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Mazda CX-9 Maintenance and Repair



  • As I may have posted earlier, I had the same issue (left pull) with my 2008. I brought it in to the dealer for an alignment, and it is better now. Not perfect, but better than it was.
    The service manager tried to tell me about road crowns and potholes, blah, blah....
    Whatever. Apparently, the alignment was out of whack from the factory.
    The car does track straighter on the highway now, so I'm satisfied with the repair.
    Still notice it a bit sometimes, but way better.
    This seems to be an issue that Mazda needs to look at.
  • I have an 08 GT, and have noticed that the rear courtesy lights do not activate when the liftgate is opened. I checked the switch which is in the proper position and the lights do come on when any other door is opened. Is there something I am overlooking?
  • I had the same issue with my '08 CX9. I brought it in, thinking the alignment was out of adjustment, but instead, the Tech Bulletin explains for the dealership to turn the Strut 180 degrees. An ODD fix if you ask me, but it did resolve the problem.

    It is annoying, to say the least, to have to fight the car to keep it straight. I would go to another dealership if the one you went to doesn't give you the result you expect. But that's one issue with Mazda - there aren't as many dealerships around as other manufacturers, so it could be a hassle if your local dealer "gives-up" on resolving this issue for you.
    Good luck!
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I have a similar problem but mine is intermittent.

    When it does work, it comes on only when the liftgate is open. One of these days I'll take it in and see what they say.
  • hi,

    i have the same problem. what is TSB, how it helped you and how it can help me.
  • aray1aray1 Posts: 6
    It stands for Technical service bulletin. It a guide to the service people that a problem exists and here is a solution to the problem.
    Unfortunately, my dealer couldn't totally resolve the issue. Has anyone called Mazda on this issue?
  • hi Aray1,

    thanks, i brought it to dealer, but it is not fixes properly.
    does any one has any suggestion?
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    Take it back to the dealer...have the Service Manager drive with you so can show him/her the direct issue you're having... If they chose not to believe (their own lying) eyes... then if possible get a second oppinion at another dealer... It's a well documented issue with our cars... I'm guessing "some" dealer have not had to deal with it... and therefore don't understand what's expected to to be done...
  • My gut tells me it's the service department at the dealer trying to milk me for more money. My last car was a Mini Cooper (big change obviously) that needed oil changed every 15K miles or so. The dealer I bought from is both a Mazda and Chrysler dealer, and on American cars, it doesn't surprise me to have them want it changed after 3K miles. But for a Japanese or German car, my understading is that the oil resevoir is much larger, leading to longer times between oil changes - plus different engineering. Dealership bullied me into using full synthetic - actually I'm okay with that and would have anyway - if I wasn't going to come in every 3K miles. But it feels like a scam.

    One of the reasons I bought the car was because it would go 7K between changes - the hassle of service more frequenly is more than I'll put up with. Anyone have any feedback on this?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Read the owner's manual and understand the intervals. The manual was written to tell you how to operate the vehicle properly. The dealer's intervals were written to tell them how to operate their bottom line properly.
  • As you might imagine - I'm not happy with my dealer for playing games like that. Anyone have a way to make a complaint to Mazda - they should know that their dealer is telling every customer that they should service all their Mazdas at 3K miles. Not great for customer satisfaction.
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    If you gauged most dealers of most models.. you'll most likely find that they recommend 3 thousand mile intervals... I think as much to keep up with the "jiffy" lube types of the world that do the same... Dealers "suggest" ... owners manuals prescribe... I don't think complaining to the corp about suggestions will provide anything... Though... I'm never going to be one to deter anyone from their own views... Just think of it logically... one earlier said... or reffered to the "bottom" line... and in this life/country/society... indeed that has much to do with it... also consider this angle... if you bring your car in every 3k much more than the oil change should be going monitoring your car for other and potential issues... that's why I do it... and yes I know it doesn't have to be changed every 3k ( caviat... I'm the p.m. for a dealer)... but for that very reason I do for this car and other models I own.
  • In the past 20 years, I've owned several toyotas, several VWs, a Subaru, a Nissan, and a Mini Cooper. I have never had a single dealer push me to alter my service interval from what was recommended by the manufacturer until it happened in this Mazda dealership. And I have complained to Mazda corporate. The service department was implying that I couldn't trust Mazda's recommended service intervals. Not only were they implying this, they implied that if I didn't follow their advice that something bad would happen to my car. They're undermining the trust in the brand - and should be brought to task on it. My profession is product management, and I'd never let a subsidiary get away with this on one of my brands - no way in hell.

    On top of that, the first oil change at my dealership was supposed to be free. When the guy bullied me into using full synthetic (I would have anyway, but he didn't know this) he told me that I would only be charged the difference between what I would have paid for the standard oil change and full synthetic. As it turned out they charged me a LOT more than just the difference - I ended up paying way more than the fee for the standard oil change. And they suggested that the guy at the service desk made a 'simple mistake' when he told me that. But that they wouldn't stand by what he said, and that they wouldn't/couldn't explain to me the rationale for this policy. As you might imagine, they've lost my business forever.
  • What's the name of this dealer and where is it located?
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    Can't say much to that other that WOW... that's horrible... we "Dealers" get a horrible name for few like that one... I hope they're pressed into changing their ways... If they're of any significant size though... probably not... My fingers are crossed for it to be handled correctly...
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    So, allow me to sum up the 36 posts about CX-9 problems
    - pulling left (TSB - turn strut 180 degree)
    - door (recall)
    - some concern about tranny by Aisin
    - rear hatch light (on or off)

    The CX-9 sounds very reliable to me. I love mine so far.
    I do wish Mazda use a taller 1st gear. It is too short to be useful other than
    towing a heavy load. The second gear is as tall (or short) as the 1st gear of any Honda tranny.
  • About the transmission ratios: sure, but the Honda's(with one or two exceptions) have only a 5 speed transmission, so they have to space out the ratios over 5 speeds rather than having the luxury of 6 to work with like the Mazda. I don't know for certain but I would bet that the 6 speed that Honda does have also has the same kind of 1st gear ratio.

  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    There is no available 6-speed auto tranny in Honda/Acura lineup yet. Only 5-speed. That is one area where people criticize Acura lineup. (there are 6-speed manual trannys in Hondas)

    Your point was exactly like mine. I meant to point out the fact that the 6-speed tranny in CX-9 (Aisin made) is no different than a 5-speed tranny of Honda since the 1st gear runs out of steam very quickly. Good for heavy load launch only.
  • sedmundsedmund Posts: 93
    I have a 2007 bought in June 07 and the nearest Mazda dealership is quite far. Would like to do an oil change in a nearby Jiffy lube or a similar place but feeling a little guilty doing this for such a new vehicle. Do you guys with a new vehicle make it a point to go to the dealership for oil changes or elsewhere?
  • cericceric Posts: 1,093
    You are not required to go to dealers for service.
    As long as you keep the receipts of services performed, Mazda can't find trouble with you on warranty. Any ASE certified mechanics can perform the services for you.

    That said, I don't trust Jiffy Lube on my new vehicles.
    Ask yourself, what kind of oil they use, what filter they use? Do they just charge you the labor cost if you brought the oil and filter yourself?
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