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Nissan Altima Engine Rattle



  • j3flyerj3flyer Posts: 15
    You say that your engine rattle is fixed? Well our 2.5 engine rattle has been fixed twice with assurance that it was now free of that problem. Not so... After 4 to 6 weeks, the rattle returns. So don't let your Nissan dealer off the hook just yet.

    It has been approximately two months since Nissan issued the letter to Altima 2.5 owners suggesting that there would have the problem determined and a solution. I am not going to wait for the mailman or my phone to ring. Friday 1 Feb I have an appointment to take care of the Smart (?) Key issue by having them replaced. I will take up the rattle issue once more...

    Good luck! All of us 2.5 owners need it.....
  • I had the rattle problem fixed about 1 1/2 months ago and it is ok so far. I do feel a vibration when the car is idling and I need to get it to service, but I am so tired of dealing with Nissan service. I should have bought a Toyota!! Won't make that mistake again. Good luck with your issues.
  • Thank you guys for responding. I am going to different dealer this time because dealer I am going to now is not reliable. Hopefully, this dealer can help me with my problems. If they do fix it or not I will update you guys with what they say. second thought I really think Nissan should give us longer warranty or pay us for this mess. this sucks! GOOD LUCK everyone with 2.5s and hopefully everything will be fixed soon
  • Well i have been taking mine to Nissan since july 2007 and still have not got the problem fixed! we filed a complaint with the b.b.b. at this time the dealer has our car for the last chance to fix our car before going to court ! how do we know what damage its doing to other things having to drive it making this noise! now my brakes are making a noise when backing up and viberating while idol.maybe we all need to get a petition started up ! because nissan sure is not listening to customers complaints! if anyone has any suggestions i would love to hear them.
    im in my third rental car since i bought my altima! very fed up!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Had the 2.5s in for service today. It had two recalls. One for the smart(?) key replacement, and the other for the infamous rattle. I learned only this morning that Nissan has finally issued a new recall to address the rattle problem as described in this thread.

    I did not know about the rattle recall until the service writer told me they could take care of it today while doing the smart key replacement. Further, I was told that the dealers had been waiting for Nissan to send them the "special tool" that would take care of the problem. Special tool?

    Our rattle was into week two after getting the heat shields tightened (for the second time..) eight weeks ago. It was getting unusually louder by this morning.

    So, the purpose of my posting tonight is to relay what has happened and make sure everyone is aware of this recall that was waiting on the "special tool." My goal is to exceed six weeks without the rattle returning......

    We have had no other issues with the Altima 2.5 and believe it to be a good car otherwise. Again, good luck to all.
  • I have same problems as you. engine rattling, vibrating while idle, break squeling, other minor things.
    I have got back car from this 2nd dealer that I went to and my rattle is completely gone.
    this is what they did.
    Plate heat shld
    Cover exhaust M
    Manifold Assy E
    Gasket Exhaust
    Gasket Exhaust
    Also, they told me they fixed cadilac something. I don't recall what it was exactly but they fixed that also. (I will get more info and post new comment later)
    About petition.. I think all of us should ask for longer warranty or some kind of benefit out of their mistakes. I think most of us went to nissan more than 10 times (for myself 12). anybody up for this?
  • Hey, j3flyer
    why did you get your keys replaced? and
    Do you haer a thunking noise sometimes when you drive?
    I hope the "special tool" helps you and if you do let us know please!!!
  • Yes, I hope the so-called "special tool" works. So far so good, but it has only been less than a week.

    The smart keys were replaced as part of a recall. Cell phones may wipe out the transmitting code if too close to the smart keys. Check with your dealer about the recall. I am surprised they didn't mention it to you during your last visit.

    Good luck!
  • Well i just had my fourth heat sheild put on and still makeing the same noise!!!
    i am going to email channel 4 eye team and see if they will do a story on these 07 engine problems and nissan not doing anything to fix our cars! after four heat sheilds you would think they would realize thats not the problem! i think the lifters are not priming up until the oil gets warm! i live in a very small town and i know three people here with the same problem! i will email channel 2 to. if anyone would like to email them to maybe the more people who emails them about this problem we might get them to do a story! nissan might hear us then!!!! i go before the arbertration board at the end of this month wish me good luck!!!!! :sick:
  • karsickkarsick Posts: 312
    Which heat shield is it?

    I changed the oil in our 2.5S this weekend, and wasn't sure which heat shield it might be.

    Ours doesn't make any noise, but I want to know:

    a) is it the shield surrounding the exhaust manifold & first catalytic converter? :confuse:


    b) is it the heat shield surrounding the exhaust pipe underneath the body? :confuse:
  • I have 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5 S and my engine rattles after being in Cold weather overnight. Is anybody else having this issue with an 08 Altima? Any suggestions?
  • :sick: It would be (A) Exhaust Manifold
  • I am contacting a researcher about altima and I am going to let him know that there are so many problems that we can't even get it fixed. (New problem I have is ratttlign sound from driver dash) Is there anyway I can contact you guys? I think it is best if we complain as whole group. this forum does not allow me to write my email....anyone have any idea how we can contact each other?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You can go into your profile (link on the right under Forum Tools) and make your email address public in your profile. That will mean that logged-in users can see it by clicking on your name.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thank you very much host !!!!!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Oh, you are quite welcome! :)
  • Did you have to pay for all the work that was done or did you have it covered? I have all the same problems/issues. I just went to the dealer for a recall...who know's which one and 10 hrs later they recommended I replace head gasket ($1,430 parts and labor), replace tw cat ($978 parts and labor). Lower exhaust tube rattle noise (no price). I have a 2002 Nissan Altima. I bought it in 2001 and have over 100,000 miles so I no longer have a warranty. I just want to know if it's worth it or is their something I could do and not have to pay all this money. Any advice?
  • mfarinamfarina Posts: 2
    I am having the same exact problem as everyone else seems to be having. I have a knocking / rattle when I step on the gas when the car is cold. I have had my car in and out of Nissan service about 10 times at this point. I finally got them to admit that the noise exists. They have changed the heat shield but the noise still occurs. Does anyone know anything else that can be done? Nissan is telling me that this is normal and there is no fix available at this time. I am having a hard time accepting that.

    I also hear a puttering sound when the car is idling, no matter what the temperature is. The noise is very similar to that of a diesel engine. Is anyone having this trouble?
  • mfarinamfarina Posts: 2
    I am having the same exact problem as everyone else seems to be having. I have a knocking / rattle when I step on the gas when the car is cold. I have had my car in and out of Nissan service about 10 times at this point. I finally got them to admit that the noise exists. They have changed the heat shield but the noise still occurs. Does anyone know anything else that can be done? Nissan is telling me that this is normal and there is no fix available at this time. I am having a hard time accepting that.

    I also hear a puttering sound when the car is idling, no matter what the temperature is. The noise is very similar to that of a diesel engine. Is anyone having this trouble?
  • j3flyerj3flyer Posts: 15
    There is a fix, and our Altima 2.5 (2007) is proof. After returning to the dealer several times, the most recent in mid-Fedruary, the rattle has not returned. Prior visits resulted in tightening the heat shield bolts and replacement of the heat shields. Finally after the service department contacted Nissan about this recurring problem, they actually sent a "special" tool ( I was told...) that was used to tighten the heat shield bolts. All I can say is that it must have worked, I have not heard the noise since the last visit to the dealer.

    If your dealership service department is accommodating, have them call their counterparts at Nissan of Omaha to get the full lowdown. There is a fix. Good luck!
  • wegco2wegco2 Posts: 1
    I've had my 07 Altima 2.5 SL since October and it has 8500 miles. I would describe the engine noise as more a knock than a rattle. I can hear the knock until the heat gauge is in the normal position. Had it to the dealer twice and they also hear the noise. The first time they flashed the firmware that did something to the timing on startup, they thought they fixed it, but it was the same. The second time the service manager and I took it for a ride when it was cold, and he said he could here it. We then took a new 2.5 off the lot and took it for a ride and we could also hear it, although I think mine is louder. He then told me that is was likely piston slap and is common because of the tolerances in modern engines.......Whatever! I've call Nissan and they are going to get a service rep to work with my dealer to diagnose the problem. Sounds like more rental cars and frustration to me. But, (trying to be optimistic) I'll play along till I get feed up and trade for a new Toyota.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    Piston slap?!?!

    Wonder where he got that from...believe me, if the pistons are slapping something, you are going to have a lot more of a problem than audible knock or rattle.

    If I were you, I would have them look at the fuel injection unit. I had that problem a few years back in a Chrysler. Often, but not every time, it would make a rattling noise until the engine reached operating temperature, especially under moderate to heavy acceleration. They replaced the injection pump, and the noise went away.

    Just a suggestion...
  • I am having the same problem with my Altima as you are. The dealer claims that the sound is normal, but is it unacceptable and is probably the sound of engine parts being damaged. Nissan needs to own up to this issue and issue a recall. Contact me if you wish.
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    I have an 08 2.5SL Altima, and I have heard nothing as you and pat describe.

    The definition of piston slap...

    The condition caused by too much clearance between the piston and the cylinder walls . The piston rattles or slaps against the wall of the cylinder. It makes a hollow, muffled, bell-like sound. Is this what it sounds like to you?

    On modern engines, this should not be an issue as engine tolerences are much tighter. That is why we can run 5W-30 oils instead of the heavier oils run 30+years ago without adding oil every 500 miles.

    I would be very suspicious if this was an explanation given to me. In any case, save all your service receipts, as you may need them later.
  • annie07annie07 Posts: 11
    Hi, all i can tell you is after 8 repair attempts and my car in the shop over 40 days i filed a complaint with the better b.b. they denied me the lemon law cause it did not impair the use of my car. in other words it doesn't matter about the noise as long as it still runs... so i got rid of my altima yea!!!!!! i am now driving 2008 malibu and i love it just love love it i will never own another nissan after the way they have done us....... took a little loss but was worth it !!!!!!
  • annie07annie07 Posts: 11
    good luck everyone! i probaly want be back on here since i dont own a altima anymore!!!!!!! loving my malibu :shades:
  • motoguy128motoguy128 Posts: 146
    Unfortunate that a loose heat shield (most liekly cause) couldn't be fixed. I haven't heard anything on our Altima.

    The Malibu does look like a huge step forward for GM. The styling was a big negative for my wife and having only a 4 speed automatic on 4 cylinder is unacceptable to me. If it were my money, my second choise would be Accord or Sonata.
  • I am having that issue where the car sounds like its diesel no matter how warm it is have you gotten an answer as to what it was i have taken it to nissan and other mechanics they all say it runs fine but that noise is there
  • Has anyone found a solution for a loud rattle coming from the engine compartment of a "08 Altima 2.5L". It sounds like lack of oil to some engine components and is more pronounced when the engine is cold and under higher RPM's. The dealer says no bulletins have been issued on engine noise problems and advised me to continue driving it until it gets bad enough they can pinpoint the problem. I've had it back two times and they haven't found the problem. The next time I go back I would like to have some suggestions I can throw at them. If that doesn't work I'm taking the problem up Nissan's ladder.
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