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Ford Explorer Transmission Questions



  • Greetings,

    We had our 2003 Explorer's transmission go out on us, and had a local shop replace it with a rebuilt transmission. Two weeks after the repairs we find that the "new" transmission is slipping and the O/D light is flashing. We took it back to the shop, who indicated a day later, that the computer needs some time to adjust to the repairs. This sounds odd to me . . . not knowing much about this, I thought I would see what your thoughts are.

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I'm calling BS on that one. I suspect your shop put in a "salvaged" transmission from a wrecking yard, and it's faulty as well as your old transmission. The slipping and
    OD flashing light indicate imminent failure. They owe you another transmission. The computer has nothing to do with this problem. Especially the slipping!!!! That mechanic should be closed down by the Bunko Cops. They are crooks. Go get your money back - you've been frauded, and take it to a more reputable shop. Don't trust these guys!

    In short the one they put in, is as bad as the one they took out, IF in fact, they even replaced it to begin with! :mad:
  • I agree with nvbanker. I have a 2005 Ford Explorer XP and I purchased brand new. My transmission went out at 42,000 miles and the OD light was flashing and gears slipping. I was even given the defective parts. My SUV was out of warranty and Ford would not take any responsiblity even though I have read about many problems with their transmissions during this period. I had to take mine to an independent and they replaced it with a rebuilt transmission. I now have 91,000 miles and have had no problems. They never told me anything about the computer needing to adjust. Sounds like there was a problem with the "new" transmission they put in your SUV. Hopefully they gave you some type of limited warranty.
  • Thanks to both of you for your response/advice. I do show a 12- month/12,000 mile warranty in the paperwork, so they have offered to take the transmission back out and put it in again, but sounds silly if the "new" transmission is bad. I think I'll dispute the charge on my card and see what happens with that move. Live and learn. . .
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If you were to disconnect the 12 volt battery for 10-15 minutes the engine/transmission control(ling) ECU would reload the factory default control parameters and it might take 100-200 miles before the transmission returns to "normal" operation.

    Anyone swapping out a transmisison is likely to be aware of the need to do this.

    You want to have the ECU "re-learn" the correct control parameters for the "new" transmission. On the other hand the question arises as to whether or not the "new" transmission is fully compatable with the revision level of the ECU firmware.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    (St,d)ealers have a perfect right to question the causative factor(s) for pre-mature failures of drive line components with a vehicle that can be so easily miss-configured, locked center diff'l on a tractive surface, for actual roadway conditions.

    I find myself continually amazed reading some of the posts here indicating a poor knowledge of/about the use of adverse condition drive systems.

    There is NO system that can endure use, actual engaged use, on a tractive roadbed for very long, or accumulatively.
  • i have a 96 explorer, on my way back from wanachee, my gears were slipping , i could stop put it in park then a minute put it back into drive and the gears would engage and could drive a few more miles before doing the same thing again, this accured 2 or three time got to a 7-11 check the tranny fluid and it was fine got back on the road and at a light the tranny was slipping and tryed putting in park with some rough grinding noise it did go into park putting back into park it wouldn't i towed it home...explaining to a transmission shop they were indicating it sounded more like a transfer case i pulled and took to them, a week and they still haven't checked it ..i picked it up and took to a salvage yard to just get another one, explaining to the salvage yard the issues they were telling me it really sounds more of a transmission problem, not a transfer now my question on here is this sound more like a tranny issue??? can any one help!!!
  • As a consumer and not mechanically inclined as many, when I take my vehicle for repair and spend $2500 on a rebuilt transmission or any type of repair, I expect for it to be fixed. If it is not, then it is the responsibility of the mechanic, not the consumer, to rectify the problem. Unless this information is given to the consumer, they may be unaware of the need to disconnect the battery nor should they have to perform this procedure. I would take it back to the mechanic for a thorough check. Especially since the rebuilt transmission is under warranty.
  • My 2006 Explorer has only 45000 miles on it and I have trouble from day one with
    a jackrabbity throttle and when you step on the gas going up a hill or just speeding
    up it sounds like the transmission is going to fall on the ground. I have had it in
    a number of times, and the dealer can't seem to find anything wrong with it. Any
    suggestions. D. Wood
  • i have the same problem ? did you fix it ? and how what was the problem i get tired
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    A simple tightening, external adjustment, of the 2 bands within the transmission would have likely resolved the issue.

    Transfer cases do not "slip", you are either "free-wheeling", in transfer case "neutral", or locked into 4WD or 4X4 mode.
  • thank you for responding wwest, i have taken the transfer case off and started with the tranny but it is still attached, i don't understand about the 2 bands that i could adjust , would they tell me this in the haynes repair manual that i have? believe me if it might be a easy fix would much better than dropping the tranny out....
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I can't imagine a repair manual that doesn't show these band, brake band type adjustments, you'll just have to look. The one's on my '94 AWD Aerostar are on the driver side of the transmission and locked into position with heavy duty locking nuts.
  • It goes into the shop today....hope they can solve the problem
  • my 98 ford explorer 4x4 is making a knocking noise toward the back of the trans when in neutral and when i pull off it feels like a gear is missing a tooth. could this be the trans problem or is it the transfer case?
  • brick25brick25 Posts: 1
    Transmission shifts from 1st to third and OD light flashes when warm. The other day got in and the light was off and it was shifting into 2nd gear. I was told by a reputable shop that 2nd gear was gone and should replace the trans. I looked through all the posts and didn't see any similar issues so I thought I would post and ask for help.
  • danmcgdanmcg Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport with over 180,000 miles. I recently had it in the shop for a tune up and replacement of the intake gaskets (Check engine light was on). Now, the engine sounds like a diesel truck at idle that is worse when I first start the truck and sometimes eases up after driving it for awhile. At other times, the noise remains. In addition, the transmission sometimes gets stuck in 1st gear. Turning the truck off and then back on usually takes care of that. Does it sound like these two issues could be related? I don’t know whether I should take it to the transmission shop or my regular repair shop or if it is even worth putting more money into this truck. Thank you for any advice you can offer.
  • mrjames84mrjames84 Posts: 1
    My explorer would not stay on unless my foot was on the gas, leading me to believe there was a fuel issue. The car cut off at a red light so I waited until it changed to turn it back on. I had my feet on the gas and brake as I shifted to drive. Once I took my foot off of the brake the car jerked and would not move. But now it woupd remain on without a problem, just would not drive or reverse. The car knows which gear it is in because I can push it if it is in neutral, and remains still if in park. Can someone please tell me what component(s) can be related to cause both of these issues and how I should proceed... Thank You
  • I have a 1997 explorer 4wd with a 4.0efi in it and I have a 2000 explorer 4wd with a 4.0L. The trans on the 2000 went out and the transfer case on the 97 is bad so I want to put the 97 trans in the 2000 but was told by a friend that they wont swap-out. He said they changed something in 1999 and they wont work. Is this true?
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