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Ford Escape Seats



  • buddhamanbuddhaman Posts: 7
    The lower inside door panels are rusting. We have had the car for almost 5 years. Do you think I should contact Ford, the dealership or fix it my self as, I I'm not sure the warranty covers rust, but only corrosion
  • it's caused by the extremely inferior quality of the seat covers. even tho the warranty is up, look on this thread or online to find out the service alert number for this problem. if you're lucky enough to have a relationship w/a decent dealership, they may be able to replace the seat covers @a minimal cost. if no luck, read up on this thread about what cleaning methods work. i've used woolite pet odor cleaner with some success (and i got my front seat covers replaced on my 2008 while still under warranty, altho they still stain--ford will not use anything but that awful recycled material). unlike a lot of other posters here, i don't care very much about the staining so if a cleaning method doesn't work, i'm not too concerned.
  • buddhamanbuddhaman Posts: 7
    I don't mind the staining except for the astetics and a concern about the affect it will have on resale value. Thanks for the info.
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Well I for one do care. If I caused a stain than shame on me, but Ford should stand behind complete replacement of these horrible seats. I wonder what the dealer will say when you try to trade it in? Even the poor person who tries to buy it from you will think Huh. We spend enough on cars and having seats that look like they come from a farm just isn't acceptable. Can't wait for the 2013 version of seat material. The fact that they are using recycled bottles (or whatever) tells me that it must be cheaper for Ford and they really don't care about consumers. Well this is one buyer who does care.
  • keytexaskeytexas Posts: 20
    I have been fighting Ford for ages about the horrible seats. That includes copying pages and pages of these forums and sending them to corporate Customer Service... VP of Customer Service and two local dealerships. Nothing.
    A month ago when the transmission went kablooey, the service guy did send my Escape to detailing and did make it a week bit better. Yet the stains are starting again with each little raindrop or whatever.
    Good luck. Ford doesn't care.
  • buddhamanbuddhaman Posts: 7
    Well I too do care, that's obvious in my concerns over resale. I can live with it and I just received a recall concerning the seats,but not for the reason we are discussing.
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Please tell us what the seat re call is about. I didn't mean to act like I am the only one who is mad about these seats. It just seems to me that we are so used to accepting poor quality that Ford just keeps getting away with it. The only thing we can do is 1. complain 2. Not buy the product.
  • buddhamanbuddhaman Posts: 7
    After reading the recall in entirely it appears the covers in question are for Marathon after market seat covers. I guess I was just so happy to get a seat cover recall notice that I didn't see the aftermarket portion. Sorry.
  • lisam5lisam5 Posts: 1
    I am having same issue with my 2012 Ford Focus...............water stains from a damp bathing suit. Seats were replaced in Oct 2011 for water stains from water bottle condensation. Ford has terrible customer service. She told me it was obviously a split pop. The water stain is a perferct body shape with bum on the seat and back on the back portion of the seat. So frustrating...any suggestions?
  • buddhamanbuddhaman Posts: 7
    We have resigned ourselves to the fact that even though Ford was aware of the problem, they didn't and won't address it. Really po's me. I've been a Ford man my entire life. 43 years of driving that I might have to look at others next time I buy.
  • I've got an 08 & 09 Escape
    both have different color cloth seats-
    I've read all these posts- wonder why you buy a vehicle with cloth seats

    mine look like they are brand new
    course we're a bit carefull
    wife did have a pretty stained passenger seat-
    quote, "not sure what I spilled on them"

    found out don't try to spot clean- clean the whole seat-

    I didn't quite like the results- so
    I got out the house Bissell Steam Cleaner- and since I had good luck with a cheap Carper & Upholstery Cleaner I buy at Walmart for the carpets decided to use it on her Escape seat

    results- her seat looks like it just came off the showroom-
    can take a picture of that seat- all the seats on both Escape if you'd like

    short of it- the seat material might not be the best for wet swimming suits, water, or pop, coffee- but they can be cleaned-

    any good detail shop will tell you this-
    so- before you go to sell or trade in
    do what the dealers do- send it to a good detail shop

    ps- I thought about Scotch Gaurd- but they aren't that hard to clean and show as good as new- jmo
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Well if a 2012 Escape is still having stain problems what can we expect from the 2013? Ford does NOT care. I can swear that my 2011 has NEVER had anything spilled on the seats EVER and I have cleaned 3 mysterious spots that suddenly appeared. Two times the spots were in different areas and the car wasn't even driven. Believe me please that 1. The interior of my car is always clean and there is no eating, kids, or pets in my car 2. It has been stated by others that the problem is due to the recycling material Ford uses. 3. Leather is better but some of us can't afford it. 4.Ford has already stated they are going to use recycled material in the 2013. Wow, lots of bucks (see new prices) for the new Escape eh?. Ford just turns a deaf ear when we complain. I'll not spend my money on poor workmanship.
  • shadescapesshadescapes Posts: 21
    edited July 2012
    cloth seats
    you don't want to hear about a 2008 & 2009 that have a total of 106,087miles- and the seats look like brand new
    you don't want to see pictures
    you just want to say ford is crap

    poor workmanship-
    I don't think you have a clue
    have you ever done a search on how much stuff is recycled that is in everday items we all use

    because you feel ford cloth seats are poor workmanship, you whine

    quit already- you have no basis to state Ford cloth seats are junk
    I can show you ford interiors are as good as the next

    I have the bottom of the rear seats out, and the headrests out- they are in the cargo trailer- you take them and compare to a brand new Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge-
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,945
    edited July 2012
    You sound like you work for a dealer. ;)

    My (Ford built) minivan is 13 years old, 176k miles and has cloth seats. We paddle whitewater and lots of wet gear has been tossed on the seats over the years (not to mention our own wet seats). We have some dirt on them, but our seats don't have water stains or circular "sweat" stains.

    I've seen a few posts complaining about spots with Jeeps, Saturns, Pontiacs, Kias, and Volvos but most seem to be from Escape owners. You'd think after 4 years of complaints Ford would tweak the textile a bit.

    My other car has black leather seats. Had to drive it today, and it was 90 out. Ugh. They aren't too comfy in the cold here in the UP of MI either. Never again.

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  • Hi Steve
    I had a 2000 Taurus SW with cloth seats- traded it for this Escape after 168,000 miles
    while I don't think either of my Escapes have as good of cloth material as to staining, it isn't hard to clean

    I picked up a spray bottle of Scotch Gaurd
    I took one of the bottoms of my seat that hasn't been in the vehicle for 3 years and set a cold water bottle on it-
    the sweat/moisture left a mark
    when dry I used regular dish soap like I mix for washing dishes
    removed it completely
    today I'm going to spray the Scotch Gaurd on
    see if it still leaves a water bottle sweat mark

    apoligize for coming across a little hard

    I do quite a bit of off roading, hunting, etc- my interior looks quite nice
    I do treat the plastic with Armor All
    I have a heavy blanket/type that covers the rear area- seats are always down-
    have a large dog box that just fits in

    have something interesting to ask Escape owners
    ever removed that rear carpet piece, wondered about that moulded black plastic piece, wondered about what you could store in there- I have it loaded with emergency stuff
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    I did not use the words JUNK and CRAP. The fact that your seats are perfect is great, but when stains suddenly appeared I went to the Forum and found quite a few folks with seat problems. It would be hard to find anyone that doesn't know we recycle alot of things, but some of us just say that Ford isn't checking the composition of the recycled product(i.e. maybe a oil product). As far as whining goes, well, telling people about problems on a car seems like thats one of the reasons we have Forums. When a car has a problem, I don't care if it's a Ford or GM, Chrysler, or Honda. I think for the money we spend on cars we must share all info we can. Of course ALL Fords are not problematic but if it affects some than those are the ones speaking.
  • shadescapesshadescapes Posts: 21
    edited July 2012
    good response there babbs

    please allow me to explain-

    these seat materials are indeed in question-
    but they can be easilly cleaned

    I just don't feel a seat material that doesn't tear, wears real good, is bad-
    granted- they show stains- most any cloth seat does

    I sure don't think dealers should be blamed because they won't put in new seats or new seat covers- might be different if Ford Manufacturing would pay the labor and parts for everyone who wanted different seats or seat covers than what they bought the vehicle with (meaning- under warranty would FMC fully reimburse the dealer for the mechanic's labor time to do the work and the material and parts)

    I feel anyone who is totally upset should talk with the dealer they purchased from and see if that dealer can do the work and be paid- not free repair for them- but FMC to pay- or

    If that dealer should listen to you- would you and them split the total cost- would seem reasonable- don't you think

    and if someone doesn't want to buy Ford because of this- nothing wrong with that-jmo
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Just so we are clear, I thought we were talking about stains that appear on their own? If anyone spills, drops, or allows things to fall on a seat than It should be up to that person to clean it themselves. I agree that seats should be taken care of and last a long time. Of course, cleaning is easy but why should a seat that has had NOTHING on it to cause a stain be not covered under warranty? Since I have had my 2011 Escape I do not place anything on the seats without a towel. The truth is some of these seats have something in its composition that causes these mysterious spots. If I caused them than I SHOULD pay to have them cleaned, not Ford. I have had car seats (fabric) and always kept them clean. Of all the cars I've owned, only one car (very old) got a split seam but that was just carelessness on my part. We are talking about STAINS showing up for no reason.
  • We had a stain on our brand new 2011 Ford Escape the week after we brought it home. The stain could not be removed by the dealer, and the dealer reluctantly replaced the seat . The real issue here is that Ford seems to be using the same untested recycled material that was recalled in 2008 just to appease the green community. I really like my Ford Escape but for the fact that I have to be so careful with the seats to prevent further staining, I would never buy another Ford vehicle again. Good luck with Ford's dealership and Corporate, both are reluctant to stand behind this aspect of their product!!
  • i agree. my front seats were replaced with the same material. and this material gets those white ringed water stains. when i bought the car (used), the back seat had stains, but they weren't the white ringed ones. re the poster who says they can be "easily cleaned"--no, they can't. i've done the woolite pet stain cleaning route several times with very little success.
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