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Ford Escape Seats



  • i don't get why every dealership is not replacing seats as they all have that TSB. have you asked them about this? the new upholstery looks good. it's exactly the same as the old. hasn't gotten wet yet, though, even with all the snow we got. supposedly whatever process is making those stains has been eliminated. we'll see. i feel that all stains that won't come out, or get worse with cleaning, should've been addressed. i'll keep an eye out for white ringed stains on the back seat. if they appear, i'll see if i can get the back seat covers replaced.

    last may i noticed the tranny fluid leak (at about 15k miles). luckily, i still had fluid left so they only had to replace the seal, not the whole tranny. did you end up getting a brand new tranny or did you have to go with a re-manufactured one? how were they able to do the latter if the car's under warranty?

    last week, when the weather got very cold, the low tire pressure light came on. since i couldn't find an air pump with a gauge, i ended up at the dealership. of course, they charged me to fill the tires and reset the computer (they were taking advantage of all the people showing up with the same problem). what worked out was that i needed a couple filters replaced (i had missed doing this @15k miles). so i was ok with it. i don't notice any excessive noise from these continentals. even so, when it comes time to replace, i will get another brand.
  • Heh, I finally got so fed up I started looking for an alternative vehicle. As of December 23 I now own a Certified 2008 Trailblazer and I am very happy. It was so gratifying to tell Ford "You know what, just forget it, I traded for a CHEVY, and I am now free of your Escape's problems." I have owned many GM vehicles and have been generally happy with them, and I got a great internet price ($2,500 below NADA, helped with negative equity). Ford Customer Service "regrets that I am no longer a member of the Ford family." Well, I don't share the sentiment. They should have done something sooner. I couldn't even get their attention until I got the BBB involved. Good riddance.
  • WOW, good for you, we should all dump these cars!! I know that the day that our extended warranty is up, my husband will be dumping ours!! Good luck with the new car!!
  • sfem29sfem29 Posts: 1
    I guess i have been lucky I haven't had any problems.This my secound 2008 Hybryd.Totaled first one I didn't even have a scratch on i guess air bags are good. no staining(did have everything scotch guarded when purchased.
    My tires have 35000 on them and they still are okay,probably about 5k left,consideing they are OEM don't think that is so bad.i must be lucky or crazy but I love mine.
  • marypalmarypal Posts: 10
    I was parked next to a silver Escape, the other day, looked to be about a 2008, and just for s**t's and giggles, I thought that I would peek in a look at their interior. OMG, it looks like someone threw up on the front seats and then put shaving cream all over the top of that!! The stains were so bad, and they had the white rings all over the stains too. I was hoping that they would come out of the store before I left, so I could tell them that they could get them replaced. I thought that mine looked bad before I cleaned and scotchguarded them, until I saw the other car!!! 2 months and still looking good, keeping my fingers crossed!!!
  • mine's fine, too. it's a 2008 xlt i bought last feb. used. 11k miles on it. the replacement seat coverings are a vast improvement--they've gotten wet with snow and there's no staining whatsoever. the tires or OEM, too, continentals, the ones others are complaining about. with 22k on the car now, they seem fine. except that i don't think they handle all that well in the snow. when it comes time to replace, i'll look for another brand. overall, i have to say i love my car and, fingers crossed, if it does well over the next 6-7 years, i would go with another ford. i also am very happy with the local dealership..again, so far.
  • yeah, my front seats were looking pretty bad and i'm guessing that the original owner of the car didn't have kids (as the back seat had no stains at all). as i said in a previous post, replacing the upholstery is key. the new stuff is repelling water as i would expect so they must have eliminated whatever it was that was causing the problem (replacing one nasty chemical with another, i'm sure).
  • Our 2009 escape was getting stains on the fabric, water or snow touched the fabric we got stains. stain removers only made the stain worse. two trips to the dealer and a call to ford finally produced results. there is technical service bulletin #09-23-3 dealng with this issue. dealer agreed to replace 3 of our seat covers under warranty. after waiting 4 weeks for replacement cover, the dealer agreed to furnish a rental car while ours was being repaired. One of the covers had a burn in it, another the stiching was bad in a seam. The dealer has tried to have more covers, they are on back order. so after 3 days in a rental car, I have one cover replaced and now waiting again. my salesman tells me ford is no longer using the recyled material
  • my covers were backordered, too. took maybe 2 wks. nice that yr dealer is giving you a rental. i didn't ask for one as it only took a couple hrs to replace the front covers and i was able to wait @ the dealer's for them.
  • i have a 2004 escape. when i bought it, it already had a stain on the seat. i used blue coral fabric cleaner to remove it and it worked awesome. however my seats are horrible now. they stain very easy and the fabric cleaner does not work and they look horrible. i no longer have a warranty on my car. how much would it cost to get my seats replaced? its an embarresment!
  • the seat cover replacement is part of a recall. ask yr dealership if you're covered, despite having the warranty expired.
  • davichodavicho Posts: 190
    The seat cover replacement TSB only applies to newer (current generation) Escapes.
  • I just purchased a 2010 Escape XLT and I must say, the seats are extremely comfortable in this vehicle. I have had a history of back pain and had surgery January 2010 to fuse my L4-L5 and I LOVE the seats on this vehicle. They sit you very correctly and offer a lot more lumbar support than vehicles I have owned in the past. (I don't have additional lumbar support on the seats.)
  • Does anyone know if Ford has corrected this seat staining problem with the recyled/synthetic cloth on the 2010 models (I have a 2008 with the same problem as everyone else)? I am thinking of trading in for a 2010 or maybe waiting for the 2011's but I don't want to go through the staining issue with the cloth seats again. Thanks.
  • joe19403joe19403 Posts: 13
    The dealer replaced the front seat covers on my 08 escape and no problems with the new one. So the problem should be fixed.
  • yes, the problem's been corrected. if the only reason you'd be wanting to trade yr 08 for a newer model is the seat problem, check with the dealership re getting the covers replaced for free. ford issued a recall. the dealer should have it on file.
  • snj2000snj2000 Posts: 3
    So I have a 2009 Escape that I bought from the dealer Aug 2009 - Cash for clunkers on my trade :)

    This Demo was the only Escape they had. There was a stain on the seat & it took them a couple times before they could get it out.

    After a few weeks I noticed every time the seats got wet from rain or whatever, they would stain. I asked the dealer about that & they played dumb like they never heard of any issues.

    I brought it back and complained agian & mentioned there is much discussion of this issue here and elsewhere online so they took some pics and said they would look into it.

    No reply.

    I called them back and gave them the TSB # 09-23-3 and now they say, oh yeah, they do replace the seat covers under certain conditions for stains, but my stains aren't the right kind. They have to have white rings around them. Mine just show dark blotches anywhere they get wet, even after it dries. :mad:
  • marypalmarypal Posts: 10
    Sorry that you got this "clunker"!! You have to do what I did with mine. I figured no matter how bad it looks after this, it can't look much worse than it already does, but it worked. Go buy the turtle wax foam cleaner with Oxy clean in it, I got mine at Walmart. Take a bucket of hot water and a rag and soak the whole seat. Scrub it really good with the foam and the brush on the top of the foam can, and wipe it down really good with the hot water, getting rid of all of the soap. Make sure it is a sunny day, or you don't need to drive it anytime soon. Scrub the living sh*t out of it, and leave it out in the sun to dry. (mine took 2 days to dry) Once it is completely dry, scotchguard the living sh*t out of it. I did that last year, and so far (knock on wood) no more stains. You will need to air out the car for a day or two, the scotchguard is pretty strong smelling. Good luck!!
  • snj2000snj2000 Posts: 3
    Thanks, I will try that. It is HOT but as humid as can be right now so I don't know if it would ever dry....lived with it this long, I will buy the stuff and wait until the humidty breaks then give it a try.
  • yeah, the stains have to be white ringed. the ones on my front seats were, so they replaced those covers. a dark stain on the back seat cover didn't qualify. :mad:
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