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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • I will try that. Thank you for your input.
  • I have a 98 Civic hatchback which is flooding like mad. I think I've narrowed down the source to the tail light area, so I think this thread would apply to my siutation. But the most I've ever done on this car was replace the battery and change a tire - so I have no idea how to replace the tail light gasket. I didn't even know I could take the tail light off myself. Are special tools required? Someone suggested resealing the old gasket with black latex sealer, and someone else said it could be replaced, but to make sure to get the gasket froma dealer. Any idea which would be a more permanent fix? It's bad enough to have to bail out the wheel well every time it rains, but when I had to change my tire last month, the water was frozen - I had to chip out the donut before I could change the tire! I appreciate the help, thank you. :cry:
  • crissmancrissman Posts: 145
    It's just a patch, but if you have pinpointed the spot where water gets in try using some silicon caulking on the inside of the trunk. Make sure the entry point is dry and just smeer some caulk on the seam with your finger. Put it on the bottom of the inside of the light assembly. Very simple, cheap, and it can't hurt anything to try. You can always do the gasket fix if this doesn't work.
  • My wife thinks I'm a weirdo because I acutally read directions, so that is what I did the first time, with the bottle sized for 12 gallons. But I didn't use Premium fuel (which I don't think the directions say.)

    I'll give this a shot as well as the sparkplugs. Thanks for the info on this and the O2 sensor stuff, everyone.
  • I like latex sealer because it's not messy.

    Of course, replacing the gaskets is the best solution. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Many tail light assemblies uses plastic wheels to secure them to the car just unplug the various plugs and spin those wheels off and yank. A few use small bolts, but again, a simple 1/4" ratchet drive takes care of that.

    Sometimes you can stop a leak by just screwing those plastic wheels down tighter.
  • lately my civic has been stalling. it gets to like 30 to 40 mph and then its like the car is rpm is going down. pressing to the gas does nothing then then the rpm jumps to like 5/6rpm. i tried changing the spark plugs but that only helps for like a day. whats up? how do i fix this?
  • I'll give it a try - thanks a lot!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 17,347
    Replacing those tailight gaskets isn't hard, just time consuming. You really should do this ASAP since water in your trunk isn't a good thing!
  • Anyone come across this problem yet? Check Engine Light (CEL) stayed on after starting my 2002 Civic DX (sedan, 5spd) with 35K miles the other night. Autozone scan using OBD II found P1607. Service manual says: Engine Control Module (ECM)/Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Internal Circuit Malfunction. Removed #6 fuse (fuse to "brain") for 10 secs, reinstalled, turned ignition key on (position II) for 40 secs as per Service Manual and CEL is still on.

    There are no other symptoms, i.e. oil level/pressure is fine, runs fine, coolant level ok, nothing amiss other than the orange/yellow glow of the light.

    (1) Does it hurt the car to drive?
    (2) Is the brain really bad after only 35K miles?
    (3) Any other ideas as to fixes besides replacing the brain?
  • Review of Honda Warranty says ECM and PCM are covered 8 years/80,000 miles.

    I'm still curious to know if others have come across this DTC.

  • 06 EX,,, When i turn on my defroster sometimes i get a anti-freeze smell comin through the vents,,, just wondering if it's normal sometimes or if i should get it looked at? It's not a big deal to me,, just something i've noticed.
  • Brand new car? I'd have it looked at. I've had my '02 DX for 3+ years now and never had an anti-freeze smell.

    Just my $.02.
  • The door to the gas tank on my 2001 Civic won't open. I press down on the release button in the car and nothing happens. Does anyone know how I would go about fixing that? Do I need to take it to a mechanic, or could I do it myself? What might it cost me if I took it to a mechanic?

  • hey man the same thing happened to both my 91 probe and my 99 civic si try checking the electrical connectors to the fuel injectors ..... and if that dont do the trick take and do a carbon cleaning to it..i did both to both my cars and it hasn't done it since then...good luck.
  • crissmancrissman Posts: 145
    Does it feel different than usual when you press the release button? Could be the cable that connects the release to the latch at the fuel door has worked loose. You would then need to make sure the cable is firmly attached to both the release button and the latch. I suppose the cable could be broken, too. Since it probably runs across the bottom of the car, maybe something hit it, stretching or breaking it. Try checking it out yourself before submitting to a $50+/hr. mechanic charge. Good luck.
  • Check again, it is now. HONDA is investigating! The car has been quarantined and wrapped in plastic by our insurance company to preserve the evidence for a subrogation investigation.SEE Complaint Number: 10149079 :lemon:
  • Good day everyone. My car is a 2004 Honda Civic. Yesterday morning, I had ice on my windshield and used a scraper to remove it before leaving for work. Unfortunately, the scraper left some scratches on the windshield. Since I am fully covered for glass, I notified my insurance company who put me in touch with the glass repair facility they use. The facility told me the scratches cannot be repaired and the windshield would have to be replaced. This seems extreme to me given that the scratches are minor and not that deep. It is fully covered though. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Anyone have experience getting windshield scratches repaired? Is it overboard to replace the entire windshield or the best thing to do? Thanks!
  • I'm sure this will sound silly, but where are these plugs? The tail lights look like they are flush with the car. (I told you I was bad at this!) Also, I learned when trying to unhook my battery that everything is tooled in metric units - what would be the 1/4" equivalent for the ratchet drive?

    I really appreciate all the help! :blush:
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Just because yours is the ONE AND ONLY complaint filed with the NHTSA does not mean that there is any kind of endemic problem as you have implied.

    Your report about a witness doesn't mean much because the "witness" could never have witnessed the position of the driver's feet on the pedals or hands on the steering wheel. If the driver stomped on the brakes, causing the accident, the witness' comments would have no validity.
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