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Ford Explorer Transmission Questions



  • jbuck2jbuck2 Posts: 12
    They sold the extended warranty to me when I purchased the vehicle 2 years ago.Is this a big problem for me?
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    The extended warranty is not an issue for you.

    So, you have the "suspended animation" thingy too, eh? Thought mine was the only one. I have learned to ignore it as it doesn't seem to affect anything else. Mine does it in reverse only, backing out of the garage, if I don't roll fast, which I hate to do. Never know who is behind me lurking. In light of the rest, this seemed a hopeless thing to demonstrate.

    As to the rest of your issues, I took the main trans mechanic from the dealer with me, drove it and when it lurched, I said, "this is normal to you?" He fixed it.
  • I'm new to the forum. I have the exact same problem on my 99 Sport 4WD. I did the same thing (shifting to 2nd then drive) until it finally would not even do that. I changed fluid & filter, found no metal in pan & fluid smelled fine. Did you have any luck diagnosing? Please post any result you had! Thanks
  • Other than ignorance or outright procrastination, I never understand why some mechanics must actually observe a known problem before they want to employ the official fix for it. Assuming your example is just ignorance on the part of the mechanic, I would refer him to the TSB I quoted in an earlier message of this thread. No customer in their right mind would want to voluntarily bring in their vehicle if their is nothing wrong with it. I would demand that he fix it in accordance with the official TSB. If that doesn't and you don't want to just take it to a different dealer, then I would go into the sales department and act like I was interested in purchasing a new car. Then I would tell the sales person that you are concerned with buying a new car given the poor service you have received on your Mountaineer. If they think you're serious, the salesperson will make sure your Mountaineer is serviced (especially if it's under waranty...).
  • You can request a copy from your dealer, but they are not required to give it to you. It's not a repair for the "do it yourselfer", but you can refer to the TSB when communicating the problem to the customer service department. Some CS managers actually appreciate it because you have just diagnosed the problem and they can then simply schedule it for a mechanic. If they don't want to acknowledge the problem, then you can either go to another dealer or ask for a regional Ford Service Representative. The dealer makes money from these repairs (whether its under waranty or whether you pay for it) so they really shouldn't complain about performing the work.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,937
    The dealer shouldn't complain but if they do a lot of TSB/warranty work, the manufacturer may ding them when they audit their service department records. I think that's another reason a dealer won't automatically fix something that a TSB addresses unless they can reproduce the problem.

    You, Your Vehicle and the Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) talks about how to get your car fixed under a TSB without alienating the service writer.
  • jbuck2jbuck2 Posts: 12
    Well they have test driven the vehicle and it seems to drive OK to them. I have been to then 5 times in the 2 years I have had this vehicle. They did the reprogram in Feb of 07, and have responded to my concerns before.... but now they are saying unless they experience the sensation they will not be able to do what the TSB tells them to do. This is the 5th vehicle in 15 years I have purchased from them I never have my 2000 Expedition in there or my other vehicles I told them that I do not think it is a safe vehicle....if the refuse to fix it should I drive away with the vehicle or leave it there and file a "Lemon complaint". I have 7 children and I really do not trust this vehicle and I'm beginning to not have much confidence in the Dealer anymore. :lemon:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I never understand why some mechanics must actually observe a known problem before they want to employ the official fix for it.

    In addition to what Steve said, it may also be that they are fearful of law suits for unneeded repairs.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Just "leaving" the vehicle with the dealer won't help you. Lemon laws vary from state to state. Find out what your state requires, retain a lawyer, and do what you need to do.
  • kipkkipk Posts: 1,576
    What is the cost of servicing? What is the cost of replacing the tranny? :confuse:

  • I recently drained the transmission filter pan and installed a new transmission filter on my 1997 Ford Explorer Sport. How many quarts should I add to bring the level back to nominal operating levels?
  • There is a hose that is connected to a nipple on the left side of the rear axle. I found it hanging down the other day and I am curious as to where this hose goes and what it's specific function is.
  • It's a vent for the rear axle. It usually hangs on a hangar on the undercarriage.
  • Well it has been awhile. The partial problem has been fixed according to the Dealer. The problem was not the transmission but the Fly wheel clutch? not sure thats the term but any way the transmission and the engine were on two different the rpm's would go way up but the car would stand still. At first they adjusted it but that didn't last so now they replace the clutch thing and the the transmission tapping you at the stop lights has re appeared. I'm not making this up! The Ford rep has come by to talk to the dealer about my car everything was kind of secret.. that's when they decided to replace the clutch thing. They have provided my with a car because they have now had my car for 3 weeks...test driving it. I told them when they pronounced the car cured... to give me a price on what they would buy the car for...because I could never sell it with a history like this..I left a report with the ODI a few weeks ago and ever since the are very slow to give the car back. What are they thinking right now... What should I do next? I just want this problem resolved in a way that is fair to me and safe for my family.
  • I have a 97 Explorer XLT with the same problem. Only thing is, that first thing in the morning, or if the car sits for a while, it shifts in drive without hesitation. I was told that my filter needed to be changed, which I did two nights ago. The problem has not changed at all. I have had this vehicle for more than 10 years, and now have over 135,000 miles. What was the final diagnosis for your problem? Any thoughts or advice? Thanks.
  • Is it normal for this model or year to be on its 3rd transmission? Of course when new, the car had a new one, 3 yrs later it was replaced (thank goodness just under the warranty wire) and now, another 3 yrs later we're buying a new one (not under warranty).

    I feel like this is pretty ridiculous.
  • have 91 explorer - 4.0 - auto w/ overdrive - rebuilt 1 year ago - has factory external and internal trans coolers - pulled my boat (2000 LBS)(first time )15 miles, I had to almost floor it to take off and take it out of overdrive to make it up the interstate inclines,when got home the trans puked out 3 quarts of steaming fluid from the top vent,very hot,engine temp was below norm.
    let it cool and put 3 quarts in it and test drove,tested OK.. and no leaks,is this trans not tough enough for pulling the boat? if not, what other beefier trans will bolt up to the 4.0? moter puts out some heavy rpm's when pulling,feels like its strong enough for the job and the trans is'nt..
  • Purchased this Explorer used in November 2006. In the last couple of months (August - September) started having problems with the AT downshifting, sometimes taking as long as 30 seconds to downshift. Hesitation in shifting between 2nd & 1st vice versa. Did a little research on this forum and finally took it into the dealer yesterday. Vehicle has 32K miles on it so warranty is still intact (count my blessings there). Saw the posting on this forum about Ford's TSB 07-13-08 and mentioned it to the service writer. He said he's seen this problem before and said something about replacing or cleaning valves and reprogramming the PCM & TCM. I'll have to wait and see what happens.

    Has anyone been able to get hold of that TSB 07-13-08? I've tried several places online (even the subscription services) and no one seems to have a copy of it. Any suggestions about where i should be looking for it?
  • Got my Explorer back from the dealer today. They flushed the transmission, replaced the valve body / solenoid and reprogramed the PCM with the updated software patch,and test drove.

    On the report I got it said the mechanic test drove the vehicle when it first came in and experienced the same problems I had several times within a two mile radius.

    Service writer said there was a TSB on the problem that listed two steps. He said the mechanic suggested they bypass the first step and go to the second which included valve body replacement. He also said they had seen this problem about a dozen times this year....honest guy.

    I asked what recourse I would have if it happened again (since I was close to the 36K warranty) and the service person told me they would use the original mileage from the current service ticket to keep it in warranty if it happened again until it was fixed for good.

    Time will tell if the repair is permanent but I'm happy with the service I've gotten so far.
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