuitive" my desire for 4 WD is drving in snow not over bad terraine. Does anyone know if the intuitive AWD will be as good as 4WD in snow. Drive sometimes on unplowed roads in the winter
  • I have a 2008 Rogue SL AWD and live in an area of the northwest that has gotten some snow this season.

    First of all, the Rogue has a switch on the dash to turn on Full Time AWD if you want to...I think this is the equivalent of 4WD, so I will call it 4WD below..

    When I first drove in the snow this season, I mistakenly thought I should use this switch. And I drove around like this with no problems for a day or so. Finally I had some time to check the owners manual and it specifically stated that you should not use this switch in snow. It said you should only use this switch when driving over rough terrain. So I turned it off and continued to drive (now with AWD instead of "4WD") around for a few days.

    In the end, I really could not tell the difference between the two in terms of driving experience. Maybe there was a slightly higher likelihood of short slides when the 4WD was switched on...I am not really sure though. In general, there was little to no difference from my experience.

    I think the point of AWD is that it can adjust the front/back ratio to best suit the conditions, whereas 4WD is a fixed ration (50/50 front/back or something like that). So my impression is that AWD is a smarter version to use for snow.

    That said, I am no snow-driving maven, so I am sure some other forum members living in Maine or Minnesota would have some more expert views on this.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,803
    #120 of 121 Rogue vs Honda CRV by roswell Jan 18, 2009 (8:10 am)
    I currently drive a 4 WD. The honda CRV has 4 WD drive available the Rogue has AWD "intuitive" my desire for 4 WD is drving in snow not over bad terraine. Does anyone know if the intuitive AWD will be as good as 4WD in snow. Drive sometimes on unplowed roads in the winter

    I don't know what Rogue has, but CR-V has "Real Time All Wheel Drive" not 4WD.

    CR-V is operated in FWD mode most of the time, until the front wheel slip is detected, then power is sent to the rears.

    The ABS sensors are used to send information to the Vehicle Stability Control computer to apply brakes to the wheels that slip, so that power is routed to the wheels that have traction. This is almost like have limited slip differentials front and back.

    The VSC also applies brakes to the innner wheels when entering corners at higher speeds on slippery surfaces to pull the vehicle in the direction of the intended turn.

    VSC will also cut throttle power if all 4 wheels are slipping and there is no traction.

    The best part is that the "VSC off" switch, turns off VSC completley.
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