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New Sentra Owners' Experiences

When I picked up my car ('07 2.0 S) this past week I didn't notice then being it was dark, but now I have noticed that I hve two issues.

1) The clear plastic edge strips on my doors are coming unstuck and peeling off. This is not noticable on the outside of the vehicle yet, so far it is only on the inside edge of the door. Are these supposed to be there after customer delivery?

2) My window sticker shows the dealer apparently added wheel locks for ($89). I have the steel wheels and plastic caps. There are no "locks" as I know them installed, like what would be used on custom or alloy wheels.

Should I be peeved about this? One sales-rat tried to convince me they "lock" the caps to the wheels. He then scurried off when he figured out I knew what I was talking about.


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I altered your title slightly to be a little more descriptive. I'm sure some folks will stop by to help you with your questions.

    Meanwhile, let's drop the name-calling, okay? Maybe you'd like to stop by our Dealer Ratings & Reviews page to share your experience with other consumers in your area? That would be great!
  • I just noticed that my driver's door interior trim and weather strip had been worn down to the plastic and the weatherstrip is coming apart. It is appareantly wearing from me entering the car as I am the only driver. This is on a 2007 Sentra with only 16k miles!

    Is anybody else seeing this type of a wear problem? :sick:
  • What part of the weatherstrip is wearing? The side by the strike-pin and latch, or the bottom along the sill plate?
  • The side by the latch pin, where my butt would rub. All of the color is warn off and the weatherstrip is worn to the point that there is a hole in it.
  • I just noticed that my driver's door interior trim and weather strip had been worn down to the plastic and the weatherstrip is coming apart. It is appareantly wearing from me entering the car as I am the only driver. This is on a 2007 Sentra with only 16k miles!

    Is anybody else seeing this type of a wear problem?

    Unfortunately I don't see this as a defect so much as just unfortunate. The friction from rivets on jean pockets, tooled leatherworking on belts, and buttons on back pockets can scratch and scuff the interior trim just as easily as it will the paint on a fender or quarter-panel. I would recommend bringing this up to your dealer regarding premature wear on trim surfaces and try for a replacement. You never know they might fix it.

    The soft touch paint that is used on the interior trims can be rubbed off to show the molded plastic in whatever base trim color it was manufactured in. Typically you see this coloring on dashes and consoles. This is also why one trim area won't match another in color or tone exactly.

    The weatherstrip failure itself is directly related to being pulled by the friction of you entering the vehicle. This will eventually tear the "pillow" portion of the strip away from the retention base. Most of the time you will see this on the bottom door sill where people exiting the vehicle will drag their feet on the weatherstrip till it eventually tears.

    The only thing I can suggest is try not to rub on the door opening while getting into and out of the car. I don't know of any other remedy for what you are describing. I would bring the premature wear up to your dealer to try for a warranty replacement though.
  • nickerenickere Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2008 Sentra S and on the way home driving in the rain I felt a few drops of water on my left foot. Anyone else had this leak problem?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Could it be condensation from the air conditioning?
  • nickerenickere Posts: 3
    It probably is if the A/C line is in the vicinity. Should I try and insulate the line with some common pipe foam insulation?
  • sentra08sentra08 Posts: 17
    Even if it is the A/C, it shouldn't be leaking on your foot. I don't run the A/C too much, but when I have, I certainly haven't noticed any condensation forming. I also have an 08 Sentra S, so same car. I would recommend just taking it to the dealership and telling them about the problem before you try insulating it. They should be able to do something better with it.
  • 3 days ago I bought a new 2009 Sentra S from the dealer, and yesterday I noticed that there is no ABS light in the dash. I know it is not supposed to stay on, but it doesn't come on AT ALL. I sat in the car, and turned the key to the ON position and watched and waited but it never came on. The manual said to close all the doors and put on the parking brake before turning the key to the ON position, which I did, but no light came on. After I pointed a flashlight to the dash, I don't even see where it would come on. I called the sales guy and he said since it was already almost 6 PM (yesterday was Saturday), the service guys went home, and they wouldn't come back until Monday morning. I specifically wanted the S trim because of the ABS, which I read came standard. How should I handle this?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Go ahead and call back on Monday morning to see if they can resolve it for you. If you are unable to get anywhere, you might want to also post this in our Got a Quick Question for a Car Dealer? discussion.

    Hope it works out for you.
  • So I bought a new 2007 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V. Just two months after buying the vehicle I had to take it back to the dealer for a leaking drivers side tail light. Does anyone else have this problem because it has been to the dealer every month since then for the same issue. Write back
  • First off, how bad is the leak. Water or condensation? My daughter bought a 2008 Sentra and the first morning after delivery she had condensation inside of the same tail light. She took it back to the dealer and was told that the taillights are not sealed lights. They gave her a copy of the bulletin relating to this. Check with your dealer to see if your Sentra falls into this category.
  • Just purchased a 2009 sentra and it pulls to the left when driving down the interstate at 60mph. Checked tire pressure, dealer balanced the tires and did wheel alignment. Anyone had this experience - Thanks
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hello folks,just purchased a new 2010 sentra s model a few weeks ago and i am also haveing a leak problem with only under 500 miles on the car.however,the leak is comeinig from the drivers side by where i rest my feet.i don't believe that it's an a/c issue because it only happens when it's raining.the car is already starting to smell like mildew and needless to say iam not a happy camper with a brand new car and already haveing problems.however,after further reasearch on other sites i have seen that other sentra owners from previous years models are also haveing the same problem with their sentra's.will be at the dealer on monday to sort things out.
  • Hi, I just bought a new 2010 Nissan Sentra last week. Yesterday, I turned on the air conditioning and it made a clicking noise. The higher the power, the faster the clicks. Anyone know what the problem would be?
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hi carfreak,i also recently purchased a 2010 nissan sentra s model and have the same clicking issue with my a/c...took the car back to the dealer a few weeks ago and was told by the service advisor that this is a common problem with the 2010 sentra and that a possible recall could come soon..anyway,they did not fix my problem because they told me that they are waiting for a technical report from nissan on the problem so they can diagnose the problem correctly.the a/c works but the clicking sound is really becomeing annoying.
  • Thank you for your comment. This is the first car I've purchased and am dissapointed with the process. The car should be perfect as far I'm concerned especially only having it for one week. I will check with the dealer to see what they say and let you know.
  • They say it's the motor blower that needs to be replaced. :mad:
  • I also have a 2009 sentra and it pulls to the left at highway speeds. If you let go of the steering wheel or are distracted for a moment, the vehicle quickly veers to the left. Dealer mechanic said it has a problem, dealer general manager said it has a problem, but the dealer service manager claims it is normal for this model to pull to the left or right and showed an internal nissan memo stating some steering feedback, feeling like adjusting and pulling is normal, though he refused to provide me with a copy. ( they all test drove this vehicle). The dealer checked out the alignment etc. and said all is "to specs". I have lemon lawed it and am awaiting a court date as nissan has refused to settle out of court.
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