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Chevrolet Suburban Power Steering



  • arriearrie Posts: 312
    Power steering working in one direction but not in the other means the pump is working, i.e. if the pump is out it does not work in either direction.

    If you are a hands-on self mechanic like I understand from your post try to disassemble the steering gear if you have time for that. Why I suggest this is that at least in my Tahoe there is some kind of a limit switch built in the gear. When I turn the wheels all the way right or left I hear some sort of a click or pop sound and power steering assistance stops. This obviously is to stop power steering from forcing the steering linkage against the end of travel limits.

    If this limit switch gets stuck it means that power steering assistance does not work in direction the switch is at.

    Unfortunately I cannot tell you anything more about this as I have not had any problems with mine.

  • Thank you Arrie for getting back to me. Sorry if i sounded like a real [non-permissible content removed] but I Don't have much patience. I just want to fix it and move on to something more fun. Pretty much ur telling me I need a gear and everything I've read and my suburbans symptoms it all points to gear. My luck if I tear it apart all those little ball bearings will go everywhere around the worm gear. Take Care and Thanks Again!
  • dlaceydlacey Posts: 2
    The problem I had was very similar. It turned out to be the wheel lock when I shut off the truck. The switch went bad so I couldn't start the truck until I had cranked the wheel all of the way one way or the other. Hope it helps.
  • While out in the woods, I slid into a rut and it messed up the steering somehow. When the wheels are straight the steering wheel is upside down. It still dives fine and handles well. There is no play, no wierd sounds and there is nothing bent underneath. Besides the steering wheel issue the only other issue that I noticed is that it won't turn all the way to the right. Anyone have any idea?
  • I have replaced the P.S. pump, Hydroboost, the Variable steering canceling kit. when i press the brakes it firms up the steering to almost impossible to move. makes a whining noise when hitting the stopps. fluid level is fine, any information will help.
  • I recently purchased a 1999 Suburban for weekend lake duty. The truck had a nasty steering fluid leak and I quickly found it to be the steering gear. Additionally, when test driving I noticed that the steering was too tight at 12 o'clock and constant input had to be given to keep it staight. I realized that the previous owner or a shop may have over-tightened the gear adjustment. Anyway, I replaced the gear and pitman and upon completion my truck drives MUCH better, tracks straight, and no leaks. THE PROBLEM, crooked steering wheel (11 o'clock while straight). I didnt notice (couldnt have) this before due to the goofy steering adjustment.
    While I would think that I may have mis-aligned something during the replacement its kinda hard to do. The pitman can only be wrong 90 degrees at a time-so thats straightforward. The connection for the column to gear input shaft seems to be the more likely culprit but it only seems to go back on when the flat (keyed? bevel?) area on the spline matches the column joint. AM I RIGHT ON THIS? Can the column and gear input be a spline or two off? With the 11-12oclock steering wheel it could not be more than a spline. Again, it just didnt seem to want to mate back up any other way.
    Yes, I marked them when removed but used new parts so had to transfer the marks from the old parts the best I could.
    If the mentioned spline CAN BE INDEXED, do I need to do it at the column or by turning the rest of the steering. I realize the precautionaries (air bag) of turning the disengaged column-but 1 degree? I strapped the wheel during replacement but really dont understand the risk or whether a 1 spline index change would matter.
  • Turned on cold 2002 suburban with no prior steering problems. Turned wheel hard right to back into driveway and power steering failed. Any fuses or simple possible fixes far fairly handy owner ? What would likely cause such a failure? Guessing its related to my maxing the turn . Any help would be appreciated.
  • I have a 2000 Suburban power steering hard to turn either direction just had lube and oil change day before. it is hard to turn either direction and Ideas?
  • 01sub01sub Posts: 1
    My 01 had the same problem, it all started with old pump and replacement blowing seals, then steering was to loose feeling. Seals in steering box started leaking,all caused by the speed sensor valve in powersteering pump. $10.00 part, hard to get to!!! To much pressure is causing your problem, replace before it blows out all your seals!
  • My Suburban drives just fine, BUT it does have a power steering leak. That's not the problem though. The problem is from time to time when you steer to the right it seems like it get's stuck on something. I give it a little jerk to the right and it works past it. Completely lost here folks on what it is and what to do short of going to a mechanic which I do not want to have to do. If anyone could help us out it would be greatly appreciated thanks so much! ~Leah~
  • I have a 97 suburban 1500 4x that I've been trying to fix / improve the steering for some time. It had lots of play in the wheel, tended to wander, and had what sounds like a similar issue to the right turn problem described. I replaced the pitman arm, the idler arm, and tie rod ends (with some, but little improvement). However the "jumping problem" to the right (after what was an initial lack of response in sweeping right turns) turned out to be the steering speed sensor. Some of the discussions reference it, as the EVO sensor. This was not a very expensive or difficult fix and I was happy to not have the truck jumping to the right anymore. I don't know if this might be your issue, but it is worth looking into.
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