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Ford Escape Seats



  • keytexaskeytexas Posts: 20
    Agreed... Ford does not care. I tried to reach by phone and by writing letters anyone who might step up and try to offer some level of customer service. I even wrote the VP of Customer Satisfaction of Ford in Detroit, including with my letter printed copies from this forum. Not only did they not doing anything, they didn't even respond.
    Will NEVER buy another Ford and have already convinced many not to do ever again either.
  • joe19403joe19403 Posts: 13
    I called ford and emails, no replies. Then I went to the dealer and they replaced the covers, plus they gave me a loaner car.
  • hotz78hotz78 Posts: 2
    I am sorry...just found these emails in my junk box. My seats on our Escape were Black with Maroon in the center (the part you sit on). What I used was called a baby oil gel equate brand. It did change the color of my seats just a tad but I ended up doing the hole entire portion that was stained and it was unnoticible at all. My stains were on the seat bottom on both front seats and the back rest on the back seat. Like I said I did the entire portion of each part that had the stains and they looked brand new when we traded it in. No evidance what so ever. Not sure how it will turn out on your color but good luck.
  • love2runlove2run Posts: 2
    What were the replacement covers made of and what dealer in Texas helped you?

    Ford has done nothing for me on this problem, too. I'm at a standstill.
  • there's not a person on this board who got any answer from ford. now that they're cleaning up, they're too arrogant to answer? disgusting. and if your dealership isn't helpful, you're really stuck. inasmuch as i am unhappy with the seat covers (even the new ones--i can see faint traces of white ringed stains), i would still consider a ford for my next car. that's based on the overall performance. which, knock wood, @40k is excellent. good dealership in my area, too.
  • halubdesignhalubdesign Posts: 15
    We had a seat replaced (with the same recycled fabric) only because the car purchase was "a couple days old". That's pretty sad! I would not buy another Ford with the recycled fabric seats. I have always owned Toyotas and Ford is not as customer oriented as Toyota.
  • snj2000snj2000 Posts: 3
    Mine is a 2009. I posted before that it was stained and they said it was the wrong kind of stain. As time went on, the seats got wet for one reason or another and the white rings appeard. Last time I took it in for service, I mentioned it again, they took pictures and Ford approved the front seats. While waiting for them to come in, the backs got wet....wonder how that happened? Took it in for the front seats, they noticed the white rings on the back seats and got them approved too. All seat covers have been replaced! Now the question is....will the replacments hold up better than the originals? :confuse:
  • i wonder when ford will stop using this material to cover seats?!? i thought it stopped w/my model (2008). evidently not. yr replacement covers will hold up slightly better. after not seeing any problems w/mine initially, this winter i noticed several white ringed spots. so, yes, they probably will have the same problem. next time i'm @the dealership, i'll show them the new stains. i don't know if i can get yet another re-covering as my warranty is up. very glad that yr dealership did the right thing by you. complaining directly to ford doesn't produce any results. it seems that it's really down to the dealership.
  • The dealership told us a remnant of the 2008 fabric could have been used in our 2011 Escape. So far the front seat replacement fabric is holding up with no stains, but we are so scared of any of the seats staining that we have been extra careful. It shouldn't be that way, but until Ford stops using the recycled fabric the problem will never be solved. I would never buy another Ford vehicle that has the recycled fabric seating in it!! Whoever thought you would have to research a vehicles seat fabric!!!
  • kmg1959kmg1959 Posts: 2
    My 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid seats (recycled material) had so many stains, I was embarrassed to have anyone in the car and ready to buy new seats! I had tried cleaning them with upholstery cleaner at different times and it just made more spots and those lovely white rings. I decided to try the stuff I clean pet stains out of the carpet with and was much more successful. I used Woolite "Pet Oxygen" cleaner in a spray bottle. I sprayed it on the individual stains and rubbed lightly with a soft cloth and let it dry. It would remove the stain but there was a ring around the area. After cleaning all the stains individually, I then sprayed the whole seat liberally with the cleaner and rubbed it lightly with a terry cloth kitchen towel. When it all dried the seats were very much improved and smelled good too. It took a few repeats of the whole seat spraying and wiping, but they now look nearly new again and have a nice fresh scent.
  • good to know! i'm going to try it. lots of stains on the back seats. the weather is excellent (hot) for the seats to dry quickly.
  • kmg1959kmg1959 Posts: 2
    In my experience with using the cleaner on carpet, I have found that it works really well for organic stains, but not on greasy stains. So if you have greasy stains you probably need to get them out with some kind of solvent first. Good luck...Hope it works for you!
  • babbs3babbs3 Posts: 50
    Well here's my .02 cents. I can't believe that this has been going on since 08. I have a 2011 and have front and back seat marks and I do NOT eat, have pets,or kids so I was shocked to see the spots. I used a product (no chemical content) called INCREDIBLE that was sold at Linens and More store. I have had this bottle for a long time and hope I can still get it. I used it on my seats and all stains went away. What is wrong with Ford? This reminds me of the fiasco with the 6 speed auto that they insist is perfect.As long as we keep buying em they will keep ignoring us and keep making em!
  • Tried the Pet Oxygen on one seat and while it looked better, it did not take out the Baby Oil Gel stain that earlier poster said would work. This is exasperating! When I had it in for service last week, I mentioned the seat stain issue again and was basically told since it wasn't a mechanical problem, too bad. Ford sent me a survey today asking about my experience and I let them know how disappointed I am and that there is an entire forum dedicated to this one issue on Edmund's and they better pay attention. Just tell us how to get them clean!!! Mine are beige, btw, which may account for the more noticeable marks. And babbs3, all it takes is a rainy day or a bag of cold groceries to bring out the stains - no direct contact with liquids needed at all. Ford needs to own this one and give us a solution. I'll look for INCREDIBLE - perfectly named.
  • What year is your car? Mine is a 2011. I had the Escape for a week and a stain appeared on the driver seat. The dealership replaced the fabric with the exact same recycled fabric. Since then I have not had anymore stains, but I am very careful also (and I shouldn't have to be)!!
  • Thanks for the input babbs3! I may have to get some of that INCREDIBLE stuff. I also have a 2011 Ford Escape. They want so many kudos for using green products that they are not willing to test the recycled junk or own up to their mistake. Who would have thought you would have to research seat fabric when buying a new vehicle?!!
  • Exactly! Made me feel like I was making a cleaner, greener choice by moving away from leather. I have a 2009. The responses from the dealer (mechanics) have run the gamut from surprise, to I'll call you with a solution, to so what. And I have purchased three vehicles from them. Like I said, we KNOW there is a problem. Help us solve it!!
  • i used the woolite pet oxygen cleaner on the 2 yr old stains on the back seat. took a couple applications until i could see a difference. all the tsains are gone w/the exception of a french fry grease stain (and that one doesn't looks as bad). my front seats were replaced in 2009 w/the "new" material which seems to be the same as the old material. got some white ringed marks this winter. rinsed them w/water and they went away. still, i am as confounded as the rest of you why ford continues to use this stuff. evidently they feel it doesn't cost them as much to respond to a very small minority of unhappy customers.
  • We have a 2008 escape that had the same stains. The dealership sent Ford pictures before the warranty was up and they replaced the seat covers and made an adjustment to the sunroof. Now 3yrs and 65K miles later the sunroof is rusting and the dealership and Ford are refusing to repair it because now it is "out of warranty".. even though it is barely past the 3 year mark and it is rusting through. "Built Ford Tough" Right!, except if it rains.
  • Sorry to hear about the rusty roof. I can't believe that Ford gets away with such awful quality. I met a man last week and he said that his 2008 Escape had new seats installed and they are still staining. He is going to pay for new leather seating. Huh? Ford depends on owners to correct problems themselves,thus we continue buying their mistakes. Just like the guy who thinks 70,000 miles on a transmission failure is not so bad. Hmmmm
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