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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,416
    It's either the rotors or you have something very very loose under there. You'd better check again on that. The rotors can be tested with a run-out gauge.


  • sam47sam47 Posts: 1
    First, let me thank you for posting!! I was on my way to work today & the transmission on my 2001 Honda Civic EX went nuts! It just kept revving & wouldn't change gears & I couldn't go over 20mph. I had the car towed to the dealership & they informed me that the transmission was shot. I ONLY HAVE 31K MILES ON IT! :cry: I have an extended warranty but that is now in debate as far as what they will cover. I started researching online & found this link. I called the Honda number & was given a case number. The associate informed me that, although he cannot guarantee anything, he'd be shocked if they didn't assist me since the mileage is so low. They'll be getting back to me w/in 24-48 hours. I'll let you know how that turns out. Thanks, again, for your post b/c I wouldn't have even known that this was an option!!
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Caps off please, you're killing my eyes.

    Check your owner's manual for the answer to your question.
  • i have a 1994 honda civic 4 cylinder which will not run i can get it to run but then the fuel injectors seem to be stuck or something because it causes the fuel to flood the motor i have replaced the oxygen sensor,fuel pressure regulator,and mass air sensor if someone knows anything about this i would like to here your comments i have been trying to figure this out for almost 6 months :D
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    On the 05 Civic, I think it is 90,000 miles. If that is not correct, I will repost the correct one when I get the book and look it up.
  • lumlum Posts: 1
    i am glad i found this forum. i got a brand new 2005 honda civic. i have put in less than 9000 miles. now i got a emission control light showed up. i checked the oil and coolant since my previous honda accord used to eat up my coolant. the coolant is gone/dried. is this normal? i asked the dealership before i bought the car and he said that he hasnt heard anything about the new civic that would do that. can anyone help me why my emission control light is on?

  • Your car is still under warranty. Take it to the dealership and they will be able to tell you what the problem is, and fix it free of charge. :)
  • In the 60,000 miles that you owned your Honda Civic, did you ever have the transmission fluid changed? If the answer to this question is "yes", did you replace the fluid with factory fluid or after market fluid?

    There have a few instances of automatic transmission failures on 7th generation Civics (2001 - 2005). As the owner of a 2005 Civic EX, I am very interested in knowing WHY they failed. The question above was never answered by "mmurua", so I'd like to have anyone else who's automatic transmission has failed to answer the same questions. Your input would be greatly appreciated.
  • mmuruammurua Posts: 4
    I am glad the info I provided on this forum helped someone. Did Honda Corp offer to pay for your transmission? I was very fortunate that Honda decided to pay for my transmission. I saved myself over $3000!!! :) I was responsible for the Labor which was $330, which I will pay anyday instead of $3300 + tax for a transmission!! I just got a call back today from the dealer to pick up my car, but now they are telling me my engine light is on and they would charge me a $99 to do a pinpoint test (just for the test) . This is so odd?? When I dropped off my car the engine light was not on, and I would assure you they would of mentioned it to me when I dropped off the car? I think some dealers are just our to get more money off you!! I called Corporate again and left a message regarding this suituation. Waiting for a call back.
  • mmuruammurua Posts: 4
    Yes, it was changed around 40,000 miles, since I was out of my warranty I had the fluid change outside of the Honda Dealer. I still think a 01 Honda Civic at 60,000 miles transmission should not be blowing out!! If this is the case I should of but a Hundai for $5,000 less with a 10 year warranty! I trusted Honda and that is why I chose to have a higher premium, I would never expected to have this problem with a Honda at 60,000 miles. At the end, I am satisfied that I did choose Honda as oppose to a Hundai since Corporate decided to pay for the entire cost of the transmission. I know another dealer would not have done nothing for me, especially since I was out of my warranty....
  • I have 01 civic w/ 55,000mi. the transmission failed also. Honda agreed to replace it. All I learned so far from the dealer is that the codes from machine they hooked the car to said the transmission failed. Obviously there is a defect in the transmission, but what specifically is the problem? I have seen were people have put 2-3 transmissions in their Honda. Has anyone who had their transmission replace had it last or is it time to sell the car?
  • jburkjburk Posts: 5
    I'm having trouble figuring out how to take of my rear wiper blade on my 92 Civic Hatchback. Does anybody have any advice?
    Thanks for your help
  • hello i own a wonderful 1993 Honda Civic LX , it has 180,000 miles and runs like a dream the car was given to me as a gift from my aunt a few years ago they always kept everything up to par on the car,anytime there was a minor problem it went directly in the shop it even has a brand new radiator on it but ever since ive had the car the temperature guage will redline out of nowhere then it will shoot from the hot mark to the cold mark outta nowhere it happens when its driven awhile or while idling at a stoplight the car doesnt appear to be overheating though even though the temp guage says so but i would like to get this problem fixed. my aunt who gave me the car lives in texas and she drove the car from texas to illinois wich was a 11 hour drive and she said the whole time it was redlining and ive driven it many miles since that and have never had a problem out of it . would you happen to know what could be the cause and how much it will cost me to get the problem fixed? my aunt was told it is some type of switch that cost 40$ from autozone that tells the car whether its hot or cold but im not sure if thats true. also when its cold outside in the winter my heat doesnt work and the temp guage will not leave the cold mark
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,416
    Yes, sounds like either the temperature sending unit, or less likely the gauge itself or the sending unit wire that goes to the gauge is lose or grounding (touching metal somewhere).


  • i am thinking of taking the car to a honda dealer and having them put it on the machine and fix all of the minor problems is that a good idea or a costy one? point is i know the car is still good and will last many more miles i would rather put a few grand into this car that i know is good rather than having a 500$ car payment
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,416
    Well I don't know that you need to go to the dealer for general repairs. They usually don't like to work on old cars anyway. If i were you, I'd find a good independent shop that specializes in japanese cars.


  • I got a 2006 Civic last week. I love it---except---the stereo gets terrible static on all AM (FM is ok) stations. I took it back to the dealer yesterday. They took the stereo out to check the connections (no problems) and then brought in another 06 Civic to compare the two. Said they both were similar in reception. They said it may be a problem that Honda will address after the car has been out in the market for a while and other owners complain. Maybe, a recall? They suggested I call customer service to voice my complaint and hang tight for a couple of months. Meanwhile---STATIC! Any suggestions?
  • I got ahold of a 93 del sol si with an old clunker b18a i have a friend into building honda's and he has a 97 3.0 that i would like to drop under my hood.. does anyone have any info on where to start and possibly a link on how to? any help would be appreciated..
  • goosegoose Posts: 77
    Love the car. Its the best Honda to date. Anyway I have two issues. 1. My stereo starts to skip. It happens during the evening or after I've been going around starting and stopping the engine. At least I believe thats the case. I first noticed it during the night. It could also be the stereo is heating up. Anyway the skipping happens with MP3 disks and store bought CD's. 2. The other problem is rattles in my rear deck. It happens once the interior cools down. The problem is not present when the vehicle has been in the heat and the interior has heated up. Any suggestions? :shades:
  • When it is cold in the morning my 1985 Civic Wagon will rev to 3500-4000 rpm after a minute of operation. It will continue to idle fast until warm. What part of the carburator is controlling the idle? Can this be adjusted or disconnected? My foot can provide the alternative idle if needed.
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