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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    I think in some ways you are describing ALA CARTE vs package deal. I would only make sure that you were not paying more for the ALA CARTE service vs the so called "dealer" package, or vice versa. The ultimate boundary is the shop rate for labor!

    Since they're doing fewer services less time is involved, and thus less cost. In every case I've paid less than the original quote; at least once it was several hundred dollars less.

  • Working on a 1985 Honda Prelude

    Battery and Alternator have had to be replaced almost every year for the last 3. For some reason it seems as though it's getting worse.

    Symptoms: The battery can only maintain enough charge to drive once - past that the battery does not keep a charge. When they test it, it shows that the alternator is bad, and the battery is bad. It doesn't make sense for the battery and alternator to be bad every year.

    Is there something else that I should be looking for?
  • sirdonsirdon Posts: 10
    You may want to have your mechanic change the thermostat, and have the timing checked, as it may be off a little. Also the distributor cap and rotor may need replacement. Even consider retorquing the head bolts to be sure that they are not loosened up. ;)
  • sirdonsirdon Posts: 10
    A new car perhaps?

    Try checking to see that there be a wire harness unplugged or improperly connected that runs between the alternator and battery.
  • kmg4kmg4 Posts: 1

    My wife used our 2001 Civic EX and left the light on while she went up to her office in the morning (I still don't get how she didn't hear the alarm). Anyway, the battery was dead at the end of the day, and someone else in the parking lot helped her jumpstart it.

    However, now the radio does not work. It says 'Err E' in the field, and none of the buttons affect anything. It first used to say 'Code X' where 'X' was a number, but after pressing the radio channel selection buttons a few times, even the 'Code X' does not work and 'Err E' is all I get.

    Has anyone seen this before? Is there any way to return this to normal without spending a lot of money?
  • I just got a 93 Del Sol its the SOHC. The Car is fast but I was wondering what is the best and cheapest way to put some power under the hood?

    Any help is much appreciated
  • Hello everyone, I'm a new member and this is my first time in this forum. I have a honda del sol 93' and I bought a car alarm system for it, well now I'm trying to install it but for sure I need the electrical circuit drawing of the power cabels and connectors of all functons of the car, such as the electrical power windows cables, the engine start, the automatic lock doors. We all know that all this cables are together under the dash, What i need is to find an Internet page with the cables schemes so i can connect the car alarm system...

    Maybe one of you guys have it and can send it to me... my email address is

    Please advise,

    Thanks a lot and I'll appreciate it.

  • Hello.. well i guess a realy good way to make your honda faster its buying a turbo and it is around 200 bucks on ebay, I checked it the other day but i did not bought it because i dont know how to stall it, and also my honda 93' it is really faster enough already...

    The other way, the most cheapest way its just installing a power chip on the motor computer, you can get from 7 hp to 15, and this chip its around 20-30 bucks on ebay also...

    I hope i was a help..... (just check on ebay...write HONDA DEL SOL on the search).

    Hernan :lemon:
  • I would be really careful when purchasing those "power chips" on Ebay. Most of the time they are selling you this little piggyback jumper that you hook up to your current computer. Its supposed to alter it to make your car faster, however if you look at the seller's feedback you will find that a lot of people say this has little impact on the performance of their vehicle. I also heard this could cauze damage to your vehicle. Yes a turbo can be purchased on Ebay for cheap, but then don't forget everything else you need for a turbo to work on a car (intercooler, hoses, larger volume fuel pump, bigger radiator, turbo timer, wastegate, forged internals if you really want to do it right).....the list continues.
  • rfruthrfruth Posts: 630
    My stock 2000 Civic check engine light came on for the 1st time, anyway got Autozone
    to pull the DTC and it's P0135 (primary heated oxygen sensor heater circuit
    malfunction) my question is the O2 sensor under warranty ? I know the warranty for
    the car itself is up (3/36) but aren't the O2 sensors part of the emmision system which
    has a longer warranty (42,000 miles, Texas here)
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Nope. There are 3 components which are warranted for 8 years/80,000 miles: catalytic converter, engine control computer, and emission control computer (if used). The rest must be warranted for a minimum of 2 years/24,000 miles. Here's some info:
  • tinatinatinatina Posts: 388
    Good morning,

    I have a 2004 Accord LX which has a problem with the interior weatherstripping (the one inside that goes around the entire area of the door). It was coming off and the dealer attempted to repair it four times unsuccessfully. It is still under the CA lemon law. Now, on the fourth attempt, they glued part of the weatherstrip and the strip is not even properly mounted so that the strip is actually unattached in the lower area by the door jamb. I'm worried about water intrusion, noise and rattles coming from the Any thoughts. Does the BBB third party work?
  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    the battery was dead at the end of the the radio does not work.

    The original Honda radio, right? They have a security feature that if power is removed from the radio (like if someone tried to steal it) you have to entry a security code to reset the radio. When you bought the car you should have received a small plastic card with the radio security code on it. There might also be a sticker in the glove box, or under the cover of the main fuse box in the engine compartment. If you can't find the code the dealer can look it up for you, but they'll probably charge you.

    Good luck.
  • krismkrism Posts: 11
    Radios will usually lock up after 3 unsuccesful attempts to input a code. Then you usually have to disconnect the battery or pull the radio fuse, wait 1 hour and get 3 more attempts to put the code in. This all depends on the car though.

    RE: Lemon Law and Weatherstripping issue

    Go back to dealer and demand new weather stripping installed properly. There is no excuse for this. Not a car this new or older ones either. Even 20 year old cars still have weatherstripping that doesnt leak.
  • winginitwinginit Posts: 1
    Hello - I changed the upper radiator hose on my '85 Civic CRX since there was a hole in it. When taking out the hose there was some coolant that spilled out of course. After replacing the hose I made sure and squeezed the hose to get the air out.
    Now the car won't start. :confuse: I'm thinking that something got wet and there is no spark to the egine or there is a sensor that got wet. Does anyone have a suggestion or experience with this before I start removing the distributor cap and spark plugs? Are there components in that area that need to be dry to work properly (sensors, electrical units, etc?)

    Any help would be great. I'm trying to remember what I learned at that one semester in high school. Thank you!
  • novice3novice3 Posts: 1
    your radio is protected against theft. if there is ever a power discontinuity from the battery it locks up. You need to look up in the manual how to restart it. You will also need your pin-code which was given to the original buyer when the car was purchased. that's all.
  • Hi people!!
    I have a 1990 honda civic si and I just put a new motor in it.
    For some reason I have no fuel pressure now?
    I have power and everything to the fuel pump, ground is there too.
    I'm stumped and don't know what else to do. I never had a problem with the fuel pump until right now. The car started up with the blown motor and now NOTHING.
    VERY CONFUSED, SORRY I EVER DECIDED TO CHANGE THE MOTOR MYSELF. The computer isn't sending any codes either. Please help me out.
  • fe203fe203 Posts: 21
    Hi, I have 2001 Civic LX Coupe 70000km (43000miles). At low speed going over small bumps, dips in the road, or just driving over the curb pulling into my driveway there is a noticeable clunk noise from the front end. I have been told it is the sway bar bushings worn & that the sway bar moves too much causing the noise. Does this seem like the most likely cause. The Struts were replaced 1000 km ( 600 miles) ago under a "secret" warranty recall.
  • toddytoddy Posts: 1
    It seems that each time the power is off (as in removing the battery), the radio requires the original security code to begin functioning. This is a security feature in case the radio is stolen. You will need the original code from Honda or another source to get it going again. The national dealer network should have this available for you.
  • drpjodrpjo Posts: 1
    there is a way, i ran into the same problem. when you bought the car you should have got a radio number with it or if they didnt give this to you like they didnt in my case you have to take your radio out check the bottom of it get the serial number on the bottom and call honda, then they will give you the security code.
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