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Hyundai Santa Fe Power Window Problems



  • bambewbambew Posts: 43
    Hey Rorique...



  • dssat10dssat10 Posts: 1
    could any one tell me what fuse in fuse box goes to the power window for 2001
    santa fe . could not locate . (not mark ?)
  • My pax window is off track and will only go up 1/2 to 3/4 way then slow to a stop. It's not the motor and can see it needs to come in and is getting caught. Any suggestions? Can I take the inner panal off and see the problem?
  • kybarbkybarb Posts: 1
    My driver's side power window on my 2002 Santa Fe just broke. The window glass is intact but seems to be off track and will not close completely as it is crooked when I try to raise it up. Obviously I have to take it in to be fixed but I was wondering what the cost estimate for this kind of problem is and anything else I need to know before taking it to the dealer. Also has anyone else had this problem with a Santa Fe or other Hyundai?
  • kali145kali145 Posts: 1
    edited April 2011
    Anyone know what could be causing this problem. The power windows in the rear (both sides) go up and down using the controls on the respective doors but not if I use the driver's controls. The driver's control will only operate the driver's window and it will put up the rear passenger window (but won't put it down). The front passenger window doesn't operate at all using any of the controls. Too strange.

    A garage told us it was probably a motor but if it was why would some of the windows go up and down with the door control but not work with the driver control.
  • They used to squeak when going up and down and then all of a sudden they would get stuck and not go up and down anymore and when they'd get stuck they would be off kilter. I haven't gotten them fixed yet because I'm waiting for a recall on this problem since others have reported this problem frequently. Anyone know if there is a recall yet? Thanks
  • near side window doesnt work, the isolation switch doesnt work either. we have changed the motor and wiring loom, we have feed for the uppart but cant find a feed for going down, we think it might be the white wire, can anyone assist with this problem please.
  • athorngrenathorngren Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Santa Fe. Both of my driver's side windows suddenly stopped working yesterday. The door did not get wet in any way. The driver's panel will roll down both of the passenger's side windows, just not driver's side. Also, the back DS window won't open with the button on that door. I found a fuse diagram online, but it doesn't show a fuse for the power windows. Please help!
  • kayzeekayzee Posts: 3
    All years of this model appear to have this problem. Mine is a 2002 and the lift arms for the automatic windows seem to die out and need to be replaced. Unfortunately, this is not a cheap repair. I have had a number of various expensive things happen on the Santa Fe. I do still own it only because it's paid off and I can't get anyone to want to buy it. It's been a real pain to deal with. I've also had problems with electrical, rack and pinion steering going out, etc. Also had to replace some very expensive air sensors that were more than $200 a piece; they caused the car to drive with some very severe jerking. This has not been a user friendly vehicle at all. The only thing really good about it has been the motor so far...knock on wood.
  • gaucho100kgaucho100k Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 Santa Fe and suffer from the intense Windows Squeak problem. It is clear that I need to have the window regulator replaced. Does someone have a part number for this window regulator..? I live in Argentina and don't know if the Spanish name for this part is "regulador de ventana" as many times car parts don't translate directly or literally.... if someone has a parts number handy this would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, are windows regulators side specific (different part for each side) or are they all the same.... BTW, my squeaker problem is on the drivers side.

    many thanks,
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