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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • Hi-

    Taking my car in this week for oil change (4200 miles on it...gone over a thousand since 28 Jan!!!).

    Am I putting too much mileage on my car? lol

    Oh, and my gas mileage HAS IMPROVED with the use of 87 oct. I got 34mpg on a trip up and back to Washington DC from Richmond, VA. I can only hope it gets better as the weather gets warmer.

  • I have a 95 Civic, 90000 miles every month or so I need to put about a litre of oil in it as the oil level light comes on. There is no visible sign of an oil leak, and the exhaust fumes look clean. Anyone know whats going on here, and if it is burning oil whats the fix?
  • Cars are made to be driven. Highway miles are great for any vehicle. Change your engine oil and filter often,(cheap maintenance). Use a "high quality oil & filter", and enjoy your vehicle. Be sure to keep your maintenance records.----If you want to experiment with the "miles per gallon issue", try using different brands of fuel. Try a different octane rating. ---Greg
  • snarkssnarks Posts: 207
    Check your oil at every fillup. If your light illuminates it is not due to low oil directly but low oil pressure which is horrible for the motor. First look into your coolant and make sure its not muddy colored. Otherwise take it in for a compression test, its either a seal (not visible) or rings etc.

    Never let the oil light come on your destroying the engine.
  • snarkssnarks Posts: 207
    34 MPG is great for a Civic. Why worry so much about mileage, people have such a fixation on it. I would only worry if you were in the mid-20's or less. Use regular octane as car requires and brand is indifferent in a Honda. Note the cheaper no name brand is typically a mix of all the top brands. These stations buy the ends of fuel trucks for brand name stations at a cut rate so a truck does not return partially full. There is little to no difference to fuels sold mostly advertisting.
  • I agree with snarks about the octane but I do care somewhat about the brand of fuel. I try to stop at my local stations that only use 100% fuel in the summer and not that 90% fuel 10% ethanol mix. I don't know though. It might be hard to come by in other places. I live near the water where 100% fuel is required for marine purposes.
  • mcap56mcap56 Posts: 48
    I have a 2004 civic ex 5 spd. It seems like sitting far enough away from the clutch puts me too far from the steering wheel. I could sit more upright but the seats are not the most comfortable. Otherwise a great car. Any ideas??? Too bad they don't have telescopic steering.
  • I am a fairly tall person, and have been through the same thing you are experiencing. Try putting the "seat back" back some then sliding the seat forward. It works for me.
  • your blower may just have a leaf or similar debris in it- the blower is cylindrical, and any debris will stay in it until it breaks down. See if you can clean it- you may be able to get at it by removing the cowl at the base of the windshield. Let me know if this helps.
  • your engine noise could be a bad timing belt tensioner. They sound like main bearing knock, and are a fairly common problem on these engines. Good luck.
  • mcap56mcap56 Posts: 48
    Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try. I think I have the seat reclined fairly far already. One problem is the proximity of the wheel well to the clutch. YOu must put your foot exactly on the clutch and not have your foot to the left at all or it will hit the bulge from the wheel well. This is why I have to sit back so far and therefore, am too far away from the steering wheel. Anyone else notice this????
  • I have a 1994 civic DX and my wipers will only work on the fast speed(high). It will not work on the slow speed or intermittent speed. I have tried replacing the wiper motor but it still has the same problem. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
  • snarkssnarks Posts: 207
    Have you tried testing the electrical output when on intermediate and slow after the switch and on the motor. My guess at this point is the switch or wiring, you need to troubleshoot.
  • Thanks for the idea. I try it some time soon.
  • mcap56mcap56 Posts: 48
    The clutch on this car is one of the smoothest I have ever used. However it seems like the indentation for the wheel well is very close to the clutch. This makes for a somewhat awkward leg angle during clutching. If your foot is sightly on the left side of the pedal, it hits the indentation and keeps you from fully depressing the pedal. Anyone else find this annoying......maybe it's just me.
  • Hi all,
          I just purchased a 5 speed civic and have found the same "gurgling" noise as some of you have written about. Has any one figured out what it is exactly? I'm not too concerned about it, it's more of an annoyance, but I am curious what it is. I took it into the service center and they said there was air in the coolant system and they "bled" it out. I drove off the lot and heard it immediately. I am planning to take it back when I get some more time, but if any of you have successfully beaten the gurgles, I am all ears!
  • port_48port_48 Posts: 27
    Any help on OBD2 devices for use with my 2002 Civic would be appreciated. I've found units ranging from displaying the DTCs to ones with software that can be used with Palms/Pocket PCs/laptops to display real time engine performance. While the latter would be nice to have I'm not sure it's worth the $$ at this point.

    Do the ones with software provide anymore diagnostic information than the ones that just display the DTC? Or do they just use the existing monitoring information, combine it with the software to produce Tach displays, etc?


    02 Civic DX
    20350 miles
  • port_48port_48 Posts: 27
    I've searched the archives and found the following messages describe what's going on with my 2002 Civic DX 5spd (20.4K miles): 486, 488, 489, 503, 506, 1275, 2191, 2628, 2629.

    The problem is the noise that occurs when depressing the clutch, about 3/4" of pedal travel to nearly the floor. It sounds like plasticy metal on metal, like the hinge point is tearing itself apart. It doesn't happen all the time and seems to occur more consistently/frequently with warm weather (heat causing expansion?). I'm aware of a recall on the hydraulic line connection that creaks/pops when using the clutch - the fix there is to remove the hydraulic line, grease the fitting, and reassemble.

    Has anyone had the problem accurately diagnosed and/or corrected? I haven't brought it to the dealer's attention just yet. I like to be smarter than them when taking a car in for warranty repair (out of warranty I'll fix it myself). Either way, I'll have it looked at by the dealer before my 3yr, 36K mile warranty expires.

    Thank you,

  • psu525psu525 Posts: 8
    I'm thinking of buying the 2004 honda civc EX but I'm not sure if it is too underpowered. Can anyone tell me how they feel about the civic's power compared to other cars?
  • mcap56mcap56 Posts: 48
    I just bought a civic EX. The power depends on what you are looking for. I didn't test drive a whole lot of other cars. But, compared to cars I have driven, it has plenty of power and a lot of pickup. At higher speeds on the highway, it may not be as smooth as cars with more power though.
    If you are really into performance, check the Mazda3 which comes in 2.0 and 2.3 versions. I have heard some good things about it and it is priced competively.

    Just keep in mind that I live in NYC and that reliability, gas mileage and a small size were considerations. I also have a 5 spd which probably adds a little to the equation.

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