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Honda Fit Interior and Passenger Comfort Concerns



  • Ok, both of the bikes i am talking about are 26 inch mountain bikes. Would your mountain bike fit in tall mode if you took the front tire off? Because both bikes have the quick release lever for the front tires and it would not be a problem to take them off and on for loading.
  • I don't think one would fit in the back seat in tall mode with the front tire off, it might but it would probably be very close. With the front tires off they should both fit in the hatch fairly easily. Just make sure to be careful with the sharp parts of the bike and the plastic interior so not to scratch it.

    And me being dumb I almost got grease on the interior the first time but since then I lay an old blanket down.
  • Cool. Thanks for the info, definitley helps becuase i want to make sure i can carry both bikes around in there.
  • I had a '84 Civic wagon with the same reflection problem. Even though I stopped using a cleaner/polish on the dash top, I still had reflections. I went to a fabric store and bought a piece of black felt. Not the small 1 square foot pieces, but a larger piece that was from a roll.
    Laid the felt on the car dash top, and using a pencil, marked where the fabric was needed to stop the glare. I found that I only needed the felt on the drivers side and mostly above the instrument cluster. ( I did'nt want the whole dash top covered.) After using the pencil to make a pattern on the felt, remove felt and carefully cut out the pattern. I used Elmers water based glue so it would be easy to remove. A light bead of glue around the edges and a few lines of glue on the interior of the felt is enough to adhere it. Don't smear it all over felt. You don't want it to bleed through to the top when you lightly press in place.

    I used black for its light absorbing qualities, but another color might work and look better with your particular color dash.

    I had that car for 14 years and only changed it once. And making the second one was easier because I removed the original and used that for a template.
    It was also pretty easy to clean. It would get dusty, and need a light brush off with my hand, glove, whatever. Even a brush. :D
    I thought it looked better then those carpet covers. A little too "old lady" for me. ;) But then I live in NY and don't have the intense southwest sun to deal with.
    I also made one for my '93 corolla wagon, thats my current car. I'm holding on to it till the new Fit is here. Hope this helps.

  • I have seen a couple of different armrests available to fit between the two front seats. Does anyone have feedback on them? Strong opinions pro or con? I am looking to get one but since it is $100+ for what is basically a plastic box I want to make sure it does the job. Thanks.
  • kiki7kiki7 Posts: 1
    Wow -- guess I'm not the only one. I test-drove a Fit today and loved everything about it EXCEPT that darned driver's seat that cannot be adjusted height-wise. It put my arms at a really uncomfortable angle on the steering wheel (very tiring) and I felt like I could barely see over the dash. I would have bought the car on the spot if not for that. If only they could put the Civic driver's seat in the Fit!!
  • I just gave mine a hard tug and it came out, threw it away and moved on. Sort of like a little umbilical cord from it's birth canal in Japan. :P
  • I've found a double armrest AND center console that is easy to install. Goto, and you'll see installation and ordering info. Aint cheap, but quality rarely is.
  • Oh that looks great. Gonna have to buy one as soon as possible. Then of course I'll have to buy a horse to Fit my cart.
  • I gave out a bad url for the armrest/console. It's a jazz import. Goto

    Even shows ya the instructions.
  • orkieorkie Posts: 1
    I just purchased my Honda Fit last night. I test drove an automatic for 15 minutes and it seemed great. On my hour long drive home i soon found myself uncomfortable. My biggest concern, and one that has yet to be discussed, is the HUMP that the seat is mounted to. When i pull my seat all the way back i find that the hump incroches into my foot space. I like to ride with my left leg bent at a 90 degree angle and CANT do it because of this awkaard configuration of the car floor.

    Whats underneat the hump? I NEED to do something about this issue. Can i take it out or flatten it somehow?

    Also, does anyone have any recomendations for padding on the drivers side. My lower back hurts after the drive. Id like something that looks like part of the car. Not a duck tape McGiver job. But all suggestions are welcome! :)
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    the gas tank is under the hump.
  • wow I have no idea what you're talking about. With the driver's seat all the way back, the only way to get your foot on the gas hump is if you put your heel up against the seat. I ride with the seat all the way back, and I have my left leg bent close to 90 degrees. Are you talking about the hump that's on the left side, up under the dash (under the hood release?)
  • ok, checked it out on the way home. The tank does invade the foot area about 3 inches. I maintain that if your legs are long enough that the seat is all the way back, you don't hit that hump with right-angle legs. It'd have to be more acute than that. You'd have you calf just about against the seat. which is maybe what you do.
  • Hi, I'm an artist and owner of a 2007 Fit. I just took down a show of my work at a Gallery in Bethesda, MD. I was sure I would need two cars to take everything back to Baltimore. I didn't. It was pretty amazing the amount of equipment and display pieces, not to mention the art work itself that fit into the Fit™. And there was room for more.
    Pictures are here:

    I love my Fit!
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I am in the need to purchase a vehicle for my 85 year old dear ole mom. I am leaning toward the Fit over the Scion XD. Would intend to get a base Fit automatic, because quite frankly it will probably get pretty beat up over the next couple years in her bumper parking and don't want to put a lot of money into this, but get a safe car. I'm thinking the narrower size of these vehicles, and the good visibility are the better choice than a normal sedan. Quite frankly my one outstanding concern is whether she'll be able to reach up and have enough strength to shut the hatchback.

    She lives by herself and needs a vehicle where she lives in PA, typically puts maybe 3K miles a year on it and rarely over 45 mph. She drives only local streets to the store, church, and exercise to maintain what joint mobility she does have.

    Do you folks think the Fit is a good "fit" for these circumstances? I think the knobs are such that she can turn them. Are there any things that you've seen that would prevent an elderly lady from driving this gen-Y vehicle?
  • futurefitfuturefit Posts: 17
    I'd say getting in and out of a car would be a concern for an 85 year old. Check the seat height to minimize her having to squat or bend and twist to get in and then pull herself out again.
    Just curious, how did you arrive at choosing between a Scion xd or a Fit? Does she play in a band? ;)
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Trying to find a vehicle that sits the driver a little higher for visibility purposes.
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    Actually, for your requiremens, I'd vote for the Versa, especially the SL trim. That will give you the seat height adjuster as well as a very comfortable driver's seat. The Versa does not usually get as good a mileage as the Fit, but if your mother drives slowly and not many miles a year, the fuel economy would not be that big an issue. I would recommend that you take your mother to both Honda and Nissan dealerships and compare the Fit and Versa.

    Disclosure: I drive a Fit, but also drove a Tiida (JDM Versa).
  • I found the seats didn't have enough lumbar support - so I purchased a tempurpedic transport lumbar cushion - works like a charm. Love my Fit !
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