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Mercury Mountaineer Start Stall Idle Problems



  • gkaygkay Posts: 2
    No body that I see has found a cure for it yet.
    I have had this issue for about 3 months now. I have put enough Gumout and tektron in the tank to build a refinery.

    I brought it to my mechanic today and he says it is my "MASS FLOW" sensor on the air intake/filter gizmo. He says its 250 or so. Last year I paid about 600 for him to clear the error light messages so I could pass inspection. $600 because he changed all air sensors one at a time!

    Okay back to symptoms: The stalling comes and goes. Some times I am ready to have the SUV towed and then it may disappear for weeks.
    Always happens when you hold a steady pedal. That is why it dies when using Cruise Control.

    Anyone else add to this?
  • Hello,
    We finally figured out why my 2004 Mercury Mountaineer was stalling. This was happening when I slowed down, it would just shut off and say low oil pressure. sometimes it would go into engine fail safe mode. My husband found a posting online. We brought it into Ford last fall 08 and they did 1500 worth of work but it started doing it again.

    We brought it again with the bulletin he found online and they replaced the THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR. It has NOT happened in two months!!!! IF YOU ARE HAVING THESE ISSUES-get this checked! IT was $200 with parts and labor!!!
  • gkaygkay Posts: 2
    Thank for the info.
    Wow, isn't the internet great!
  • I'm not sure if this will help, but I ran into a similar problem with my 2000 Mountaineer (30K miles). Every thing fine until one morning I tried to start it for a minor errand. Wouldn't start - starter spun the engine, but nothing happened. I squirted some starting fluid into the intake and tried to start - engine fired on a couple of cylinders. Checked the fuel pump relays - both checked ok. Figured bad fuel pump. Had the car towed to dealer who confirmed bad pump. Dealer replaced pump assembly and everything was fine. Next, ran into problems when gas tank got down to about 3/8 full or less. Going down a slight incline for about 30 seconds, the gas gauge would drop from 3/8 to empty and the engine would shut off - not fun on the interstate. Took it back to dealer - couldn't duplicate the problem - no codes showing. Picked the car up from dealer and drove it to the back of his lot and drove it down an incline to the street - it stalled. Dealer said OOPs, we'll check it out. Dealer found that it always stalled on an incline and would restart when you coasted to a level area and let it sit for 5 - 10 seconds. Still no codes showing, but dealer said Ford recommended upgrading to a newer model fuel pump assembly at higher cost. I said fine - it's on your dime. Dealer replaced pump assembly with another original OEM part - no problems since.

    My guess is there is something flaky with the pump or sending unit with these cars and Ford doesn't want to fix it with a recall. A fuel pump shouldn't go out at 30K miles, much less die on the interstate at 60 - 70 MPH when you happen to be going down a long incline.
  • 2004 Merc Mountaineer Premier with V8

    The plug on the driver's side closest to the firewall fouled. When I remove the coil and spark plug boot there was lots of water and rust inside and around the boot. I had to replace the coil and plug. Just plain water, no antifreeze. Anyone else have this problem? Is there a problem with the way water (rain or car wash) spills across the top of the engine?
  • tpr1tpr1 Posts: 1
    did you replace the IAC, Idle air control? my 2002 mountaineer was stalling on me and thats what the mechanic replaced. it worked fine afterwords for about a year, and not it is idling to fast. time to get rid of it.

    good luck

  • fitz123fitz123 Posts: 2
    It seems like many of you have had the same problem. I hadn't had many problems with my car in the years I've owned it- I bought it with about 15K miles and it has 73K now. About three months ago my car stalled while I was driving about 35 mph. It started up again after a couple of minutes. A couple of weeks later I shut the car off after doing errands and after about 30 minutes tried to go back out, but the car was unresponsive (made a clicking sound when I tried to start it, but nothing else). I had it jumped and it was fine for another two weeks or so. Then, while parked out on a beach, it was dead when I tried to start it. I had it jumped again and the next day had a new battery was put in. The following week the car stalled again (at 35mph). It wouldn't start back up for me, but once it was towed to a garage, it did start (about an hour and a half after it died). The garage had it for the day and found nothing wrong. I then brought it to a dealer, who kept it for 2 days, found no codes and nothing wrong. They changed the oil and filter. It stalled again two nights ago (again while driving 35 mph) and did start back up after about a minute. The dash lights all lit up as it died. The dealer had it the entire next day again, found no codes and NOTHING wrong. They suggest they keep it for several days to see if it will happen while they are driving it. It's my only means of transportation, so I don't want to do that. It is extremely frustrating and I feel like it's not safe to drive (I often have a child in the car) and worry about it happening on the highway. After reading all of the blogs about this I am not sure if anyone has found a true solution. Can you let me know if you have done something that has completely stopped the stalling???
  • I leased this mountaineer at the end of 2007. It was great until April of 09 when it began randomly not starting. By then it was just outside of the lemon law, too bad because it's really a :lemon: The vehicle continuously has this problem even after taking it to 3 different dealerships. The first two times they couldn't find anything wrong. The third time they replaced the alternator. When the problem continued and became worse-everyday there was a point when it wouldn't start-I took it to a different dealership and they replaced the starter. Still the problem continued. So I brought it it back and they had it for FOUR weeks before determining it was a bad relay, which they repaired. Less than a week later the problem continued, on the fourth of July, my 3 yr-old and I were stranded in a hot parking lot waiting for over an hour for roadside assistance because the mountaineer would not start. Next I took it to a third dealership, this time Ford sent a Secial Ford Engineer to inspect the vehicle. They determined that it was a bad battery, replaced it and happily sent me home. That very night it wouldn't start. It continues to have these episodes of not starting and all Ford can say is to have it repaired. This is totally ridiculous since six attempts at repair and even the special ford engineer can't seem to fix it. Has anyone else had this problem? Ford is losing a loyal customer because this is the third mountaineer that I've had and the last, I can't wait to get rid of it.
  • Its been several months since I had the "stalling with cruise control" issue.
    That's because I have not used the cruise control in several months.
    This evening I was cruisin on a road and set the cruise control.
    When I started to go down a hill naturally the cruise control should
    back off the throttle and it did. However when the rpm's dropped below
    500 the engine died and it was just as i was going around a corner.
    Do you know what it feels like to lose your power assist going around
    a corner, its like suddenly trying to steer an 18 wheeler if you are not prepared for it.

    So I have been reading all the posts here about my stalling issuing and many of you have a different problem than I. It seems your cars die randomly. Either they don't start or they simply die whenever. That is not my problem.

    If you can imagine the engine management system (ECU or whatever we call it today), trying to keep the engine at giving running condition. This may include adjust the timing, injecting more or less fuel depending if its trying to create power or keep the emissions in the happy range. I was thinking what engine computer code might say something like "if the cruise control is on and the poor son of b is suddenly driving down a hill, then don't let the rpms drop below 'idle". You know what I'm saying. I can't think of any engine component other than the computer that would monitor such a situation.

    So engine guru's do you think this is a code problem or component problem?
  • I have a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer....bought it brand new.

    1) The cruise control....failed before the warranty was up. Would do what everyone else is saying....shut the engine down & have to pull over to the side of the road to restart. It would always restart just fine. Took it in to Ford/Mercury dealer & they claimed to have fixed it...the next time I used it, it did the exact same thing. This was happening back when the Ford trucks were mysteriously starting on fire while parked in the garage. Some theories out there were the electrical system or cruise I figured I'm just better off not using the cruise control. No big deal.

    2) The past 6 months it has randomly been stalling or wanting to stall while idle in traffic or at very slow speeds. Doesn't happen all the time, sometimes I can go a week or so with no problem & then it just shows up again. Restarts just fine, no real issues than the nervousness of stalling on a busy street. Check engine light had been on prior to this ever happening & I took it to my mechanic back when the light came on. He said it was just a faulty sensor & it would be approx $300 to replace. He assured me nothing was wrong, so I opted not to have it fixed at that time.

    Since it's been stalling a little more frequently (but luckily not at high speeds), I took it to my mechanic yesterday. I'm not really sure what the deal is, he said he had to order some parts. He fixed my SUV & I picked it up today, but he's behind on his paperwork so I'll go in on Monday to settle up the bill & see what he replaced. I drove it around a little bit tonight and it was fine. Seemed to have more power than ever, but we'll see how it handles over the weekend .
  • Are you as fustrated as me? Mine is randomly stalling going at 20-35 mph. I put it in N and it turns right back over.
  • bellenbellen Posts: 1
    I have had this same problem with my 2007 Mountaineer. Just today I had to replace the plug, coil, and boot for the third time.... still no recall though!
  • What did you ever find out? im having the same issue
  • I brought it to a dealership a couple of times... The last thing they did seemed to make a difference, which was basically clean the throttle. I'm not a car person so I honestly don't even know what that means, but they said it was very dirty (I bring it oversand a lot, so that may have contributed?). Anyway, I have not had an issue since, although I still don't trust it 100%. Good luck!
  • My 2002 Mercury Mountaineer will start, but immediately (slowly) turn back off. It will only stay on if I hold down gas pedal (accelerate). My friend's mechanic looked at it, not sure if he's good mechanic , but i'm broke so I let him. He told me it might have something to do with throttle body. Said he cleaned it and washed air filter. It ran good for about 1 week, but it's started doing same thing this morning. Jiffy Lube also suggested I change air filter. Check engine light is NOT on. Once in a while it makes a noise when I turn on. Similar noise when car is already on, and you try turning ignition or overturning. They told me I'll probably need starter soon. Might be seperate issue. Don't want to throw money away.. Please help. Thanks
  • Hi there - well, I do love my mountaineer. It is a 2003 V8 AWD. I bought new with 6 miles in 10/2003 and have since then driven quite a bit. The odometer now reads 279,864 (thats miles). Same engine, same transmission, even the same starter. I guess mine was built on a very good day! The body is 100%. The leather on my drivers seat is cracking a bit though, but oh well.

    Anyway, I just started having this really bizarre problem that three mechanics have looked at and nobody can answer. There is some little cap on the back of the engine that keeps blowing off and anti-freeze pours out everywhere. The man who owns the garage that is working on my car has know it since it was a baby, so obviously, he has done gone by my car, and me. But this one is kind of a stumper. I'm hoping to get another 100,000 out of it since I have childen in college, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! I don't know if this is just some oddity...or if it could indicate a problem that can possibly be fixed before it is a disaster!

    thank you so much!
  • sulemasulema Posts: 1
    This just happened to me!!! What was your outcome? What did it turn out to be?
  • fpa4ufpa4u Posts: 1
    On my way home from KY to NJ I broke down in PA. The truck stalled at 70mph. The only code was a crack sensor issue. I replaced it and got back on the road again. Light came back on but no more stalling at speed. Now I took it to one guy and he said I had blow heads. So I did a little research and found that the intake manifolds fail often. Well sure enough the manifold was leaking into the injectors plugs etc...So we replaced the manifold on Sat but now it stalls like crazy so we are going to clean the injectors this weekend. I will update and let you know. Also have a noise that sounds like a diesel when in gear. I just had the trans checked today and it is fine. We are also replacing the fly wheel this weekend as the trans guy said the noise is coming from there but he wanted $1,000 bucks to replace a $62 not happening...
  • please help.3 days ago i replaced the manifold gaskets to stop coolant leak. now its running very rough,it also has a knocking sound from the oil sounds like the motor is bogging out, rpm will not get over 1500 ,cataylic converter was glowing red hot last night. at first i thought it was just a vaccum leak, guess not. before i replace gaskets it did run hot and i had to tow home. could i have messed up my motor. i have no coolant or oil leak now, though. if any one has an idea that would be GREAT, THANKS
  • has anyone found a solution for this issue? Starts then shuts off unless holding gas pedal.
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