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Nice techie useful CUV

casolorzcasolorz Posts: 87
edited March 14 in Acura
I am looking at getting a CUV pretty soon. I have looked at everything from the RDX w/tech all the way down to the Compass (pretty loaded). So far my favorites in terms of options are the RDX and the Outlander.
I am hoping to get at a minimum Bluetooth, power seats, typical luxuries, etc. Navigation is not a must but the voice recognition on the RDX would be a must if I got it.
My only problem with the RDX is its towing capacity.... On the other hand my problem with the Outlander is the mitsu dealer, I hate them; and actually that is something else that I like about the RDX, the service dept at the dealer is great!

So are there other CUVs I am ignoring? what about the Enclave? or MKX? Vue?


  • If I had had the money, I would have looked at the Acura, because I really acuras, but my budget was around 30k, so I was looking at the Outlander, CX-7 and Escape Hybrid (not CR-V or RAV4 because they are ugly and plain and you get nothing for your money). My main problem with the CX-7 was the price, and the fact that it ran a tubro V4, so it took premium, and the Escape/Escape Hybrid you did not get the same tech stuff at the outlander and they got horrible reviews (Ford is cutting expenses on them and making them cheaper, the went back to rear drums, that just says to me that the quality would suck!). As I said, my budget was not high enough for me to consider the Enclave or MKX, but they both seem like decent cars. The Enclave is more luxurious than the outlander, but seems less sporty, and the same with the MKX (and I personally don't like the look of it), which is a reason I liked the outlander, it (to me) drives like more of a car then my old Taurus did and is fun to drive and has a lot of features for the money.

    I like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, I think it's pretty nice. The infiniti FX or Nissan Murano (pretty much the same car) seem pretty good. Apparently the Hyundai Veracruz is pretty decent for the money, but I don't know what features it has. The newly redesigned Subaru Tribeca looks pretty nice, and subaru is a great company. The new Highlanders look pretty good, and have some nice features. And the Volvo XC90 is always worth a look.

    If I had the money, I would have seriously looked at the Subaru Tribeca, Subaru is a great company, I know many people who always go back to subaru, and the new Tribeca looks pretty nice. And also the Acura, as it is a honda and they are known for quality and it seems to come with pretty good features.

    But if you want a pretty good, decently equiped, sporty CUV for a decent price, and don't need it too luxurious, then I would consider the outlander. The dealer I bought my car from gave me a better initial price than I was prepared to negitoate down to. I haven't taken it to the dealer yet to be serviced, so I can not comment on that, but they seem pretty good to me, but maybe I have a better dealer than most?
  • Thanks for the advice! for me so far it seems down to the RDX or the Outlander. The main reason I want the RDX is because the Acura service guy is the same guy I have for my Jag and he is just great to work with, whereas the Mitsu dealer doesn't seem very friendly and I am terrified of what their service might end up being like.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    Go with the test drive if you didn't do one yet. Then have a good feel of the vehicles. Hopefully that would help you decide. I think it's important to buy what you like rather than buying a car because of the mechanic or the service. Just like almost everything in life, you get good ones and bad ones, and dealerships are no exception. But the good thing is you can always go to another dealership if you're not satisfied.
  • I test drove both the Outlander and the RDX. If you want all the tech options, the Outlander gets close in price to the RDX. I think the RDX is superior in almost every way (acceleration, cornering, ride quality, interior refinement, build quality, ergonomics). The RDX does require premium gas and synthetic oil, though. Test drive for yourself and decide.
  • They're not that close in price though.

    You can get a loaded 4WD Outlander XLS with leather, Nav, 650W sound, Bluetooth, sunroof, Sirius, etc for under $30,000.

    A similarly equipped RDX will be at least $5,000 more.

    I've driven both, they are similar. I prefer the driving characteristics and reliability of a V6 over a turbo 4.
  • Yea I prefer V6 as well. Also on the Outlander for $28K you get more features over the RDX: 30GB music server, FastKey, keyless ignition, 650 watt stereo, LED rear lights, roof rails, 3rd row seat. Plus more cargo, better warranty and better fuel economy.
  • alex789alex789 Posts: 20
    Do not buy anything 'till December, when Infiniti EX35 arrive. The best in and out. Go to Forum - Infiniti - EX35.
    You'll learn a lot.
  • Is that just gonna be a fancy rogue?
  • klasklas Posts: 22
    EX35 got nothing, just a luxurious Rogue. Styling in EX35 is not a head turner in my opinion. Outlander being cheaper SUV offers the best styling and I do see people like to look at it. Yes, EX35 has cool all round camera assist, but coolness factor is not enough to justify the price tag. I bet it will be used as much as Navi gets used in your home town and probably will be cool to show off your friends, so personally I do not find particulary useful on a small CUV. Finally, it looks like it will be more expensive then RDX.

    I said that before and say it again Outlander offers a lot for a lot less in CUV market.

    If, I wanted to spend extra $15k I would get FX, even though it's due for redesign, it still looks awesome.
  • alex789alex789 Posts: 20
    You right about Outlander. It's #1 by the value along with
    Santa Fe, which has a bit more power and room and less
    toys. But both of them are in a lower class and are not to be compare to EX35.
    EX is cool not because it has first in a world Around View Monitor(AVM) system or Lane Departure Prevention (LDP) system. IT is cool, because it's not a "luxurious Rogue".
    EX is a Big Power in a Small Package' CUV. Unlike Rogue, which is build on a small Sentra platform, it's build on the same platform as G, M and FX (you like). It has the same V6 Aluminum Block 3.5l 290-297 hp engine, as G35 and FX35, that Mitsu or Hyundai can only dream about. Take FX35, squeese it to 182.3 X 71" and make it on 4" lower, but leave the same engin. You'll get adventage in weght, so in fuel economy. Also add exquized interier. That will be EX.
    To tell you more, you do not need extra 15K. Base AWD should be 32K and Journey AWD some 3K more. At least I hope so.
    Go: Forums - Browse By Dicussions box. You'll get a lot of vidios, pictures, interviews, specs and comments. It's fun.
  • klasklas Posts: 22
    i would say that you cannot compare the two. Outlander is more of a budget CUV that's the best in its class.

    Again, personally Nissan/Infinity are mostly ugly looking cars and EX is no exception. FX would be the only car for me worth considering.

    Paying premium price for a luxury car and think about fuel economy is a joke. If I needed power I would get a sports car, budget CUVs offer enough of that.

    Also, pricing is just speculation at this point, but I don't see it being cheaper then RDX.
  • alex789alex789 Posts: 20
    About styling. I personally like Outlander styling a lot.
    This nice looking CUV definitely deserve more attention, than it is. But almost all of them are SUV-wanna-be styling, espacily front. To distinguish CUV Toyota did not bad job with RX , then Infinity with FX, now Buick Enclave and Mazda CX. Infiniti said: "Style on EX was inspired by the sport coupe G37", which is simply gorgeous. It is actually cross with FX styling, which you said is awesome.
    So, I believe, you will like EX styling too.
  • Its mostly a price vs tech features thing. I guess I will have to get used to turning on the windshield wipers myself again :-(
  • klasklas Posts: 22
    great choice!

    Btw, I did have 06 TSX (traded in for Outlander) w/ voice navigation and it was cool to impress my friends, but in reality I found little use for it. (Only used "Go Home" feature, but I didn't see any point for "What's time is it" or "Temperature set to 70") I think Outlander navigation is a lot better in terms of other features.
  • Thanks for the info, yeah I have been looking at the tsx too but I just can't get over its lack of acceleration...
  • alex789alex789 Posts: 20
    But before go to for
    'First Drive: 2008 Infiniti EX35' article by Ron Kiino.
  • >> First Drive: 2008 Infiniti EX35' article by Ron Kiino.

    Outdated 5-speed transmission?
  • alex789alex789 Posts: 20
    It's not regular 5-speed automatic transmission. It features Adaptive Shift Control that "adjusts to the way you drive to give you fluidity or performance when you want it." In manual mode Downshift Rev Matching "automatically
    opens the throttle to match the rpm for smoother gear changes."
    This transmission isn't award winner like their engine, but
    showed very good performance and reliability for a last few years on G and FX. And because EX is nothing, but mix of two of them, Infiniti puts the same transmission into EX.
    Nissan are testing now their "say good-bye to gears, revolutionary X-tronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) on Altima. Nothing can beat CVT - it's for sure. So, it will find its way into Infiniti soon.
  • Actually I test drove a car with CVT and it was kind of weird, didn't feel the acceleration at all! then maybe it was the cars fault.
    Anyways, I finally realized the Outlander is missing too many things that I don't want to give up on so I am back looking at other CUVs. I am thinking RDX, or a edge/mkx with sync! who knows, its back to square 0 for me.
  • "adjusts to the way you drive to give you fluidity or performance when you want it"

    Whatever marketing verbage they use, the bottom line is: it's only a 5-speed transmission on the "luxury" car. Shame. The true luxury Mercedes uses 7-speed transmission, BMW and Outlander use 6-speed.
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