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Honda Civic: Problems & Solutions



  • srockrsrockr Posts: 79
    Have an '03 Civic:

    Anyone know an easy way to chk the coolant reserve tank? It is in the front of the engine near fan but down low and hard to read.

    Also, hood is not super tight. There is slight looseness on the right and left side front when it is latched and shut. Anyone know if this can be adjusted?

  • srockrsrockr Posts: 79
    Sorry about your accident. If you are like me you treasure your little Civic. Posting on these boards is a good way to start to look for an auto body shop in your area. You might also check other boards for this same reason & call the better business bureau?

    Good luck
  • Hey all,

    My car slips all the time, those firestones have no traction whatsoever. I have about 42,000 miles and that may have something to do with it, but I can't afford to replace the tires till summer.
    By the way, I took my car to the dealers for an oil change and they told me that I needed to get the rear brakes adjusted. Is this normal? Do I need to get the rear brakes adjusted? and if I do need to get it adjusted, does this need to be done every once in awhile?
  • srockrsrockr Posts: 79
    Anyone know about how much to get the brakes adjusted at the dealership?
  • spokanespokane Posts: 514
    Keeping the above suggestions in mind, go to another shop. A shop that tells you to "pump the gas pedal" is not one to be trusted. That action cannot possibly help, even though it will not cause flooding on modern fuel-injected engines. Good luck.
  • jrock80jrock80 Posts: 66
    This is very interesting to read all of these starting problems. I just bought a 2003 Accord EX V6 and it is doing the same thing. It takes a couple tries to get it started once in a while. While my dealer has been "unable to reproduce" this problem, they have replaced the fuel pump and pressure regulator. It was good for about 2 weeks and then tonight it took 3 times to get it to start. Reading the Odyssey and Pilot message boards as well, it looks like there are quite a few of us experiencing this problem. Maybe if we all band together we can start a class action suit against Honda. I called American Honda as well and was told that they know of no such issues involving hard starting or no starting on any of their vehicles. (yeah right). I dont feel so alone after reading all of these posts, but what do we do about it?
  • I am getting ready to replace the CV Boots on a 1993 Civic LX and was wondering how much this should cost. I want to get a number before I call around for quotes. I live in the DC area if that helps. Thanks
  • Hi,

    I posted earlier on here about the replacing the window switch and I appreciate the responses. I do have another question about the 1999 Civic EX Coupe. When I try and spray winshield fluid on the window I have to keep pulling back on the lever and at first nothing happens then slowly the washing fluid will spray out of the nozzles onto the windows. Why does it take a few seconds for it to start spraying and why doesnt it spray as much as it should. If its the pump how hard is that to replace? How much would it cost? Where can I buy one?

  • jade00jade00 Posts: 7
    I have to say I LOVE driving my 2001 Honda Civic EX... It's that Zen at-one-with-the-car thing that allows me to relax and truly enjoy driving.SIGH..I bought my Civic brand new in Dec. 2001 and have had an ongoing problem from day one. The ac/heater fan output fluctuates with RPMs and the fan speed cycles up and down while idling.Of course the usual assortment of [non-permissible content removed], rip-offs and liars in my local Honda dealers service department all claimed this was Normal...maybe. Now when fan speed cycles up and down my interior lights and headlights will dim and brighten. Sometimes my ABS light comes on as well. At this point my CD player will slow down or stop altogether all of this occurs in tandem with the fan. In Dec 2002 the alternator was replaced, problem solved!(at least for the 80 mile drive home from Portland) By the next day all "symptoms"were GO again, the new alternator has made NO difference whatsoever.Has anyone got any ideas about this?? or better yet has anyone had this problem solved. I'd be happy to give the services guys an idea of where to start looking fro the problem as they are obviously grasping at straws for an answer now!! For a more detailed posting of the issues I have with Hondas claim of Reliability, Service and yes, even Safety I will post to Honda Problems board. Thanks for listening!
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    Have they checked your Civic regulator?

  • srockrsrockr Posts: 79
    I would think to check "Class Action Suites" on the internet might be a good start.

    My '03 has done this a few times but has always started on 2nd or 3rd try. Once all gauges quit working while driving. Didn't interfear w/ driving. Stopped car and then restarted then ok after that. Just had car washed earlier that day.

    Please let me know what else you find out;

  • This probably won't help you but here goes........
    I also have a 2001 Civic EX purchased in June of 2001. When it was new with very low miles I immediately noticed that the a/c fan was fluctuating. Couldn't figure it out. After a while of thinking I had a warranty problem I realized it was the electric engine fans kicking on and off that was causing the slight occillation in the a/c fan. When they come on, in certain low RPM conditions, it can cause a slight drain on the electrical system, thus making the other accessories that pull high amps fluctuate. I think I also read a bulletin from Honda at the dealer mentioning the situation and saying it was normal. My situation is so slight, however, that most people would probably never notice it. Yours sounds much more severe. Now, I am not saying that this is in any way related to your situation, but you might have the dealer check the load on your alternator when all accessories are on including lights and the cooling fans kick in and out. There may (although most unusual) be a short of some kind in one of the cooling fans that is causing a tremendous drain on the electrical system to the point of causing the abnormalities you relate. All components of your electrical system are suspect, including the battery's charge. Good Luck!
  • recommend the dealer check the load on your alternator using a fluke meter to determine the out put when all accessories are on including lights and the cooling fans kick in and out while the car is in "D" and brakes pressed" also check the rpm's at the same time.(not normal but, see if by adding maybe 50 rpm's might give the extra spin to compensate)
    Greetings from sunny Miami.
  • I have the same problem with my honda. If you read back to message #1670 thats when i started typing, there's alot of suggestions there (none that helped me). I've had my 2002 Civic EX for 6 months and it's been in the dealership for over 20 days with no repairs made. The dealership cant find the problem so i called American Honda in California (800-999-1009)call them and let them know about your problem (actually they're not much help either, then sent me a free 10,000 mile service, that didnt make my car start). I got a lawyer to get rid of this car, my suggestion is get rid of yours too. About 95% of 2001-2003 Honda owners i've spoken to have had the same problem so there's obviously something wrong with these years. Dont get me wrong, i love civic's with one exception, it doesnt start. Honda also told me to pump the gas petal and hold the key in the crank position until it started (which i was doing for at least 15 sec. at a time), this will flood your engine. If you flood your engine then they can blame the starting problem on you.

    JROCK- America Honda Lies! I have spoken with them at least 30 times and had screaming fights with many people there. They know there's a problem with these cars they just dont know how to fix it.
  • ALL OF YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Never in my life had I had so many people care who dont even know me!!! Its good to know there is a site like this where everyone can help each other. Hopefully there will be an end to this soon! My car goes in Tuesday! Wish me luck!!!!
  • rivertownrivertown Posts: 928
    Good luck, Ecastone! Let us know what you find out?

    (LOL, ain't none of us awesome. Just ask one of us about the others. I bet you get some @#$&*#'s mixed in with the awesome's, LOL.) I'm playing.
  • srockrsrockr Posts: 79
    What did they do in the 10,000 mile check?
  • It is too bad so many are having to deal with this issue. This forum is the first place I have ever heard of it. I have no idea what the problem is but I can assure all that Honda would be aware of it if there are many complaints, and probably are working out a solution. My 2001 Civic EX has 45,000 miles on it now in a year and half since purchase. It has never failed to start quickly usually on the 2 to 3 crank in all those miles. So obviously many of the cars are fine, and the problem can be resolved.
    Good Luck, and happy motoring.
  • Well according to my lawyer she has had MANY compliants on the new honda civic's not starting. And if the problem could be resolved i'm sure honda wouldn't be dealing with a law suit from me.

    SROCKR--My car only has only 5,000 miles on it so i havent gotten to the 10,000 mile service yet.
  • gee35coupegee35coupe Posts: 3,475
    What are you trying to get from a lawsuit. And isn't that gonna cost just about as much as just trading the car?
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