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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • Finallly had time to fix the window problem. For anyone with a similar problem, here is what I did. I have the P/W wiring diagram and finally found time to look it over.
    1. Started at the relay under the hood. That looked fine.
    2. Then went to the Relay under the dash. Had 12V hot on one of the large sockects and and 0V on all the rest.
    3. Turned on the ignition to acc.
    4. Now also had 12V Switched on one of the small connections for the relay.
    5. Put the relay back in and leave the car ignition onto acc.
    6. Test the driver's individual fuse socket for 12V that is coming from the relay.
    7. Verify the fuse is good.
    8. Now we go to the driver door. Remove the small gray plastic cover that is around the window switch/arm rest area.
    9. Unplug the gray and brown harnesses.
    10. On the gray harness connector, the Black/blue wire had 12v when the ignition was switched on.
    11. Now, this stumped me for a little bit, but I knew it is something common to all of the windows, so I tested the ground wire (Solid Black or Black/Brown).
    12. Ohm'd this out to the car and it showed an infinite resistance or a break in the wire.
    13. After removing the door panel, I traced the ground wire back through the door to the hinge area between the door and car frame.
    14. The wires were in a rubber tube to protect them. I pulled the rubber covering back from the door side and found the Black ground wire was broken.
    15. To fix the problem, i simply cut the wire and attached it to the metal door because it would have been a pain to pull it out and resolder it. Everything works now, but you need to make sure you get the ground wire attached to a portion of the car that is grounded.

    Your problem might be a litle different or a different wire might be broken, but these steps should help you at least diagnose where the problem is coming from.

    If anyone has a similar problem and need more details or are confused, let me know.

    Good luck!
    -Mark ;)
  • I have been able to get the trunk latch to lock, however the trunk open icon on the dash comes on and there are three chirps when locking the car via the remote. I guess I'll have to play with the contacts on the latch to get the icon to go off. If anybody has any input on that, I would appreciate it.
  • i have a 1.5 ils vtec civic having problems picking up speed mostley on 5th gear uphill on highway (on flat road its seems to be fine) for example if i am driving 80 mph on the highway an then i have to go uphill it will start reducing speed to about 65 mph. There is no pick up to the car even on the carriageways up slopes it does the same. The clutch seems to be fine, can anyone help i would appreciate this.
  • my 99 honda civic has 160000 miles, never gave me any problems before, till yeaterday. I could not start the car, the starter turns over, but would not crank over, had to tow it to the local repair shop. The mechanic thought it was the distributor, but that wasn't it. He now thinks it's the computer in the car, Has any one of you ever heard of computer going out on 99 honda civic? He won't order the computer, because, if that is not the problem, he can't return the computer, so they towed it to the Honda dealer today. I have to wait till tomorrow to find out what is worng with it. I need some Help, Please. :cry:
  • ok. i did something that im not really too proud of to my '05 honda civic coupe. i was messing around with the steering wheel, and i dropped a quarter inside it. like, in between the cover plastic outside part and the inside part, where the actual horn is. now, when i turn, it sometimes honks, and i get weird looks from other cars around me. i can hear the quarter rolling around inside the wheel, and it is just killing me that i cant get to it. my question is this: is there a way to take of the outter part of the steering wheel so i could get to the quarter? it is bugging me sooo much. and i feel sooo dumb about it. please help me if u know anything about how i should take care of it. thanks
  • I am having the same issue. Did you get a response as to which sensor needs to be replaced???
  • I have a 1990 honda civic with 258,000 miles I've recently rebuilt the motor due to a head gasket leak. The oem exhaust manifold was cracked so I went with some aftermarket headers. I'am having problems with the car not starting when it is shut off after it has been running and is warmed up. It will start after the hood is opened and allowed to cool off. This is starting to become more frequent so I was wondering if it might be the main relay going bad or if it could be the injector resistor.
  • it seems right for the dealership to do it. if you can do it yourself its not that hard and you can get the OEM part or an aftermarket header system that will bolt right up to the existing exhaust for about $150-200.
  • ROFL!!! :P This is the first time I've ever heard of this.

    Have you tried going to an empty parking lot and drive slowly in a figure 8? Maybe the coin might come back up from the top of the steering wheel?

    If not, it would be best to take the car to the dealer. You don't want to risk damaging the airbag. It would cost lots of $$$ to replace if it's damaged.
  • rjc5rjc5 Posts: 11
    Apparently there's no Door Ajar indicator on LX 05. This has trunk open indicator. EX has it. I think it's a safety hazard. Isn't it a standard safety feature in all cars? Thanks!
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    You're not by chance in Canada, are you? If you are, Canadian quarters (like all Canadian coins, except for the penny) are magnetic. Unlike American quarters, you can pick up a Canadian one with a magnet. If by some strange chance you're up north, you may be in luck.

  • i have the same problem with my del sol.. so what did the dealership say?
  • well, got my car back yesterday.
    Dealer told me it was coil & igniter. Costed me $450.
    I did some search for the parts price online, at
    Igniter OEM
    In Stock $212.37 178.48
    In Stock $212.37 101.78

    Ignition Coil OEM
    In Stock $93.42 84.65
    Ignition Coil OEM
    In Stock Bosch $93.42 53.25
    Ignition Coil
    In Stock Aftermarket $93.42 57.79
  • I woould like to know how to change the clock on a 2002 Civic I bought mine without a owners manual as well.
  • My 94' civic has strange problem. I can start it just fine in dry and warm weather. Bur I can not start it if it is raining or it was raining last night. Mechanics changed battery, but this did not fix the problem. Last night, I can not started it again. I opened hood and I find there are some sparkles from a black part connected to the left-side of engine when I tried to ignite the car. Technician may not able to see this during the day time.

    Did anyone have the similar problem with mine? What is final solution for the problem. :confuse:
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    It cost(ed) you the equivalent of $300 in aftermarket parts and $150 for diagnosis and repair. Sounds reasonable to me.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    It needs a minor tuneup. Replace the distributor cap and spark plug wires, and check the plugs while you're in there..
  • juwjuw Posts: 1
    Hi there,

    I bought a new 2005 Civic LX two weeks ago and the transmission failed two days ago. The car would not go above 20 m/h. The dealership replaced the transmission with a re-manufactured one. When I asked why, the service manager said Honda doesn't make new transmission. It only re-manufactures transmission. Is this true? Or was the dealership lying? I am wondering what options I have in such case? I don't want a re-manufactured transmission on a brand new car no matter the dealership provides the same warranty. Can I demand a replacement? Your help is appreciated.

  • aiwaiw Posts: 1
    I have a 92 dx with 220500 on it and have been having the same problem as you for the last two years. With it randomly not starting like when it sits all day or if I turn it off after driving awhile and try to start it right back up. The car will turn over but doesn't catch the spark to ignite. I've taken it in quite a few times and had different things fixed but no one can figure it out. A couple days ago it finally went out. It started fine and I reversed out of my driveway but as I put it in first and started to go, the car died. It still does the almost start thing but now doesn't start ever. The mechanics I have it at now tell me I need to replace the computer which I'm skeptical about but will let you know how it turns out. Please let me know what you find out as well. April
  • I have a 95 Civic EX that idles erratically when cold. When the engine warms up the problem goes away. Someone suggested to change the idle control valve and I did, but the problem is still there. :confuse:
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