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Chrysler Pacifica Sticking Throttle

I have a 2006 Pacifica FWD Base with 56,000 miles. Over the last couple of months, the throttle has become harder to push down. The other day while pulling away from a stop sign in the rain, I pressed the throttle about an eighth on inch, and the car did not move. I pushed harder and harder, and then the throttle moved about half an inch and I spun the right front tire. Last night my wife was backing uphill out of a parking spot. She gave about half an inch of throttle, and the throttle stuck in that position. She had to slam on the brakes to stop the car.
Has anyone else had this problem? Do I need to remove my air cleaner and spray cleaner into the throttle body?


  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,895
    could be an issue at the pedal assembly or cable. I would lube down both and see what happens. And make sure the floormat isn't causing a problem (silly, i know, but you'd be surprised how often this happens and folks don't notice).

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  • Mrrogers:

    Ours is going in this Wed for the same problem....resistance for the first 1/4" of travel. A minor annoyance when trying give it gas on the freeway.

    Dealer replaced a gas pedal assembly on one 2 weeks ago with a similar problem.

    Might want to look at the actual pedal assembly and lubricate it.


  • Update to my posting:

    They ordered a new gas pedal assembly..but forgot to order a "clip" necessary. It was a wasted trip to the dealer and a real PIA. Next trip is this week.

    Will keep you all informed.

  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    I appreciate the update. I was under the hood checking the throttle, and everything looks okay. The throttle return spring is very strong.
    I checked my gas pedal under the dash, and it seems okay. As you know, the floor mat has the locating device near the seat, so the floor mat does not interfere with the gas pedal.
    I mentioned something to my wife about lubricating the throttle, and she said not to as soon I will be turning the heater on and get the oil smell in the car. Not that I'm henpecked or anything.
  • On Sunday, I sprayed some WD-40 on the plastic axle pieces that the gas pedal rotates around. Also placed some white grease where the cable goes into the firewall (at least, as high as I could reach).

    Will try it now and see if it helped.

  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    I appreciate the update. Please let us know how you make out. Good Luck!
  • The same thing happened to my 2005 Pacifica with 40K miles. I took my problem to the dealer. They performed trottle body service and the problem was fixed. The service was $100.
  • mrrogersmrrogers Posts: 391
    Thank you for your input!
  • settlmasettlma Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2006 Pacifica! PLEASE call the NHTSA at 1-888-3276 about this problem. That is the only way Chrysler will investigate! I was told by the mechanic "it is a design problem with the engine of the Pacifica....we can fix it for $89.95"!!! Needless to say I was shocked that they would not cover it under warranty. My dealer also charged me because my air bag light comes on while I am driving and they said they "couldn't find a code that says it is going off". I took a picture of it with my cell phone and they said that wasn't enough proof!!!!! I will NEVER buy another Chrylser again!
  • vic_vinylevic_vinyle Posts: 34
    Chrysler did replace the throttle assembly cable under warranty. There was some improvement but for now, we will just live with it.
  • I had the same problem. Sprayed some carb cleaner around the throttle body and wiped it down with a paper towel. There were tons of buildup, carbon I guess. After cleaning, the pedal didn't stick anymore.
  • oldsman4oldsman4 Posts: 8
    Its not a problem with the cable or linkage, its the throttle body plate binging up within its bore. If you clean it and remove the muck, it will be ok for a little while, but ultimately the T/B will need to be replaced to completely eliminate the problem. Hopefully they revised the T/B like Ford did with the Explorer throttle body recall. Same problem, but a LOT worse. THe gas would snap after you pressed hard enough on it and you would do a huge burn-out! Ha!
  • cignetcignet Posts: 1
    I bought had a used 05 pacifica with 60,000 mi a year ago. The accelerator later started sticking when I accelerate then it jumps unexpectedly. This is very dangerous in stop and go traffic. I sprayed the accelerator switch or whatever (the piece under the dash the pedal attaches to) with WD40 and it cleared the sticking for a while, now it is sticking again.
    Nice car but I cannot live with this, its too dangerous. If chrysler cannot fix it perminately free I'm trading it sap!
    Ps. The air bag lite comes on also. Crysler has PROBLEMS, Its my last one!!!
    Pss. It has the Oil Comsumptson Problem too. Uses a quart of oil every week! Thats with 10w 50 oil. Its not a keeper! Dont buy one! :mad:
  • I have a 2006 that the gas peddle was sticking. I had taken the pedal apart, applied WD40 and also did the WD40 on the spring attached to the throttle body, but that didn't help. Yesterday I removed the air filter housing and cleaned inside the throttle body with Carb cleaner and a tooth brush and it's works great now!!
    P.S. Use a tooth brush your not currenting using for your teeth! lol :)
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    The throttle body getting dirty seems to be a recurring problem with the Pacifica. My 2005 3.8L Pacifica wouldn't idle and it turned out to be a dirty throttle body. Thank you for the tip of how to clean it ourselves.
  • oldsman4oldsman4 Posts: 8
    Way to go! Feels great fixing it yourself doesnt it! There is also a manufacturing issue with these throttle bodies. The plate is designed too tight inside the bore. Being a diagnostic tech myself, after I cleaned it, it only had a little stick when hot. I removed it and found where the throttle plate was scuffing the bore and buffed the bore out with emry cloth. Be careful if you try this-as too much removal will affect the calibration of the housing.(Remember to clean it with T/B cleaner before install after this to get the grit out). After this proedure my pacifica is perfect. BTW- I have an 06 and I use 1/4qt of oil per 3500mi with 65000 on the clock. If you are going thru anything close to a qt per 1Kmi- that is crazy excessive. I call one qt of the correct oil per 2500 being used maxed out. Anything more means there is a problem. I love my Pacifica tho! Hope this helps some of you!
  • woywoy Posts: 2
    Currently at 60K miles and am now experiencing a sticking throttle when moving from idle or parked position...have to push pretty far to get any movement response..and then car jolts forward or backward depending on if in drive or reverse.
  • oldsman4oldsman4 Posts: 8
    Yep! You got it. Thats EXACTLY what they do. Clean the throttle body first, then check it for scuffing on the inner wall where the plate closes(at idle position). It has to be real clean and removed from the car to see it. At that spot is where you need to lightly buff the inside of the housing so the plate does not catch(bind) on it anymore. My throttle is now perfect and normal after repairing it. Hope this helps! Sure beats replacing the throttle body. Doesnt matter how much lube you put on the pedal assy- if the T/B is binding at idle this is hot to fix it for good. An 80$ cleaning at a repair shop is a bandaid if there are signs of scuffing on the wall. The problem will come back-just not as bad.
  • The pacific air bag light comes on to tell you it is turned off. It has a sensor in the seat. If you set an object in the passenger seat that the sensor deems to be a small child it deactivated the air bag not to harm them in a crash. :shades:
  • charger3charger3 Posts: 209
    I have two Pacifics every four months spray some throttle body cleaner about 3 dollars in the opening of the throttle body hold the butterfly open and scrub with tooth brush it will work like new
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