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Infiniti G35 Electrical Issues

Hi all,

My 2003 G35 coupe at time would turn off all electronic while driving. Headlights are ok, but A/C, radio, CD and all the buttons on the console do not work. It happens once awhile. My warrantee has expired. Does anyone here have similar issue and how were you resolving it.


  • My wife has a 2003 G35 sedan with this exact problem. We are also looking for a solution. Infiniti dealership wanted to replace the entire controller board for $300 - $450. They also referred us to an electronics repair shop. After my wife spoke with the repair shop they immediately knew what the problem was and quoted $300 and wanted to keep the car for an entire day to do the work. I have not spoke to them myself yet but if this is a matter of swapping out parts, I'm completely capable of doing this myself. If this involves circuit-testing and sauldering then I may be recruiting a friend. I want to find out what the exact parts are from the dealership/electronics repairman and what is involved in replacing/fixing it before we commit to either of these solutions. Was hoping somebody else had a DIY solution for this as well.
  • I got a G35 Coupe Auto.I can't run the car. Engine cranks but is not running..I replace the Engine Computer ,Body Control Unit and fuse box...i dont have any ligths in the Speedometer..the Radio and AC Controls not working any help let me know..Thanks"> :confuse:
  • Does anyone know if there is a history of electronic problems with the Infinity cars? We have a 2004 FX35 and have started having problems with the doors locking / unlocking automatically, the alarm (horn honking) will set off without reason, while driving the central display indicates that the rear hatch is open... If anyone can help, please advise. Thank you.
  • Low battery in the remote maybe?
  • When the doors started locking and unlocking, I changed the battery in the remote... when the alarm started going off, I changed the battery in the car. I have not taken it back to Infinity yet, but I guess that's my best option. I was just trying to get some info. Thanks.
  • rbrechrbrech Posts: 1
    I've had a recurring problem for the past year - and I've already spent too much on false leads. It's an '03 sport sedan with automatic. Only 33K miles. I love everything about the car, but this!

    I have a substantial parasitic drain on the battery. If the car sits for more than 24 hours or so, it drains the battery completely.

    I've been told the battery was too old and not holding a charge. Replaced the battery - w/ no effect.

    Later told there was a short in the trunk release switch. Replaced switch - to no effect.

    At this point - my CD exchanger failed. It seems to have developed a mechanical problem - and a microprocessor in the system burned out. Replaced the microprocessor and CD exchanger. At first, we thought this might have been related to the electrial problem, but after the repair, the drain remained. [Note, the work on the CD exchanger was quite involved. Not even the dealer would touch it. Had to disable the airbags and remove the dash to get at the system.]

    The drain was tracked to the circuit which controls the radio, HVAC etc - but we've tested all the lines shown on the schematics that run off this circuit. Now at a loss - where else to look. I presume their are additional lines off this circuit - but without knowing where to look - its like finding a needle in the haystack.I've seen references to another radio circuit board - but not sure if that is my problem. All systems on the car seem to be functioning.

    I'm taking the car back to the dealer next week and would appreciate any further guidance to help direct them in the search.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,207
    I (thank goodness) haven't had to deal with issues of this sort lately, but back when I did, there were repair shops that specialized in "auto electric" problems. If there were still reliable Yellow Pages, that would be the category.

    Point being, a specialist in tracking this stuff down will trump the dealer most times.

    Google "auto electric city state" for your location and see what comes up.
  • ema15ema15 Posts: 1
    hello i am having the same problem with my 2003 g35 sedan. but A/C, radio, CD and all the buttons on the console do not work. wouldl ike to know if anyone had found out the solution for it. If you do hit me back thanks
  • cheerioboy26cheerioboy26 Posts: 412
    There is an Infiniti service bulletin for this that replaces a control board. I had it done on my car (back in 02 or 03).

    On some model year 2003 G35 Sedans manufactured through August 21, 2002, the audio and temperature controls may not operate as expected. When using the audio equipment or the temperature controls, the unit may become inoperative. In some cases, this can be corrected by turning the ignition switch off and back on again. In other cases, the unit remains inoperative and requires service by an Infiniti technician. To prevent this condition, Infiniti has initiated a Voluntary Service Campaign to replace the audio finisher circuit board on these vehicles. Use Infiniti Net to confirm if a specific vehicle is affected by this service campaign (P3104).
  • alang4alang4 Posts: 40
    Where does one find these service advisories?
  • hpark_homehpark_home Posts: 8
    I have been experiencing this exact problem for 2 months now. When I hadn't started my car all weekend, then my car won't start on a Monday morning. I had the battery replaced twice, but the problem still persists. How long have you had the problem? You 've ruled out alternator already? I have a 2003 G35 sedan. Other than the gas mileage and this problem, I love this car...
  • cheerioboy26cheerioboy26 Posts: 412
    I copied that from, but they require some sort of registration to get the full details now. they do have a free registration, but I didn't look into it. Possibly also at
  • g35racerg35racer Posts: 1
    Ok i was working on my 04 infiniti G35X sedan. I am fixing all the rattles and all the vibrations. I really love this car and take extremely good care of it. This was an accident. this is what happened. I opened up the front passenger door panel unscrewed it and lifted it up and away. i didnt disconnect any wires. i got a wrench and was tightening the bolts. as i got to the bottom of the door i saw a little blue light go from the wrench to the bolt and all the interior lights the vanity mirror lights, the map lights, the door lights, and rear door overhead lights went out as well as the trunk light. I replaced the fuse in the fuse box. Can anyone please tell me what the problem is i want to fix it without taking it to my INFINITI DEALER. They will charge me a fortune. PLease tell me if i can repair it myself. And how much it costs to do so or if you have any tips. I live in miami FL, so if you know any good cheap auto lighting places please let me know. Thank you.
  • radioman18radioman18 Posts: 10
    There are threads on the Forum referring to 2003 and 2008 electronics freeze-ups. I discovered today that Infiniti is shipping a large number of control boards for 2008 vehicles experiencing nav, audio, and climate freeze-ups. There are so many dealer requests for the control boards that there is a production/shipping backlog of about 4 weeks. The freeze-ups may be effecting cruise control and outside temperature readings, as well. Check with your dealer about a possible Service Bulletin on the freeze-ups. While waiting for the replacement part, you may be able to re-boot the system by turning the ignition off and on a couple of times. This isn't a permanent fix, but restores the system to temporary operation.
  • kdooleykdooley Posts: 10
    I am having the same problem and the dealer is positive it is the Audio Finisher, but says my serial number is not included in the Voluntary Service Campaign. My problem is intermittent -- the dash lights, a/c and stereo go out. Sometimes I can restart the car and it will work. It will cost me a minimum (with a refurbished stereo) of $1200 to repair. My Boss stereo was just replaced with a new stereo in 7/06. Does anyone know of anything I can do to get Infinity to cover my costs?
    Also, I was told by Infinity dealer that I absolutely could not put an after-market stereo in my car because the a/c controls would not work. Does anyone know if that is true?
  • tim92tim92 Posts: 1
    I have that same problem of the ac controls and the radio buttons not working. What do I need to do to fix the problem for free or cheap. I thought of getting a new CD player would that fix the problem? What is the web sit for infiniti's service, or problems that are discontinued?
  • kdooleykdooley Posts: 10
    We got another opinion from an expert in Tennessee and he says it is the ignition that is the problem. He said they saw where replacing the stereo did not fix the problem. He said to try giggling the ignition switch when it failed to see if it would work, and it did.
  • Add me to those with the continuous battery drain problem (03 G35 sedan). I was also starting to have problems with the 6-CD changer, but thought it was unrelated. This week it went into the shop (Nissan specialists) and they determined it was the control module. $730, and they said the CD player was definitely not working right and they'd order a new one next week. Problem was the thing continued to click continueously even after the ignition was turned off. It's Friday at 5:30, so I take the car anyway (I've spent $200 on a rental for the week while the G35 was in the shop). So I get home, and try pulling the audion fuse -- clicking continues. Try a few other fuses, one at a time, just to see -- put them back one at a time so no mixups. I disconnect the battery and leave it for a couple of hours. I go back out to try a few more things -- I reconnect the 12V, and now the car will crank strongly, but not start!!! What in the world? The fuses are all fine. Now I have to wait until Monday to start his process all over again. And now that I'm reading more of these posts, I'm starting to wonder if a repair is in sight, and at what cost. I love the car, but this kind of electrical problem can be a deal-breaker -- might have to start looking for something new... While I see others with the same problem, has anybody gotten this problem FIXED???
  • LOL, look on the bright side, at least you don't own a *$LEXUS!$*
    I spent enough money on repairs on a Lexus the last year I owned it to put a nice down payment on a new car!
    They're money pits!
    Nothing but problems!
    The Dealerships must love them, real "money makers" for them!
    Count your blessings!
    I drive a Mercury Grand Marquis now for 2 1/2 years and haven't had *any* problems with it! A great car!
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