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Toyota Tacoma Tire Pressure Sensors

I just bought a 2006 Tacoma with P265/65 R17 110S tires. Both the manual and the inside door sticker indicate that the optimal pressure is 29 psi. Yesterday the air pressure indicator on my dash lit up indicating that one of my tires is low. I checked them and none was below 29 psi. I filled them up to 32 psi and the indicator is still lit. I is the indicator malfunctioning or should I add more air?????


  • what does the sidewall max pressure say? i think the dealer tells you 29 psi for max ride smoothness to make up for the harsh halfton suspension. the air pressure indicaters were probably set to the tire's recommended pressure.
  • Did you check the spare?
  • I don't think so because I had the truck for a month before the tire pressure light came on and I had checked the air pressure reguarly to make sure the pressure was at 29 psi.
  • No but I am not sure what differance that would make.
  • Because if I'm not mistaken, the spare has a sensor on it as well. If it's low, the light will stay on.
  • Mystery solved! You are was my spare tire...thanks so much!!
  • I have a 2006 tacoma with cast aluminum rims and bought some 2007 17" alloy rims, the senosrs will not work. Does anyone know where you can get a set reasonably priced. Also how do I know what the part number would be. Thanks Rob.
  • don95don95 Posts: 4
    I plan on buying a second set of wheels for my Tacoma. How much is a set of pressure sesnsors? I am not sure what Toyota charges? is there after market sensors that can be bought? By the way its a 2007 Tacoma 2wd 4cyl that I have.
  • My daughter just got a flat she R&R the tire w/ spare. But the warning light will not go out. She check all four tires pres. and all ok. Can the flat tire be sending a low pres. signal?
  • allents6allents6 Posts: 1
    I recently had a blow out and put on my spare and left my tire at the shop to be replace while I went to work. If the tire is somewhere else, you will still get a low pressure signal. Does that make sense? Also, you may have to hit the reset button on the bottom of the dash under the steering wheel.

    Also, my ex-wife drove my truck last year for a day trip a had a flat. A nice man helped her put two cans of Fix-a-Flat in the tire to allow her to get home. Fix-a-flat destroyed the sensor and I had to have it replaced. I think the sensor was about $80 bucks and about $45 to have the dealership install and activate it to my trucks computer. Ouch!
  • Hi guys, I need a little help here. I have 2007 Tacoma prerunner. The tire pressure sensor went on when I was driving. I just saw it as steady light. I followed the manual to put pressure at 29 PSI for front and rear per manual. When i tried to reset it, it blink 3 times and still come to steady light. When I turn the engine on , it just blink once and come steady.

    Please help. I'm not sure if the sensors are ,malfunctioning.

    Note: I did not check my spare tire. Thanks.
  • Hi Folks, My tire pressure light was on so I took it to the dealers. It was out for 3 days, then it got cold and came on solid. I checked the pressure in the tires and they were off so I put 30lbs in each tire (including the spare). Now the light blinks. What is the exact reset procedure that you have to do to make this stupid light go out.
  • Tires don't have sensors in them. The tire pressure sensor doesn't actually measure the tire pressure. It uses the wheel speed sensor (part of the ABS) to measure very minute differences in rotational speed between all four tires. When it senses a difference from what a nominally good tire is, it will turn on the tire pressure light. Note that you will need to check the tire pressure in all tires, as it doesn't indicate which tire is the problem. Once the tire pressure is adjusted, reset the light according to the owner's manual. You'll also need to do this after changing to a spare. But the spare tire hanging in the rear of truck is not connected to anything. It just hangs there until used. Basically fill the tires when cold not after running them on the roads and equalize all four to whatever the manufacture's rating calls for.
  • Thank you for your gracious and informative explanation. My problem is my crappy 2005 Tachoma owners manual does not provide the exact sequence to use when using the reset switch. I had a Lexus and its owners manual would tell you exactly what sequence was. This new manual does not say didley. I thought maybe it was me so I had my neighbor who is an engineer and really into performance autos take a look. He could not not find it either.
  • xr70xr70 Posts: 1
    Is there anyway to disconnect the TPS so that the light doesn't flash on the board?
  • I believe that the sensor is in the valve. Here's a snippet from a Toyota bulletin regarding a change to the 2009 Tacoma spare tire:

    "11. Tire Pressure Warning System
    The tire pressure warning valve and transmitter has been discontinued on the spare tire. Alternatively, an
    information label indicating “TEMPORARY USE ONLY” has been placed on the spare tire disc wheel.
    The spare tire for the ’09 Toyota Tacoma is only for temporary use. Do not perform tire rotations on
    the spare tire."

    So I could see how adding some Fix-a-Flat could gunk up the valve/transmitter.

    For the guy who bought the new aluminum wheels, could you take your old valve assemblies and put them on your new wheels? Just a thought.

    My 2008 Tacoma will definitely set off the low tire pressue light when the spare gets too low. Airing it up will shut the light off. The valve sensors do seem to work well. I hope I can make the same statement when my truck gets 10-12 years on it!
  • hi mr buffalonickle, i solved the problem. When i took my tachoma in for service at the dealer i had them check all the tire sensors and they found one of the sensors which are attached to the tire valve stems damaged. The damage occurred when I purchased the new tires from kmart / sears. One of the services techs attempted to replace the valve stem and noticed there was a device (the sensor) attached to it. When attempting to replace the stem or replacing the tire on the rim the sensor was mortally wounded. I showed the manager at sears / kmart the damage they caused and they refunded me the cost of repairs. $248.
  • Cannot get the low pressure warning light to reset. I've insured all tires are the same pressure, followed the owners manual and NOTHING. Light will not go out. Any suggestions?
  • I have a 2007 Tacoma. Recently, the tire pressure warning light came on. I checked by tires and found them only 3-4 psi low. I corrected that and the light still stayed lit. Then, I lowered my spare and found it about 15 psi low. I corrected that and at first, the light stayed on but within a block of my home, the light went out and has not lit again. Hope this helps.
  • rider287rider287 Posts: 3
    Hello doen anybody here know how to simply turn the tire pressure light off! I broke one of the sesors off roading and dont want to pay alot to replace it thank you
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