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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • Hi, I'm new to the town hall, but just wanted to ask...........I'm thinking of buying my son a 94 Civic,our first Honda. Is there anything that that is "known" to be a common problem that I should look for? I've heard nothing but good things about them! Any info would be a great help! thanks!
  • I just recently purchased a 94 Civic EX coupe, 93K on it, its perfect. You just have to make sure that the timing belt has been changed, the manual calls for this at 90K but I know the prev. owner broke hers at 78K. Thats all I know of. The only other thing I know the prev. owners changed were the clutch master and slave cylinders, they were leaking.
  • Don't know how far back Consumer Reports auto issue goes when rating used cars. But they list all the different areas and where there may be trouble (i.e, electrical, brakes, transmission, etc.). The auto issue is due fairly soon I think. Last years (April I think) should probably have the info.

    FWIW that's my favorite generation (believe it was '92-'95). Love the styling, the most sporty looking of the last few gens in my opinion. Prior to purchase run the VIN through one of those services (or have the dealer do it if you are buying from them) to make sure nothing funny happened to it.
  • I bought a 94 sedan at a wholesale lot in 1998 and it had 124,000 miles on it. I commute almost 100 miles/day, so was looking for something to help me out.

    This car has been super. Other than scheduled maintenance and getting the timing belt replaced (no signs of problems, but better safe than sorry), I have had no problems. It runs excellent, doing almost my entire commute at 80-84mph.

    It shows no signs of dying, but I have already started looking for my next Civic....
  • Our 93 EX at 141,000 is great too. Excellent first car or commuter car if you ask me. Enough power, enough room, still looks good if clean, great gas mileage, and a comfortable ride. You can't ask for much more if you are looking for a cheap $4,000-$5,000 car.
  • How much does it cost for a new timing belt to be replaced (dealership w/ labor included)? I have a 98 Civic EX auto. I need to see in my owner's manual if it needs changed at 60K or 90K. Thanks in advance.
  • At my 15K checkup, I mentioned the problem with the fuel guage and low fuel warning light that others have mentioned. The service dept. ordered a new instrument cluster. After the replacement, the service rep said that they had to replace it as per Honda's instructions but that the problem might instead be a fuel sensor. They said to bring it back if the problem persisted.

    Not thinking this through, I found the new odometer was at 12 miles. My 15K were wiped away and I was starting over with a little sticker on the door jamb describing the odometer replacement and mileage.

    Naive question 1: couldn't they roll the odometer forward to match the old one?

    Naive question 2: despite the sticker, will the value of my car be knocked down at trade-in?
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    Cost varies on the timing belt installation depending on where your from and where you get it done. Usally the timing belt is replaced in conjunction with the water pump and external belts which in NJ cost about $400.00 parts and labor. On the 98's I believe that it is recomended at 105,000.
  • Thanks for the heads-up, Auburn63.
  • the SRS airbag light on my 95 civic EX will not go out - started after i killed the battery and got a jump start
    does anyone know how to disable the light so I can pass inspection? i'm scared to take it to the dealer, i'm sure they are going to charge me a fortune to get it fixed, and I can't afford to put any money in the car
  • I have a 02 Civic 4dr. EX with about 3,000 miles. My first tank of gas gave me the best mileage at 34 mpg. Since then, it has steadily declined to about 29 mpg. I drive mostly highway miles and drive usually around 65 mph. I'm not thrilled about the mileage after hearing people getting about 38 to 40 mpg. Is it possible that there is a problem with the ignition system? Oxygen sensor? Anyone have similar problems?
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    pvilla wrote:

    I'm just curious to know if anybody with 2001ex is having a knocking noise
    coming from what I think is the front drivers side brake/suspension. I'm about to take it in to have it checked,it happens usually at low speeds when i'm coming to a stop going less than
    10MPH .Also, I hear almost the same sound except its louder, coming from the passengers side
    when I pass through a deep dip at speeds of 30-40MPH.

    Aha! I was checking this board because my girlfriend's RSX-S has a similar problem!

    It sounds like a clicking noise coming from the front left wheel. It's like something metallic is shifting. It's like it has two states - forward and backward, and clicks in the transition.

    For instance when braking - I get a click - it is now in its "forward" state. From this point brake as hard as you will - there is no click.

    Then accelerate, or go through a bump - I get a click - it is now in its "backward" state, and ready to click under braking.

    And yes - normally happens at slow speed during braking.

    Anyone have an idea what it might be?

    Acura couldn't fix the problem initially, but we'll bring the car in for service soon, and ask to look into this again...
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    your going to be told that what you are hearing is a normal shifting of the brake pads. This is a correct statement, however, if you do not like the sound and want it to go away for a while then what you can do or have done for you is apply a small amount of disc brake quiet to the back side of the pads. This will slow down the shift and eliminate the noise. Good luck
  • mikemw1mikemw1 Posts: 15
    this also can happen when you have an aftermarket brake pad
  • sgrd0qsgrd0q Posts: 398
    Thanks guys! Will inspect the brake pads on my next visit to the dealer!
  • I have a 2002 Civic that has trouble starting.
    This has happened on 3 different days in the past
    2 weeks. Have taken it to dealer twice with
    no results. No remarkable circumstances surround
    this--no extreme weather or conditions. Of course, car starts for dealer; they say nothing
    can be done until the car doesn't start for them.
    Any ideas? This is a brand new car--5000miles!
  • Three times in the past 2 weeks my new (5000mi)
    Civic failed to start until after several attempts were made. After about 10-20 minutes,
    it would start. Have had it to the dealership
    twice and they have found nothing. They say they
    can't do anything until it doesn't start for
    them! Does this make sense? What can I do?!!!
  • Hi raywicoff,
    I am having similar problem with my brand new car(2002 civic). If its get cold (15-20) then I have to try 3/4 times before it starts...I will contact the dealer today and let you know if they say anything different..
  • rfruthrfruth Posts: 630
    My 00 Civic won't start until the key is left in the run position (not running yet) until the check engine light goes out (a few seconds) then crank and the engine fires right up. If I try to hurry & jab the key in and go straight to crank the engine won't start right away (my owners manual doesn't explain this process very well at all but there are pages and pages on how to use the radio) if your lucky this will help.
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