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Hyundai Santa Fe Power Window Problems

bambewbambew Posts: 43
For some reason on my 2007 SF 3.3L AWD, the RHS windows go up quicker than the LHS. It's about a 3 second lag.

Anyone else experience the same?



  • drwoodrdrwoodr Posts: 88
    Are you putting both up at the same time, or one at a time and timing the difference? on a 12V DC circuit, the current decreases with line distance, and the power to the motor is the voltage times the current. So my guess is the wire run to the LHS is greater than to the RHS window. If you are trying to put both up at the same time, the current decreases to both motors. You will probably notice that each window goes up faster if you only operated one at a time.
  • bambewbambew Posts: 43
    I am putting both windows up at the same time. Initially, I thought that I wasn't activating each window at the same time. However after several times putting both windows up at the same time, it happens each and every time. Therefore it isn't finger trouble. The backs have the same issue!

    I have never had a vehicle do this before.
  • gllundgllund Posts: 29
    There must be a problem with your windows as my windows go up at almost exactly the same speed.
  • bambewbambew Posts: 43
    I have also found that the drivers side window winds up very slowly in very cold weather... the remaining 3 windows do not do this...

  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    i noticed the slow window thing - have to check again to see if it still does it. i think there was a complaint about this in another section - did anyone get a solution?
  • boeing1boeing1 Posts: 3
    i recently bought a 2007 santa fe when i got home i noticed the driver door window went up slow and was binding when it was almost up i took it back to the dealer and it just needed grease on the linkage ... it works much better now
  • jim3214jim3214 Posts: 2
    Anyone had problems with the front power windows squeaking loudly as they go up or down?. The dealer replaced the window channels around the glass, but I can tell the squeak is coming back by the next day.
  • kjk411kjk411 Posts: 6
    Yes. I have a 2007 SF and the front driver's side window squeaks very
    loudly when going up or down. Have an appt on Thursday to have this
    checked out. On the phone the service advisor told me that he may be
    able to lubricate the mechanism in the door. We'll see....
  • somedai1somedai1 Posts: 416
    this may be the wrong place to put this but I walked into the garage to find the windshield seal loose and detached at the bottom driver side corner - anyone have this problem? and the driver side outside window weather stripping seems to be improperly installed....
  • bbear2002bbear2002 Posts: 3
    This is a known problem with Santa Fe's. The window regulator causes the window to squeak. Get the dealer to replace it with a new one asap and don't let them talk you into lubricating parts as that is only a temporary solution.
  • bambewbambew Posts: 43
    Window regulator huh? Yeah, I took my ' 07 SF to the dealer and told them that the drivers window is very slow to go up... They 'lubricated' the sliders (or something to that effect), and although the window does now go up quicker, there is still an occasional squeek... :(
  • roudy1roudy1 Posts: 36
    I would definitely say window regulator. I had a squeaking window a couple of months after I bought my '07 SF last year. I mentioned it to my Service Manager and asked him about lubrication and he said they have had problems with some window regulators. They replaced it and it's been squeak free for over a year now.
  • bambewbambew Posts: 43
    Thanks for the info roudy.... I will have the widow regulator replaced.

  • I've got a 2001 Santa Fe. When the ignition is turned on the drivers side window sometimes goes down without pushing the button. It won't readily come up without fooling with the button for a while. You can hear the window motor making noise. The problem is intermittent. Need help troubleshooting.
  • bambewbambew Posts: 43

    The first thing you should try is replacing the switch.

  • Thanks John.

    I kinda figured the switch. I'm an old school wrench bender (back on the points and rotor days). I didn't know if there was some sort of "chip" I needed to know about. I'm glad some things don't change.

  • bambewbambew Posts: 43

    You mentioned that you could hear the window winder motor making some noise... Was the window not moving at any time that the motor was energized?

  • Hey John.

    At first the window didn't move. I noticed the "Window Lock" button was compressed. So I pressed it to release it and the window operated as normal. I then tried to duplicate the failure by locking the windows and unlocking the windows, and the window worked as advertised. And yes I could hear something trying to work while it was stuck, a clicking sound. I first thought the regulator was shot but low and behold the window started functioning.

    It seems to be an intermittent problem. So I figured I'd let it go until something failed completely so it would be easier to troubleshoot. So far it works but I don't know for how long. It was making some pretty strange noises. Even with the window up it sounded like it was trying to do something. That's when I came here to see if anyone has run across this before.

    My first thought was the switch. But I've been out of the loop for a long time, and a lot of things are more electronic than mechanical. So I figured I'd give this forum a shot to point me in the right direction.

    Thanks man, I appreciate the help. :-)

  • bambewbambew Posts: 43
    Hey there Rorique...

    The 'Window Lock' button only locks out the passenger windows and not the drivers window. At least that's the way it is set up on my '07. So unless yours is set up to 'lock out' the drivers window also, deactivating the 'window lock' would have had no affect on your drivers window. There would be no point to a 'lockable' drivers window...

    Just like you, I am a 'Points & Rotor' kinda guy... All this high-tech compuletrics (geeze, I just invented a new word... :shades: ) is beyond my knowledge. The 'Backyard Mechanic' is obsolete these days eh. Cars have evolved into such sophisticated machines that the 'novice' grease monkey can no longer completely maintain them.

    Your problem may be a tad more complicated than just a switch failure, but IMO, a switch swap would be my first attempt at solving the problem.

  • Hi John,

    Good word! Compulectrics, I'll pass it on to the other old school wrench benders! The ones I know would get a kick out of it! :)

    I'm going to wait for complete failure, so I'll know for sure which component is causing all the problems. Right now it's working fine, but we'll see for how long. ;) I'm pretty sure you're right though. Everything about it points to the switch. No telling when, but I'll post the results upon completion.

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