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Aston Martin V8 Vantage Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 200mph200mph Posts: 2
    As for used cars: manufacturer "buyback" cars must have their title branded as such in most states, and will show up in a Carfax check. Many Aston dealers advertise their cars on ebay, autotrader, etc.
    Most Aston dealers I have visited recently (CT, NY, MD, CA, NC, FL) are overstocked with new '07's and '08's built prior to closing the sale of AM from Ford to Prodrive/etc. I've seen '07 coupes with some miles (exec use or demos) as low as $98k, and dealers are diiscounting new cars as well. The most interesting color schemes were found in CT and CA. Its a great time to buy... I got a very good deal in So Cal on an '08 roadster. :D
  • steel23steel23 Posts: 11
    I'm thinking I detect a recession!
  • quattroquattro Posts: 51
    Thought no one is allowed to use the R word :)

    Speaking of excess inventory. Aston has come up with a factory lease program for 07 Vantage. The car I am getting a quote on MSRP at about 125k.
    Lease deal is as follows:

    36mth lease
    1900 security deposit, 695 acquistion fee
    7500 miles per year
    residual 53000

    I wish the residual is higher and the monthly payment lower. But considering it's an Aston it's not too bad at all. Equivalent to a approx 3.3% money rate. Better than a home equity loan plus you get the option to walk away (or not) after three years.
    Where the economy stands it's nice to leave the cash in the bank.

    I was going to buy one outright. Good thing I waited.
    Hope to pick mine up next weekend. :blush:
  • andrewjnandrewjn Posts: 13
    Are those numbers right? If so, and assuming you get your security dep back, that's a $125,000 car, paid over 3 years, for only $122,095. Or would the probable final negotiated price be only $114k, therewith the dealer's profit?
  • quattroquattro Posts: 51
    That's what I was told.
    Will confirm once I look at the numbers on paper next week.
  • quattroquattro Posts: 51
    I confirmed the numbers I posted regarding the lease as I justed picked up my Vantage yesterday. :)

    Here are the numbers again.

    MSRP 126010

    0 down
    1900 refundable security deposit
    695 acquisition fee
    1899/month for 36 month
    7500 miles per year

    residual 53000

    Equivalent money rate is 3.3%

    I think the lease program is great deal. The lease program only applies to 07 vehicles. Don't think it is available for 08.
  • sglsamsglsam Posts: 1
    THe coupes are heavily over stocked everywhere, loads of 07 and lots of 08s big factory incentives and used ones with lo mi. available in the 90's already.Also lots of highly expereinced multi exotic owners who sold theirs quickly, finding it too small and missing the low end torque of the older big V8s and the DB7 and 9s 12 cylinder. A DB 7 Vantage is so much more car for half the price in every way. Get 420-450 hp 12 cyl. loads of wheels spin tourque, more rarity for between 60-70K with lo miles on an 03 ( last year)
  • danbbdanbb Posts: 1
    Please give me the name of the dealership in Southern California where you got a good deal. Thanks.
  • Is the company that bought Aston Martin offering leases, either with or without a balloon payment. I would like to lease one through my company, and would prefer not to buy. Who finances these? Recent prices paid? Anyone know the invoice percentage markup from the factory?

    Thanks in advance.
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