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Honda Fit Interior and Passenger Comfort Concerns



  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,131
    Yep, defrost turns on the AC compressor. Helps to dehumidify the air that blows on the window. Although I hadn't run across a car that idn't turn on some kind of light to let you know.

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  • When using my A/C it blows out this real musty/moldy smell after running it for a few minutes also after 26,000 miles I need to recharge my A/C because its not very cold any more. Anyone else having a musty smell coming out of the vents when using the A/C? Also under three years of ownership anyone have to recharge your A/C already?
  • I bought a 2011 Honda Fit, based on the glowing reviews from CR - the positives are easy access, good visibility.
    After two days of driving I started developing severe back pain. I had to have several appointments with a chriopractor to resolve this.
    If you are enamoured by the reviews, reconsider. The fuel mileage, cost, and acceleration are not that great either.
    If you still want to buy it, drive it for at least 6-8 hrs, which is the time it takes for the seat comfort issue to crop up.
    In fact, on the way to the dealer, I had to sit in the back seat as I simply could not sit in the front seat for more than a few minutes. Several others have also complained about the same issue. It looks like Honda has "gamed" the car to get a good Consuer Reports review.
    At the end of the day a car is more than a sum of its parts - this one is not !! GLTA
  • rednamrednam Posts: 2
    had this same issue (without any fire)
    fan only works on highest setting (4)
    you mention a resistor, not fuse?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,131
    Yep, definitely the blower motor resistor and not a fuse. A blown fuse would simply cut the power (what fuses do).

    Since we tend to drive the cars in our household to well over 200,000 miles, I've run into this issue twice in the 12 vehicles we've purchased since 1979

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  • e_rhynee_rhyne Posts: 1
    Absolutely, I have this same problem with my 2009 Fit. I have taken it in a couple of times and they always act like I'm crazy, saying, "I can't smell anything" and offering to spray some kind of air freshener. I am so frustrated. Did you find the cause?
  • jet21jet21 Posts: 1
    Great information and I would like to know if you have the part number for the A/C Expansion Block. My Honda is scheduled to go to service on Monday 6/17 and I need as much information but the service. I drove from SC to DE and the AC stopped working. This had happened on previous trips. The car is schedule to go out of warrenty in Oct. 2012. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • microticmicrotic Posts: 1
    It should fit, I'm sure! I fit a 55" TV in my Fit, still in box. And I still brought a passenger with me.

    Check it out:
  • retiredjoeretiredjoe Posts: 1
    This is my fifth and last Honda! There is clearly some sort of design problem with the air conditioner in the 2009 Honda Fit Sport that after three hours on the road, when you need it most, the air conditioner quits working. Then you go have a long lunch and the car works just fine. But after an hour or two on the road, then no more air conditioning. From posts on the internet it appears to be a condenser coil that is poorly designed and most anything that touches the thing bends the radiator fins and it freezes and quits working. I can't believe the way the dealer has treated me wanting $137.53 just to "diagnose the problem"! When I set up the appointment the lady on the phone said diagnosis is at no charge! I tried calling Honda USA but got some argumentative young woman who kept interrupting me and was acting like she could verbally intimidate into submission an old man (no just got me really unhappy with HONDA). It seems like Honda Americas corporate hired some former GE employees in the Jack Welch model and is desperately trying to make money short term instead of long term! The Yen to the US $ is now about 102 so that is a good 20% margin on their cars so why the take no prisoner approach to the customers? What I know of Japan from my business years, the management in Japan would be highly embarrassed at this situation and the way Honda USA has handled this design flaw in the FIT. All cars have some problems, the test of my repeat business is how the problems are handled. Honda FAILS. This Honda is my fifth and last Honda.
  • bprendersonbprenderson Posts: 99
    Try using outside air instead of recirculating the inside air. :)

  • zhandozhando Posts: 1
    2013 Honda Fit - same problem, happened twice on trips this summer. AC fails after 2 hours or so. Stop for a while, will run again for a few minutes, then warms up. We stopped at a dealer in Evansville IN and they wouldn't look at it. Couldn't get an appt in St Louis. Brought it to our dealer back in Atlanta, and they said there is no problem - all tests are fine. The national Honda says the dealer has to replicate the problem, but they won't take it on the road for 2 hours. So they said there is nothing they can do - or will do. Really a horrible problem and corporate Honda's response is unacceptable, in my opinion.
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