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Suzuki SX4 Crossover



  • So in the 2010 Suzuki SX4 Crossover you have 3 different driving modes: FWD, AWD Auto, and AWD Lock.

    Is it possible to engage AWD Lock without having to put the car in park? Sorry, I'm no car mechanic so bare with me please. :) I read somewhere that you can only use the AWD Lock mode up to 40 MPH. After that it switches to AWD Auto for a smoother ride (smoother?). What do they mean by a "smoother ride"?

    I guess a similar question that will help me with my decisions is what is the difference between the AWD Auto mode and the AWD Lock mode?
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    AWD Lock is for low speed conditions. It locks the differential. Think Subaru in the 1980s when their 4WD was for slippery conditions only. Driving on dry roads with it put too much stress on components that had no way of compensating for tires turning at different speeds on cornering and such. AWD Lock is an extra way to possibly get you out when you are stuck. The gearing is different than on AWD Auto. Now, another factor is whether or not you have the stability control on when you use AWD Auto. Sometimes you get more purchase if you turn the stability control off.
  • Okay.

    So I'm assuming the automatic change from AWD Lock to AWD Auto after you pass 40 MPH is a one way road, correct? In other words, you can't slow down to below 40 MPH, press the AWD Lock button, and expect it to change into AWD Lock mode while the car is still in motion?
  • my 08 sx4 crosover has a buzzing noise in the dash under the cover for the clock/mpg. how do i get the cover off without damage to look for the source of the noise? my local dealer was no help. they told me to hit the dash real hard. the glove box also has a buzzing noise it goes away when i put slight pressure on it with my hand. i cant do that and drive!
  • No, it works both ways. If you slow down below 40 mph on an icy road or in snow or mud and need the traction you just press the button until the light comes on and you are back in AWD Lock. I use this quite a bit at intersections where really good traction is needed when entering traffic flow.
  • I find all of that rather strange consider I've owned a total of 7 Suzuki vehicles. Very strange indeed. None of the Suzuki's that I've owned have needed any major repairs (just stuff like light bubls, breaks, clutches, "wear items") and out of all of those different Suzuki cars, NONE have ever had ANY A/C problems whatso ever. My current Suzuki is now 4.5 years old with approximately 45,000 miles on it. I just recently moved after having lived for 3 years in one of the driest deserts in the USA, using my A/C full blast everyday, and absolutely no issues, and it still blasts ICE COLD. My first Suzuki, the venerable Swift I put over 245,000 miles on that car, and the A/C worked just as good as the day I first bought it, with just a couple re-charges in between. I know alot of other people with Suzuki vehichles too, and none of them have had ANY A/C issues either.
    $2000 to repair an A/C unit huh? Where did you get that estimate, at the dealership or something? That's absolutely ludicrous, considering an entirely new A/C unit installed can be had for less than that, even in a car that never had A/C in the first place.
    Getting non-warranty repair work done at a dealership is a sign of stupidity, since their rates are sometimes 3 or 4 times higher than what you would pay at a competent non-dealer repair shop!
    Go to an actual A/C repair shop, you can get almost any A/C unit repaired for MUCH less than the rediculous $2000 price you claim.
    Also some people forget that as per the owners manual, the A/C unit should be operated at least once every month, including during winter months, since not using it for extended periods of time can actually cause it to lock-up and fail. Sometimes people that live in the northeastern states with long cold winters forget about this fact and don't turn on the A/C all winter long. The A/C can be operated even with the temperature selector set to warm or hot.
    Considering what appears to be your "fluke" of bad luck with A/C units, it would make alot of sense if in the future you decide to purchase another Suzuki vehicle that you also pick up an extended bumper to bumper warranty, since afterall, according to your own testimony you've had 3 Suzuki A/C units fail with a repair cost of $2000, you could purchase an extended bumper to bumper warranty at the delearship to match your 7-yr, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty for less (with some negotiating) than what you say it costs to repair one of those A/C units. Think about it ;)
  • I bought a suzuki croosover sx4 in april of 2010. As of this month the Suzuki corp in is the process of buying this vechile back. I have never had such problems with a new car. First month car was in for service for a recall and a bad sensor in the fromt left wheel. Then in august the check engine light came on, of course, I checked the gas cap, nothing wrong. The light would stay on for along time, then for no reson it would go off, this kept happening until the end of sept. took it back to dealership service but by this time the ESP was coming on with the engine light,when you drive it this way u cant use the cruise contol, it stops it from fuctioning. My car has been in the service area for 25 days. They cant find the problem. They even brought nin top techs from other parts of the us. So, now they are going to buy the car back, I would never buy another suzuki car. I am not a hard person on cars, take very good care and do proper maintence on them. When I started getting the service done my car had 3200 miles on it. I picked it up yesterday from the service dept. yes both lights still on and it has 4300 miles on it noe
  • perry99perry99 Posts: 43
    edited December 2010
    It's unfortunate that you had all of those problems, but at least the company recognized them and is buying the car back. No car company is 100% perfect. Even the company with the best quality rating is going to have cars that turn out to be lemons.

    I bought a 2008 Suzuki SX4 Crossover in October 2007 and have not had a single problem with it.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    Yes, I am also sorry that you had such an incredibly bad experience with what is generally a reliable model (check with Consumer Reports). It is awesome that they are going to buy it back. Under the circumstances, I can understand why you say you will not buy another Suzuki. Bear in mind though that with any car company, current products bear little relationship with models of 10 or 20 years ago. Brands change for both the good and sometimes not so good. Some day you may even find that you consider a Suzuki again.

    My 2008 SX4 has been flawless. It has never been back to the dealer since I drove it away nearly three years ago. My mechanic has done routine maintenance. That is all.
  • i have also had my sx4 for over 3 years and not one problem had the engine light come on once my fault i put a cai on and didn't tighten one of the clamps properly this is a great little car and is bullet proof :P
  • Hello, I am new hear to these forums. I am really interested in the Sx4 hatch, prob without the AWD. I could use AWD I guess, never had AWD before, I just go slow in the snow, (hey there's a concept!)...Anyway, I enjoy reading these posts, people seem pretty realistic, they don't come here and rant "suzuki sucks" so that's cool. I just have a couple of concerns or questions.
    1. If my nearest suzuki dealer is 65 miles away and it needs warranty work..(and won't drive), will they come get it? I know it sounds selfish but Suzuki isn't next door.....
    2. The reliability factor s being answered when I read the posts, they seem pretty durable. I also remember someone who drove a swift for 8years and did nothing except regular maintenance and synthetic oil changes, so I guess they are just as reliable as toyota and honda.
    3. this 2.0 litre, know much about it? I believe it's aluminum heads on aluminum block. which is better then say the hyundai elantra, aluminum head, iron block.
    4. how about the sx4 sedan? anybody with that model? digging it?

    by the way, this car would be a manual transmission.............

  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    edited December 2010
    I don't have answers for any questions except for this one.

    1. If my nearest suzuki dealer is 65 miles away and it needs warranty work..(and won't drive), will they come get it? I know it sounds selfish but Suzuki isn't next door.....

    In pretty much all cases you will need to drive to your local dealer for all Warranty work. I gotta admit, I've never even considered that before, and I have never heard of a dealer's service department heading out to someone's house to do their Warranty work for them. Or any other kind of maintenance or repair work from them, for that matter. Just go to your nearest servicing dealer for all of that.

    65 miles isn't that far away, is it? :D

    I know, towing is expensive, but don't worry about that right now. Just trust in Suzuki to build it right the first time. Nowadays cars are made pretty well. Suzuki will do you right. Just keep up on your maintenance really well. Your car will run better and Suzuki won't have any trouble honoring their Warranty for you that way.

    Hey, you might price out towing insurance and see if it makes sense for you. That way your insurance company might pick up the tab. Check with them, it might be only tows resulting from a wreck claim get covered towing insurance.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • sunlightcoppersunlightcopper Posts: 6
    edited May 2011
    Bought a new SX4 end of Feb 2011. Before I even walked in to the dealer's shop I was already sold on the solid features of this car. However, a few months of heavy daily use has revealed its weak points. I am gong to list the Pros and Cons of the SX4 according to my opinion and I would highly appreciate your feedback.


    1. Excellent safety features, 8 airbags, ESP, brakes are the best I've driven so far.

    2. Simple, no-hype, ergonomic, interior design, easilly accesible controls, informative uncluttered dashboard. Oh, and it also has a large windshield fluid container as well.

    3. Very small, probably one of the smallest U-turn radius of most cars this size, great feature!

    4. It has cute looks, especially the one I own in Sunlight Copper color makes heads turn.

    5. Cheapest car ever with AWD, actually the 3-way i-AWD is this car's best selling point.


    1. Unacceptably low MPG for this car class. Forget what Suzuki says, 23/30 is a dream if not a flat out lie. I never get more than 20-21 in the city and if I ever go over 27 on the HWY I am having a celebration party the same day. My mixed 50/50 MPG is about 24-25 at best! I drive about 100 miles a day, combine this with the small 11 gal tank and you'll see why I am unhappy. The low gas light usually comes on too quick this means I have to fill up every two days. Utterly ridiculous!

    2. Visibility on the left front because of the A column is at best only 20%. I have no idea who designed this car. No problem exists on the front right but on the left they might as well have left it without this slick looking yet useless triangular window.

    3. I mentioned it before but it deserves a separate entry: Why only an 11-gal gas tank? How difficult was it to put a 15-gal tank like most other cars or -at least- 13 gals? Putting such a small tank was plain stupid, especially when this little car is really a "guzzler" in disguise?

    4. Engine/powertrain will not push the car forward at a decent acceleration, so the others behind you will not tailgate you, unless the RPM is at 3,500-4,000. Attempt to drive "softly" to conserve gas by not going more than 2,500-3,000 and other drivers around you start giving you the finger and swearing at you. Still MPG gain is marginal, in the low 20's. Of course if you drive at > 4,000 and you're getting punished: MPG with be in the 'teens (18-19).

    5. Cruise control does not have a permanently ON button. Basically every time you turn the engine off, cruise control goes off as well. Most cars have a cruise control button that can be clicked ON and OFF at the driver's will. But Suzuki apparently does not like to give you that much control over your own car.

    Which brings me to the next gig question mark (?)

    6. Daytime Running Lights or the (dreaded) DRL. Alright, it is a safety feature and YES, it is standard in most European countries. However, here we are in America and unless you are driving elsewhere than around a city DRL are not useful at all. This car, with this MPG and small tank, is clearly a city car that you will occasionally take off the beaten path but realistically this is -again- a "domesticated" car with AWD as an extra selling point. My suggestion is this, since DRL is not -yet- mandatory in the USA, why not provide an ON/OFF switch to allow the driver to turn it off and on again depending on driving conditions. After all, this is what's standard with fog-lights right? Plus DRL -in my cara at least- has very little difference with my normal lights, so what's the point?

    7. This is my car but it could be a design flaw. Basically my car even though its alignment is within specifications, it has a slight "drift" to the left, even on a perfectly straight no slope pavement. This drift becomes a slight pull at higher speeds, nothing dangerous but nevertheless annoying and tiresome after a long hwy trip. My Suzuki dealer, after 4 visits for the same issue, and two alignments, just gave up and they gave me the lame excuse that this is probably attributed to the way the differential(s) work with each other. Pretty much their advise was to get used to it.

    8. This is not necessarily a Suzuki defect but in the first month my windshield developed two small indentations (pits) luckily with no cracks and my engine hood -similarly- developed small round defects, where the copper-sunlight color is missing and a gray-white substrate is showing. This is not hail (too small) and they do not look like they were caused by stones flying from the cars in front on the hwy. Still a mystery how a 3 month car developed that while my 10 year old -previous- car Mazda Protege5 had no such problems with similar use and after 125,000 miles on it?

    9. Driver's seat is uncomfortable if not entirely problematic. Upholstery is slippery making me slide forward and needign to re-adjust my position very often. The seat material is not firm enough, especailly this is needed when turning this seat basically will not help the driver to stay firmly positioned and focus on driving. I have to constantly re-seat my self. To make things worse, both cables that lead to the heated elements (back and under) protrude under the fabric providing a very intense sensation you know where. Actually, drive for more that 15 minutes and I am guaranteed a real pain in the butt. Speaking of seats, the driver's one, on the back facing the rear seat, comes with a nicely integrated wide and deep pouch which is very useful considering the Japanese designed the SX4 with the least amount of small storage creviches inside the cabin. However, no such need was deemed necessary for the other front seat so whoever is seating on the left rear has nowhere to store, say a magazine or a book, etc. Again it feels as if this car is denying you certain things that in other cars are abundant.

    1o. Sorry for the long message. I never thought I'd be so disappointed with this great little car that I originally fell in love with. I guess it is like any other infatuation. Overall this is a nice car that will take you from point A to point B, no questions asked. However, in my case all these issues, on one hand leave me totally unsatisfied thus disappointed on the other there is very little to do since now will "qualify" as a lemon issue there fore I am stuck driving something I do not enjoy waiting for some snowy weather to pride myself I drove with my i-AWD on!

    Bottom line is, anyone interested in buying a brand new 2011 SX4 at a bargain price? Just kidding...
  • perry99perry99 Posts: 43
    I've had a 2008 SX4 Crossover since October 2007, and here are my responses to your Cons:

    1) I agree about the mileage, though I have gotten 30 when I have almost 100% highway. I once even got 32mpg on a tank. But, yes, low 20's is my average in the city.

    2) Also agree that that A pillar is too big. Just need to lean forward when turning to make sure I see where I'm going on left turns.
    But other than the small band where the A pillar is, the view is excellent. You sit up high, the front windshield is huge, and the B and C pillars are very small, giving you excellent view to the side and the back.

    3) Have you seen how little space there is in the back of the car? The AWD takes up extra space, too. The non-AWD has a bigger gas tank. With a car this small, there's only so much room for a gas tank. Other small cars have comparable gas tanks (though, yes, they tend to have better mpg)

    4) Sounds like this is problem with your and your highway-mates driving than the car. If you're going the speed limit, no should be tailgaiting you. And why are you blaming the car for tailgaters?

    5) I've never had a car with manual ON/OFF switch for the cruise control, and that's including a relatively new Mazda3. I think that's pretty common for Japanese cars to not have that.

    6) What's wrong with daytime running lights? They only help with safety and don't detract from anything. Again, remember that this is a low-cost car. If they had to make a modification just for the U.S. market, they'd probably have to charge more.

    7) My car has an excellent straight track, and I've never experienced any drift as you describe.

    8) My windshield has held up great with no cracks or dinks or mystery white material.

    9) I find the front seats to be very comfortable. Last summer took a long road trip from Seattle to Montana and loved how comfortable the seats were. I think the seats are more comfortable than the ones I had in my Mazda3.

    Everyone has their specific needs and considerations. I'm sorry that you've found those specific items that you described to weigh so heavily in your view of the car.

    I'm quite happy with my car, and don't regret for a second having bought it.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,993
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    The cruise control buttons on my two older cars go off when you turn the car off too.

    The DRLs may be connected via a module that you might be able to remove. That's how my van works; they put the module in for Canadian sales. Not sure how to find out; maybe you can find a repair manual with info.

    The drifting is a concern, especially since cars should drift to the right due to the road crown. I'd take it to a good alignment shop and see if something is out of whack. If there's a frame alignment issue, try opening a case with Suzuki.

    Don't know what to suggest about the mileage; agree that small tanks seem to be the norm. How many miles do you have on it since you got it in February? The mileage on my last new car didn't settle down until around 4,000 miles and kept improving until 10,000 miles and beyond.

    The windshield may just be slanted such that it attracts rocks more than your Mazda.

    When I shopped the SX4 a couple of years ago, what I remember liking most was the USB setup in the dash. Didn't drive one so didn't notice seat or visibility issues.

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  • azmustangazmustang Posts: 5
    I have a 2009 SX4 Crossover with the Technology Package.

    I agree about the mileage. Around town, I usually get 21-22 mpg. On the highway, 25.5 is about the most that I've been able to squeeze out of my car.
    My understanding is that the cause of the low mileage is two-fold:
    The car is a bit heavy for a little car. I'm guessing that this is due to the four-wheel drive hardware.
    The automatic transmission is only four-speed, forcing the engine to rev high on the highway.

    I also agree about the small gas tank, but my understanding is that Suzuki could not fit a larger gas tank in this car (possibly due to the 4-wheel drive set-up?).

    Beyond these issues, I think that this is a terrific little car for the money.
    It's loaded with features not found in cars at the same price point. It's very tight and solid. Nice steering feel and nice brakes (4-wheel disc). All wheel drive. Handles really well. The front is very spacious for such a little
    car. I find it to be a fun to drive car.
    I find the power to be adequate, even on the highway.
    I have had no repair issues with this car (I have almost 17,000 miles).
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    In warmer weather, I get between 31 and 34 mpg highway with my 2008 AWD. I do have the manual 5 speed, but it is still geared to rev at about 3000 rpms at 60-65. The 2010 and newer versions offer a CVT transmission that gets even better mileage. My lifetime mpg is 29 mpg overall. However, I rarely drive over 70.
  • joeyrabjoeyrab Posts: 65
    Still one of the neatest looking cars in it's class...Everytime I see that giant "S" on the grill coming at me, I think "oh cool, it's an SX4".
  • Thank you all for your replies, I've been thinking about this for some time, I only have this car for about 3-4 months and I know I made a hasty decision. I can go about blaming Suzuki's Marketing and the dealer's antics for diverting my attention from the bad and emphasizing only the good aspects of this car but it won't do me any good. I just have to wait until I'm right side up again (i.e. at least 12-18 months) and then go for something else.

    I've talked about all this to a lot of people and the consensus is that despite its good looks, the excellent safety features and the competitive (in my opinion, somewhat but not great) price, this car -overall- is lacking compared with the competition. Apparently Suzuki made a decision to enhance some important (according the the Japanese mentality) features while not providing or removing some other minor additions that can be done with out, thus reducing the cost. Everyone I talked to agrees that if this car had what it has plus what it's missing, it's MSRP could easily climb up to 25K (or more) making it impossible to compete in this class.

    The things do I like about this car is the i-AWD, the ESP and that it handles well at sharp/abrupt turns. I do not usually "abuse" my cars, not at all, only if needed to say avoid an accident, i.e. I am not a lead-foot by conviction. Never had an accident, always drive by the book, I am 50 y.o. and my last speeding ticket (going 76 on a 65 hwy) was 25 years ago.

    But, anyway, the SX4 will quickly discourage anyone to drive faster/more aggressively because:

    A. Engine is mismatched with the car and will not push the car forward unless you really, I mean REALLY, "step on it".

    B. If you do drive like that, the engine consumes a horrific amount of gas for a car in this class. I tried it once, out of curiosity, and gotten 18.5 mpg in mixed 50/50 city/hwy driving. And this is utterly unacceptable !!! The Japanese engineers must have seriously screwed something up here...

    C. The seats are too soft and too high to allow even for that rare, occasional sporty driving. If you've tried it, you know a sharp left turn will almost throw you out the driver's and in to the passenger's seat on the right, thank God for the belt. Try this with a sharp right turn and you are squeezed against the driver's door. Both, not a comfortable situation to be in.

    Everything else, I can live with by modifying them or simply modifying ...myself (lol).

    But the car's drifting to the left and the ridiculous MPG make this a dying relationship.

    Bottom line is, I consider the presence of all these "annoyances" way too frustrating, on a daily basis, to the point I'm "done" with Suzuki and this car.

    The question is how to do this without losing a lot of money. Probably a rhetorical question, but thanks in advance for any tips.

    Cheers mates!
  • joeyrabjoeyrab Posts: 65
    edited May 2011
    So you barely scratched 20 miles per gallon while driving it "hard"?
    Do you have the CVT? Funny thing is, I knew the gas mileage was a bit below cars in it's class, but not that crazy. I wonder if the manual tranny is that much better.....from what I read the car is pretty peppy with the 6 speed...the suzuki web site states 30mpg highway!
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