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New Sentra Owners' Experiences



  • minpinminpin2minpinminpin2 Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    i have a 2010 nissan, the belt shredded to pieces. something apparently seized up and this was wearing on the belt. when I opened the hood discovered that the car was running very hot the water was boiling. does anyone know what could have siezed up and caused the belt to shred to pieces.
  • Hello all,
    I recently bought a new 2011 Sentra S (I have about 400 miles on it now). I have to admit if I had read about all the steering issues I may not have bought the car. However, I haven't experienced any steering problem or any other problems with the car. In fact I find the Electrical Power Steering to be excellent compared to my Civic Hybrid which also has EPS. On the Civic if you make a quick turn in one direction, then quickly change to the opposite direction (like in accident avoidance) you end up not having any power assist (the EPS can't react fast enough). Also, at one time I had a Satrun Vue with the exact EPS issues being mentioned. On that car the dealer was able to fix it the 1st time I brought it in. Before buying the Sentra, I drove a Corolla and a Civic and found the Sentra handled and accelerated much better. I guess Nissan finally fixed the EPS by the 2011 model year. I have owned 4 Nissans in the past including a Datsun 1200 and they have all been good vehicles. I got $3.5K off the MSRP, so the Sentra was aslo a good value. It has Blue Tooth, Smart Key and the CVT works great too. I got 44MPG on pure highway and 27MPG combined city/ hwy.
  • malachymalachy Posts: 17
    My car has 31K. I have had no issues with the transmission, nor anything else. My only complaint is the clacking when the car starts up on a cold morning. This noise goes away when the car is warmed up. The gas mileage has been between 32 - 34 doing 80% HWY @ 65 or so. The car does not handle like it is on rails, but that is just the electric steering. The car is dependable and comfortable. I think it looks a hell of a lot better than most comparable cars. If you are looking for basic transportation, it will meet your needs. Would I buy another one? There is not a reason I would not buy it again. I probably would go for a used one, only because of the dwindling value of new cars in general. It's not the most exciting thing out there, but that's subjective. I do like the room in the front and back as well as the trunk. The CVT is a little wierd. I can't tell you if it is good or bad. I have been told that it helps the mileage - which is very good in my opinion.
  • ovyboxovybox Posts: 21
    Same noise here, goes away after it warms up.
    Another problem: one of these cold days (10F) the car wouldn't shift up in higher gears. I was able to drive at 40mph but any attempt to go higher was just higher rpms.
    I would not buy another Sentra.
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