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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • medic4txmedic4tx Posts: 18
    I noticed the same thing the salesman told you about the compressor clutch not engaging. It does warm up a little but as soon as I get going it gets ICE cold. :shades:
  • My problem was apparently that there was a leak, in the new Civic EX I purchased. They put some die or something in, and was able to spot in with black light. They have to order a 'wire' or something that it was leaking from.
  • ellllellll Posts: 18
    I have the same noises..

    and from my experience, the sound is most like a shock/strut knock, or a loose caliper..., perhaps on heavy systems, a brake pad..(wouldn't be that source on this car...)

    I am disturbed to discover it is happening to others. I was advised they "couldn't hear it" and all was correct, after checking and re-torque...I will post on this, and ask any with the same please advise, as I intend to do something about it..

    My Regards, ellll :(
  • ellllellll Posts: 18
    A bit more on the '06, rt. front wheel area noise..over uneven road surface..quite loud..tap/tak/knock/etc.... sound.One other case here near me...seen a few others on forums...Need diag/repair, and it is not forthcoming.

    Removed and trimmed the rt. edge, of the trunk undercover.(Three bolts/three clips) It will, on HARD bumps, sometimes contact the bottom of the body, as it flexes too much on the rt side.....also:

    Re-set exhaust shields, and removed all four wheel covers...Still no relief. Worth pointing out it is surely "unsprung", (on the wheel or other connecting parts), rather than body..and it is in the "return" travel of the wheel, it seems....that is, a "sharp", "short" shock-travel bump, and the noise seems at the "end" of the bump. not beginning...

    Hoping for help on this!!!!!!!

    Regards, ellll
  • ellllellll Posts: 18

    Began with mine, an LX Sedan, at 1000 miles...present miles: 2500
  • zigzagnzigzagn Posts: 5
    I am having the same issues on my 2006 Honda Civic. It doesnt rattle all the time but it rattles when I back up then go forward and when I hit a series of bumps. I have removed everything from the trunk and the only thing I can figure is that it's coming from the spare tire. I am taking it to the Honda dealer this week hopefully they can fix it because it drives me nuts.
  • ellllellll Posts: 18
    Note that the shield under the trunk area on the bottom will sometimes tap on the new Civic..(see furthur along in this post...)

    There seem also to be a number of possible sources of noise as shown by other posts, and some are of real concern for some people, but I have no other source of excess noise, other than the taps I have fixed myself, and the suspension..(see below..)

    I am confused by eastern purchasers who refer to the right side and add "driver" side...but will refer to right and left only, in my posts, as I am USA and drive from the left...(I finally caught on to the right hand driver position in the East...Maybe I am a bit slower than my Honda...!!)

    I find that my major complaint, (after trimming off the edge on the airflow under-liner (Wonder what you actually should call that shield of plastic??),by the muffler, which often "TAPS" the bottom of the car RIGHT by the muffler..), is again!!!..STILL the front suspension, or possibly the right engine area.(???) I still believe it is in the right front suspension, however.

    It is quite disturbing on a more uneven surface, like patched areas in a highway, and is worse at some 50km speed...Mine noise is ONLY over bumps of said nature, and not at all regular...(I do like the "Tak" referral as to the sound it makes..!!)

    All other areas of interest in owning a car have been FINE on my Civic, (inc. mileage), however, for me, and I hope it continues, as I DO really like this car......If I could just correct the tapping/knocking "Takking"right front sus...I would be HAPPY.!!!

    My Regards!!,...John :)
  • The AC in my 06 Civic emits the most horrible chemical/moldy type smell I've ever encountered...enough to make me nautious every time I turn it on. Have had it in the shop 3 times now. They have replaced the AC filter and shot some deoderizer through it which only made the nasty smell worse because of the mix! Now they are trying to tell me its the inside of the car itself...the plastic parts heat up when its hot outside...Whatever! I know the entire car now smells bad because that stink has permeated everything. Has anyone else had this trouble? :mad:
  • ellllellll Posts: 18
    As to interior odor...I do wonder the time you have had it....

    Mine did have a strong chemical smell, noticed more by my wife, for the first month or 5 weeks...She used the somewhat "weak" citrus based things under the seats, and now it seems to be gone even when very hot for the is about 10-11 weeks since we drove it away from the dealer.....

    Regards, to all, John
  • I own a 2007 Honda Fit sport (Black) and when it hit 90 degrees here last week it didn't take long for the AC to cool the car, about 3-5 minutes after sitting in the sun.
  • I've had it since late November. Picked it up again from the shop yesterday. They still dont know what the problem is. Its so permeated with the deoderizer and bacterial eater they sprayed in it...its just gross! I am not a happy camper. Trying to mask the original putrid smell is is NOT the fix I was looking for!
  • ellllellll Posts: 18
    To please (!!), continue this thread, and hopefully determine the actual replys related to the original and subsequent complaint,...I reply to the orig., with the following, realizing that some seem to be talking about a DIFFERENT noise at times; SO:

    I went for a DRIVE with the shop foreman at my dealership this morning, and he told me of a man who was so mad that (this) foreman was UNABLE to hear the noise when taken for a test drive on another new Civic with sim. apparent suspension noise..Thats two and another just by word of mouth for possibly three examples, in a county of about 150,000 people...

    In my drive, the noise WAS heard and noted, I am glad to say, but was much LESS than I usually hear, ON The SAME ROAD...

    I returned this foreman, and tried again, alone, same road, and it was MUCH louder, so:

    It becomes OBVIOUS, for American vehicles, at least, that the adding of a passenger on the right side reduces the sound, suggesting that it is indeed likely in the right front, (possibly rear...)wheel and/or suspension. The man whose complaint could NOT be heard is being called by the dealership, for another test...(This is considered a very good dealership...)

    I was told however.., NO FIX unless, and until, it runs the "distance" in time, to become a possible recall I am going to a local expert on suspension and alignment for help...

    Should we then, find the culprit, I will of course bring it to this forum.

    It must be noted that other forums have the same complaint in place, as a thread...and also, note the sometimes extreme difficulty in tracking down "noises", so it is best it seems, to "be nice" about this, and try to work with the company...I will try to do that...

    My Regards, John
  • ellllellll Posts: 18
    I am sorry you have the problem and do hope you find a solution. It might be worth taking it to a quality interior detail shop to see what they would suggest... :)

    My Regards, John
  • ellllellll Posts: 18
    Hi all,

    Mine hasn't had a brake failure as such, but sitting at a light with pedal depressed..after some 15 seconds or so, the pedal moves down about half an inch more...suddenly...

    Is this perhaps related, or a warning I should think about???

    Regards, John :surprise:
  • fe203fe203 Posts: 21
    Next time while stopped at a traffic light or stop, see if the brake pedal gives you that sinking feeling the same time as the A/C compressor cuts in. That is what I have noticed in my Civic. I think when the A/C compressor cuts in it draws power from the engine and the booster pressure on the brake system drops causing that pedal sinking. Don't think its anything to worry about though.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    I have heard of the this behavior of the brake pedal sinking further while the car is stopped with other cars long before the 2006 Civic was released.
    This is nothing unusual.
  • erc1erc1 Posts: 21
    It has something to do with the circulation of the brake fluid--in fact, you're in trouble if it DOESN'T happen. I remember reading about this in the Chilton's for my Toyota.
  • zigzagnzigzagn Posts: 5
    I just took my 2006 Honda Civic in today because I was having problems with a rumbling noise. I would hear it when I backed up and on some surfaces on the road. They discovered a shock was blown and leaking. You may want to have the shocks checked.
  • zigzagnzigzagn Posts: 5
    I took my 2006 Honda Civic in today. They discovered one of the rear shocks was blown and leaking. I'm glad they discovered it other wise I was going crazy listening that rumbling noise.
  • ellllellll Posts: 18
    Hi Friends,

    Not sure I understand the reply to thread requirement here, but I will just hit two at once...

    Thanks for the info on the blown shock..They offered me NO relief however, and said all was fine..and that was in fact, AFTER the tech rode with me yesterday. He accepted the noise; HE could hear it for certain this time...I WILL have that issue examined when I go for the survey by the alignment people..I still plan that, as they will not "mince" around about it...

    In addition, the sudden slacking of the brake pedal while being held under pressure is of interest indeed. However, I havn't felt it so "certain", before, and not at all on the two Buick Cent. I own...Perhaps it is the reason I noticed it on the Honda. It is not a cause for alarm, it would seem, and in that case, I have no other concerns with mine...

    I will add more on the "tak, Tak," sound in the front suspension when I get more..

    My Regards, John :D
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