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Ford Explorer Transmission Questions



  • Well.......I've had the Explorer back for a couple of weeks now and although it's not as bad as before there's a problem with shifting into 1st after you come to a stop. It doesn't do it as much but it's several times a day and once again you try to take off from a stop and it hasn't downshifted back into 1st so your moving in 2nd gear (or whatever gear it is) and your moving like a snail, the engines reving up and it's 10-20 seconds before it downshifts into the correct gear. I'm also noticing a small stain on the garage floor by the right front that looks like antifreeze, need to check tonight because the temp light flickers on and off.
    It's back to the dealer again Wednesday morning to have the tranny checked and see about the antifreeze leaking onto the I thought all this stuff was taken care's still just under the warranty.
  • Just a quick update on my Explorer.

    Dealer still has it. They are going to reload the updated code to see if that takes care of the transmission problem. The service person couldn't recreate the problem I had with the shifting.

    They did find a small pin hole leak on the lower right side of the radiator. Dealer is installing a new radiator today, all under warranty.

    Should have the vehicle back this afternoon and time will tell if everything is fixed.

    I'm giving serious consideration to buying an extended warranty for this car, first time I've thought of it with a Ford vehicle.

    Would like to hear from any other owners about the transmission shifting problems and hear how they managed to get the problem fixed.
  • I have a 2006 V8 Explorer with the same transmission lunge, hard jolt when shifting problem. It is at the dealer now.

    Check out: - _hard_jolt_when_shifting.shtml

    Seems Ford knows of the problem. Expected fix is mid November...

    Some have had success with replacing the megatronics unit on the transmission.
  • Got my Explorer back from the dealer last night. They reflashed the codes again and checked the solenoid they replaced last time and everything seems to be okay for the moment.

    They also replaced the radiator (under warranty) after finding a pin hole leak. Now here's the wife picked up the car and drove it home. 50 feet from the driveway the upper radiator hose blows off. She pulls in the driveway and says smoke is pouring out from underneath the engine hood. I go out and check and see that it's just steam and there's antifreeze dumping all over my drive. I could see the trail from the street into the drive. I open the hood and see the top radiator hose has blown off from the radiator and sprayed antifreeze all over the inside of the engine well. Checking more closely I find that the mechanic forgot to slide the hose clamp back on. I call the dealer and the service manager is gone for the day but the asst. service guy is there. I explain what happned to him (also addressed the mechanics family background and mental disability issues) and he apologizes all over himself and tells me to bring the vehicle in first thing in the morning and he will have the detail shop clean out the engine well and any other areas hit by flying antifreeze. After I hang up the dealership owner calls about 10 minutes later and aplogizes and ask me for the service ticket number and says it will never happen again to me or anyone else.

    I go out and the car is cooled down, reattach the hose and clamp, put fresh antifreeze in and thank God that the wife didn't drive any further and risk damage to the engine.

    Took the car back at 7:30 this morning and the service guy gives me a loaner car and tells me to come back in a couple of hours. I come back to pick up the car and they cleaned out the engine well and the entire undercarriage of the car so it looks brand new. It also looks like they did a quick clean on the inside as well.

    As I get ready to leave the service guy pulls me over to the side and ask me not to tell anyone but the owner fired the mechanic yesterday evening.

    So now I'll drive the car for a while and see if the transmission problem is solved............another day in the life of my Explorer.
  • toftof Posts: 1
    99 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4 AWD
    72000 miles
    Major repairs: new steering rack; "something" to do with the 4WD driveshaft (apparently the truck wouldn't move, the local service facility pulled the shaft so that it would function as a 2WD to get it home from vacation and then another shop repaired it - I have no idea what all was done here...)

    Recently took ownership of this truck from a family member and have a tranny question for you.

    When starting out in the morning, engine cold, first gear makes a bit of a groan/whine when the truck first gets moving. It only lasts as long as it takes to get the truck moving and once the engine/tranny warms up, it goes away.

    Now that it has gotten a bit colder out, it does this when changing from first to second gear as well, but again, only when a load is applied and only for a second or two.

    Any idea what is going on?


  • My issue sounds common? I have a 94 explorer with 136,000 miles. I have NEVER had any problems. It has been completely reliable and great with honestly, very little maintenance. A couple of days ago something started happening but it doesn't seem to be consistent. Maybe worse when it's cold (?). The RPMs jump up to 3000 when I shift then go down to normal after 1 second or so. Acceleration after a shift is not happening. There's no jerking, justing the rev as if the clutch is still engaged. I can't climb hills...absolutely no power. This morning climbing a small hill 20 mph in 2nd gear at 3000 rpm. Could my clutch be slipping? My fuel filter need changing? Is my car at the end of it's life? What can I do to make her better? I guess I'll start at the basics (plugs, filters, etc) but any advice would be so appreciated! Thanks!
  • m never buying another Ford. I used to be a staunch "Buy American" consumer. As American car companies market share continued to plummet, I continued to feel that it is my patriotic duty to buy American.

    Well, I finally woke up and realized that everyone else is right, and that I was naive.

    Last week the O/D light came on in my Ford Explorer. I drove it right home and got the manual out to see what the problem was. "Transmission problem" was what the manual indicated, as well as several websites I reviewed.

    I didn't worry at first, since I figured this would be covered under warranty. My Explorer is just under 5 years old and just under 60K miles. Surely there would at least be a 60K power train warranty. No one would buy a vehicle if they knew the transmission would only last 59K miles.

    Well, the dealer told me a new transmission was needed (5th and 2nd gears were worn down), that it would cost $3500, and that it is not covered by warranty. And to add insult to injury he charged me $90 to tell me the transmission was bad (something I obviously knew) - isn't this similar to stealing?

    I then asked him what trade in value I could get (not that I really would buy another poor quality Ford, but I wanted to explore all options). $5500 is the most they could give. I laughed - since I had taken very good care of the vehicle. It told me that they didn't want the vehicle either - so much for them really standing behind their product. They know the quality is poor.

    Obviously I was quite irritated. I asked what caused this. None of the possibilities applied since I took good care of the vehicle and had it serviced according to the maintenance manual. In fact, the dealer (Cover Ford in Austin) did the 30K checkup. I spent $1K on that (and probably got ripped off).

    I took it to a transmission specialist and had it fixed for under $2500. He informed me that he sees a lot of issues like this with Explorers - probably a poor design and poor quality. Also, judging by various websites there are indeed lots of complains like this.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Ford knew of the poor design - since the warranty that came with the vehicle was only 3 yr/36K even for powertrain. If Ford had good quality, why couldn't they step up to the plate and offer 60K or even 100K power train warranty. They must have known the poor quality. In my mind, this is deceptive practice - and I kick myself for not recognizing this as a red flag.

    Well, for the 2008 Explorer I see Ford is offering 60K powertrain warranty. So they must have made some improvements (which further underscores their recognition of the poor quality in earlier years). But it's still a far cry from 100K that some vehicles come with. You also have to wonder what other quality issues are lurking.

    I think the choice is now clear to me. In the future I will be considering something like a Honda Pilot. Ford deserves the trend of lower market share. Consumers are very wise, and the quality the provide is reflected in their declining sales and marketshare.

    Please don't make the same mistake I made. The foreign competition provides much better quality and customer service.
  • Quick update. Had my explorer back from the dealer since 10/27 and not sure what they did to the transmission but have not had any problems since or maybe I should say yet.

    Did pickup a Ford ESP that covers me to 75K, first time I've ever felt the need for one.

    So far everything is okay but I can't shake the feeling that something will happen with the tranny again.
  • Transmission Shot at 36.7KHas anyone had any luck getting Ford to stand behind its product? Their Customer Care is a joke, and given the known transmission problems with the 2001 Explorer Sport Trac, we were offered ZERO assistance even at 36.7K miles. Since we put low mileage on the vehicle, we are past the time deadline on the warranty. We loved the truck up until now but after researching Ford's all-around shoddy transmission record (too late) we strongly recommend considering other vehicles to Ford - especially if you are buying used. Does anyone have any suggested recourse?
  • I have a 95 explorer and the transmission is junk. i have a friend the has a salvage yard and has a 94 explorer trans with 30000 miles in great shape. my question is will the 94 trans. fit in the 95 vehicle.
  • I posted another message after the one you replied to stating that I was able to get $1,000 from Ford to assist with funding the new transmission as a good will gesture, even though the warranty had expired. That says to me 1) They know the trans was bad in those models and 2) They value the Ford brand and will stand behind their product. I don't know the answer to your question about the 94/95 but wanted to make sure you knew how my situation was resolved since first posting was so negative.
  • i have a 01 sport trac and i had the tranny built and it has no power in first or reverse but if i put it in low 1 or 2 it pulls great.can it be the converter? if anyone had this problem please help me.
  • I have a 95 Expl. with 107,000. The transmission light flashes sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. I've noticed that when I'm driving. I can feel the transmission.. it's doesn't drag..but I can tell it's having a hard time climbing hills and/or when I'm in lower gears it doesn't jerk it doesn't loose speed but I can tell that it's having a hard time... I have to push the gas pedal all the way to the floor just to drive it..I love my truck what is up? Does my fluid need to be changed? Can a transmission be flushed if so how? Can I buy something at the auto part store to put in the transmission? Me and my husband don't know much about cars..we really need this car to last a little longer!
  • I bought the 2007 ironman explorer. It is back at the dealership for the 3rd time with this transmission problem and it is a v8. THey have had it for about a week now and still can't tell me when they will be done with it. :mad:
  • 2007sporttrak V/8 after stopping transmission lunges forward,like being bumped in rear dealer says this is normal but it looks like others have this problem also,anyone have any suggestions?I know this is not normal and will probly cause problems later if not sooner,thanks
  • I have a 2001 explorer sport. I had the same problem happen at about 117,000 km (70,00 miles). I found a GOOD shop. He was able to determine that it was the valve body and servo.. apparently there is a kit available for the repair. The repair cost about $650.00 cdn (including labour). any shop that tries to tell you your tranny is shot is full of it.
  • i got a 98 exp and i dont have no 1 2 or drive it tryes to go in gear and thr backawd work good can anyone tell me whats wrong :sick:
  • yea ...the forward clutches are need an overhaul.
  • Hey my 1995 is junk also your not the only one. I have spent some serious cash on the thing also. I spent 1200 to get the thing rebuit had a 6mos garuntee then 3 mos after that was up it went out again, they fixed it for 500 but gave no garuntee and now about 2 or 3 mos later it is junk again. I think he just did a temp fix and charged me up the butt for it.

    I am tempted to sell it for the rest of the parts.
  • will a ford ranger fit on a exopler sports i had a 03 ford ranger with the same motor in it
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