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2008 Jeep Wrangler



  • jr318jr318 Posts: 17
    A few weeks now and no leaks(3 time the charm) The door jams do drip into the jeep when you have the door open they told me the jeep has water exit holes under carpet WTF is that,, still moist and damp smell The service deptment were i bought mine is awful unless the sevice manger moves on i will never buy another thing from there..All she cared about was the surveys...I no why cuase they stink.
  • tcs2tcs2 Posts: 11
    It is so strange hearing your experience because I am going through the exact same thing. Even the survey stuff. My dealership in Memphis, TN is scared to death that I am going to blast them on a survey. Which I am! So next week will be my 2nd visit for this problem. After hearing your situation, I am allready preparing myself for the 3rd visit. Please keep me posted if your leak starts again.
  • tcs2tcs2 Posts: 11
    And you wonder why Chrysler Corp is having problems? I just hope they stay alive long enough to fix my jeep!
  • jr318jr318 Posts: 17
    Call the Troy NY Dealership I really do think they have it this time.It rained here pretty hard yesterday and no problem.My leak was right by the windsheild were the lilttle speaker is on the drivers side.I put a tissue under the specker to be sure it wasnt getting wet.No water so far.. Good luck to you.Also with the problems i still love it.Sending in bad survys arent you afraid if you take it back what they may do to it?
  • tcs2tcs2 Posts: 11
    I really like my jeep too. Even with the hassel of getting it fixed. I am not affraid at all of being honest on a survey. It can only help them be better. There are other Chrysler dealerships in Memphis that I can use if I get totally fed up with this one. This one is just so close to my office which makes it nice. My service tech is doing a great job, but once my jeep goes to the back, I'm not so sure.
  • As the title says, I am going to buy a Wrangler, but first, I want to talk to people who have bought wranglers in the past.

    here are my main questions:

    1) I drive a 2005 Dodge Neon SXT, 5-speed manual, and I have never driven a manual SUV. Is it much different than that of a sports car?

    2) Pros and Cons of the 2007-2008 Wrangler?

    3) We also own a 2005 Jeep liberty, Special Edition, 3.7L 4X4, 5-speed manual. Does the 2008 Wrangler drive anything like the 2005 Liberty?

    Please answer ASAP!
  • tcs2tcs2 Posts: 11
    This is our first Jeep Wrangler to own and we love the vehicle. It's fun to drive and we can't wait till summer when we can shed the top. Our's is automatic, so can't help you there. We got the 4 door loaded with every option Jeep has including the premium sound package with navigation and a hard drive. As you can read in my other post, we have had problems with a leak where the front two tops meet the windshield and also with a thumping noise in the stereo when playing cd's or mp3's with a lot of base. Once my dealership figures out how to fix those problems, we will be set....I hope! We bought the extended warranty of 100k miles to cover the electronics. I would do this if you buy one with the upgraded sound system. Also, have the sales person give you a lesson on removing and installing both the hard top and the soft top. Do this before you sign the contract because afterwards, they treat you totally different!
  • Yes, the lessons would be a great idea. Have you taken it off road yet? If not, is it a 4X4?

    I need any information that I can get. I really like the car, but I am scared that if I buy one for my wife behind her back, she may not like it. I am going this week to test drive them, but I don't want to waste any of my time.

    Thanks, Trevor.

    P.S. In our 2005 Liberty, we are not able to take our dog Rockie (black lab) with us when we go off roading, because the interior of the truck is not washable with a hose, nor is it easy to clean mud out of. Is the wrangler much different? Would I be able to hose it down without worrying about it rotting, or about that mildew smell?
  • tcs2tcs2 Posts: 11
    Mine is 4x4, but I have not tested it off road yet. I am 100% confident that this Jeep will handle great off road. As for buying a car without your wife seeing it that's could be a million dollar question! As for my experience, I shopped many makes and models. Took my wife one day to look and drive every one of them. Then I saved this Jeep for the last stop. I stayed in the showroom and let her drive it with the salesman. She only said two words when she got back. BUY IT. That's all I needed. Sent her home and I left with the Jeep shorly after.
  • I order my fully loaded automatic 2007 Sahara in May 07, and after much run around from the dealership, it finally arrived 6 months later (to the day!) in October. As if the wait was not bad enough, my Freedom Top was leaking right onto my NAV system and into the vents on the dashboard. I immediately brought it back to the dealership to be fixed. It took 4 tries for them to finally fix it!

    The first time they service department "gooped" all the seals, hoping to fill in the leak. The second time, they followed the instructions per "service bulletin" that Chrysler released in December. This did not work either. The third time they replace all the seals and the valves. Again, this did not work. Finally, after much frustration on my and the service manager's part, they called Chrysler corporate to send a tech out to look at it and (successfully) fix it. Apparently in order to successfully fix most leaks the adhesive (or goop as they called it) actually needs to be squeezed in between the seals and roof tops and not just put on the grooves of the seals. Since they have done this I have not seen a single drop of water! It has rained heavily for the past 3 days and still my dash is dry.

    I strongly recommend anyone who is going through this issue to have your service department call the regional Chrysler representative to have a tech come out. It is a win for you and the dealership, as the the tech who fixed my Jeep taught the whole service department how to properly apply the sealant, thus preventing the need for customers to return (usually more irate than before!)

    Hope this helps!!
  • tcs2tcs2 Posts: 11
    Thank you very much for the info. Mine goes back next week for try number 2. I will tell them how to handle the leak situation. My leak was also on top of my NAV system and into the vents. I am also having speaker problems. Getting 7 new speakers next week too, even though I am sure that is not what the problem is. But they insist this must be done.
  • I have an 08 wrangler with a hardtop that leaks. We got the car in November and it started leaking in December, but just drips while driving onto the NAV area. I am worried about bringing it in because I also have a Commander that I just got back 2 weeks ago that has been in the shop since Oct for air leak. One of the previous posters said they sealed or gooped up the hard top and it fixed it. Does this make it where you cannot take off the top?
  • jr318jr318 Posts: 17
    Hi MIne leaked around the winshield/speaker on the driver side.I took it back 3 times the 3rd time they put all new seals/gasgits(sp) and for one month or so i have had no problems at all.crossing my fingers good luck
  • jr318jr318 Posts: 17
    I have the Wrangle unlimited 2008 4 door freedom top and the soft top hard top is the one that was leaking seems to be good now tho
  • hey yall
    i was wondering what exactly the difference between the unlimited and trail rated was
  • tcs2tcs2 Posts: 11
    Mine has been in service since Monday morning for this same issue. I also have stereo issues. Before you make two trips to the dealership, try putting in a cd that has bass in it. Turn up the stereo and make sure you don't hear popping noises from all speakers. I have been told by a stereo retailer that the amp in my jeep can not handle what the NAV stereo is sending out. I told the dealership to keep mine until both problems have been fixed. I will let you know the outcome!
  • I bought an 08 Wrangler the day after Thanksgiving. It was that same week that the roof leaked for the first time. I brought it back to the dealer to have it fixed. They suggested that I had put the top on wrong. I still have yet to take the top off for the first being winter in New England and all.... They call me up, "All Fixed" They gave me the free carwash and did such a half-assed job I took it to the touchless automatic.Imagine my surprise when I drive out and the water pours in. I dropped it off for a second visit, they replaced the seals. It rained really hard one night, but I wasn't worried because the problem was fixed....HAHAHAHA The leak was back and worse than ever. Today a tech from jeep is visiting to fix it up. Hopefully I will have the same luck as some of you that have posted that this is the visit that the leak stops.

    I have two questions 1- Jeep acknowledged the issue of the leaky roof in 06 when the 2007 Wranglers came out, Why have they continued to manufacture the flawed design?
    2- Ok, let's supposed they fix the leak. What happens when I do decide to take the top off in warmer weather? When I put it back on will those seals seat properly or am I looking at more head aches and a leaky roof? -Shame on me for buying a vehicle based on it's outstanding reputation and not doing my homework before making this purchase.
    Good luck
  • What did you do to stop the leaking. I just purchased an 08 Wrangler three days ago and discovered yesterday that the hardtop is leaking.
  • jr318jr318 Posts: 17
    They changed all the rubber stuff (seals and gaskets)around the doors and windows of my jeep i had to bring it back 3 times before they fixed it right.its very good now. It seems to be a common problem so ask them (if they dont already know) to call other dealers because it is very common there was 3 in my dealership already!My dealership was in Troy New York google it and call them yourself if you want.. good luck still lovin the jeep!
  • tcs2tcs2 Posts: 11
    I am hoping the 3rd time fixed mine too. But I have not had a really good test yet! They did the same as jr318. Replaced all the guts. But they have to do this in a certain order is what my dealer told me. But this is the same dealership that put a new nav systems, 7 new speakers and a new sub in my jeep before they realized there was a bullitin out from Chrylser that called for a simple download to fix my stereo popping problem. Good luck on fixing yours!
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