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Infiniti G35 Electrical Issues



  • Nothing from NHTSA yet. I seriously doubt they will do anything until someone gets killed as a result of this problem.
  • sbaucomsbaucom Posts: 1
    Having this issue for a few months now. You turn on the car, the AC is on FULL BLAST ALL THE TIME< all the controls are blacked out, no way to control them, and radio will not work.

    I have submitted complaint with Highway Safety, also Called Infiniti Consumer Affairs 800-662-6200 and spoke to "Kim" who stated she could not find ANYTHING in the system with regard to this year model and issue, which I find impossible to believe because of all of you posting with regard to the exact SAME issue. and somehow the only recall she could find was about an airbag light. I was told to go to the dealer and pay for the diagnostic, then call cons. affairs back and they would "see what they could do" then.

    This is some serious BS!!!! Someone before posted that there was a service campaign on this issue but Infiniti could find "no record of such a thing"

    We need to start a petition or something, strength in numbers. Infiniti needs to know this should not be our financial burden to bear, we have bought their "luxury vehicle" and now are being treated like moped oweners. this is unacceptable considering the money we spend to drive their brand. This is also a major safety issue.
  • Kirstie@EdmundsKirstie@Edmunds Posts: 10,677
    That's silly of them to pretend they've never heard of it. If you read through this discussion, you'll see that others have had the exact same problem, as you mentioned.

    I think there's a solution posted here somewhere... I believe it had to do with replacing the audio unit.

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  • mario29mario29 Posts: 1
    would this radio issue completley drain the battery? if so would a drained battery cause the ignition to not turn at all?? please help!
  • ryane3ryane3 Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    My 2003 G35 has the same problem, has anyone found a solution aside from installing one of those 200$ after market face plates that split your cd player from the heat controls?? Okay so here is how this progressed for me.
    1. CD player started skipping bad and heating up all the discs in the changer.
    2. CD player stopped ejecting discs
    3. CD player froze completely, won't even eject. Get display CDERROR F0
    4. Switched to an ipod through the cassette player, at this point the display was still working and the radio, heat, and cassette buttons all worked.
    5.Display shut off completely, only steering wheel controls worked, but i could tell the power supplied to the player was cutting out for large periods of time randomly while driving at which point the speakers just gave out a static feedback. AC stuck on full blast at 70 degrees.
    6. AC shut off, but the cassette is now stuck, nothing will play on the unit, and none of the controls are working. Im quite certain at this point the face plate is dead.

    I just want to know if anyone has isolated the problem to being the unit itself or the face plate? Because the volume controls on my steering wheel worked much longer than the display did, and i know that its not anything in the heater/ac. I really think the problem lies in the temperatures from the 2 vents, the engine, and from the 6 disc changer that is in-dash being so close to the face plate controls.

    I need to find someone with a g35 that has a still working bose system so i can swap the face plates and see if it magically works :) Idk that anyone is gonna want to risk the potential damage to their unit though. I'll update if i figure out a solution to this problem, infiniti doesnt give a **** about our models because the newest models dont use that bose unit. Seriously when its humid out i can't defrost the damn windows as they fog.. rain is scary!
  • castroocastroo Posts: 14
    if you have read from the postings here there is no other solution.. if you swap faces with another that is working properly it will work though i dont believe your cd player will become unstuck.. thats why the aftermarket works its a new faceplate..(independent).. your solutions - 1 remove and have your unit fixed (might break again) 2. get aftermarket faceplate permanent fix to problem and buy a new radio.. 3 get a new unit from infinti (most expensive option and does not always fix the problem) good luck
  • britt41britt41 Posts: 1
    Just curious if you found out any further information about this? Along with everyone else, I have been having the AC/radio issue and have now started experiencing battery issues. My battery just went completely out and I am about to have to replace the battery in order to get my car to start. Do you know if this this related to the AC and radio being blacked out?
  • 22332233 Posts: 65
    The same thing that happened to norbert444 happened to my 04 G35x today. The speedometer, odometer, engine temp gauge and turn signals stopped working. The AT indicator and the tire indicator turned on.

    After restarting the car twice, everything went back to normal and stayed normal all day today.

    Anyone else have such a problem?
    Any ideas what the problem is? My SES light has been on for several weeks also.

  • 22332233 Posts: 65
    Today, my speedometer, odometer, temp gauge and turn signals and possibly other gauges stopped working. The AT and tire indicators came on. The SES light, which had been on for a couple of weeks, turned off.

    After restarting it a couple of times, everything went back to normal The SES light came back on.

    Any ideas or similar experiences? It is a 2004 G35x.

    Another gentleman, norbert444, posted an identical post a couple of years ago with the same results but there were no posts diagnosing the problem.

  • mike593mike593 Posts: 1
    wow, the same exact thing happened to me. First the CD and now the radio and ac. Have you had any success in fixing your problem? Very curious to hear back from you ,...I will be contacting Infiniti tomorrow.
  • n_m_1n_m_1 Posts: 1

    I have a 03 G35 sedan that had the same issue (audio console not responding and the ac blasting at full force at a fixed temperature). After several months of talking to nissan consumer affairs division i finally opened a case with BBB. Response from BBB was that since the car was out of warranty (it had approx 60k miles), they cant do much but would still forward it to Nissan.

    A week later, i got a call from Nissan asking me to take it to a dealership saying that it would be repaired completely at no charge to me. I got this done a few months back.

    Hope this helps out a lot of you out there with the same issue.
  • bkg35bkg35 Posts: 1
    Hi Raymond I'm having a similar problem but only with the cd and radio no problems with ac yet. I LIve in brooklyn. where is your shop exactly and how can i contact you..thanks
  • I've been having the A/C and radio problem intermittently for a few weeks now. When the controls go out, it also knocks out my Nav system. I have also noticed that my interior lights - on roof near switch for the sunroof - also do not work. Is this related to the same electrical issue?

    I have not had problems with my speedometer, but is this a natural progression for the problem?

    I have read about a few solutions to this. I am in Toronto Canada. Does anyone know who can fix this is Toronto for a reasonable cost?
  • pzeepzee Posts: 4
    edited August 2011
    Hi to our nothern neighbor.

    I own a 2003 G35 Coupe and here is what i have experienced. The radio unit has the controls for the A/C and Nav. Once that goes, you will need to replace the unit. I have heard costs from 500-1300. I paid approx 700 for the replacement by local Infiniiti dealer in RI. I cant imagine why it should more where you are. Others have posted ways they have gone the aftermarket radio replacement route but that sounds scary and the costs are not much less. Cant comment on interior lights because i dont recall that being a problem when mine went. A/C and heat stuck at 75 degrees farenheit when unit goes.

    I have yet to have problem with speedometer so that is likely a different issue. My Coupe currently has 120K Miles or 200K Kilometers if thats your unit of measure.

    Wish you the best but the car at this point is getting expensive to maintain even though i love driving it.
  • Thanks,

    My car only has 105,000 KM ( 62,000 miles), but I am getting tired of the expense. What else tends to go wrong with the 2003 G35 Coupes? Are there other problems that I can expect?

    Do you think the newer Infinti's are any better, or is time to switch brands?
  • I'm sorry to hear about the problems you're having with the G35. I see that others have had issues as well, but I will tell you that I put 108,000 miles on mine without spending a day in the shop or doing anything apart from regular maintenance. It never gave me a day of trouble, and I'd still be driving it if it hadn't been hit head-on and totalled (the good news - high-ish speed head-on crash that tore the vehicle to shreds, not one body part damaged on the occupants).

    This is not to discount other owners' experiences, but just to say that not all of the 2003's have problems.

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  • cr729cr729 Posts: 5
    My problems started about a year ago when my 6-disc CD changer stopped working. Since I didn't want to spend the money taking it to Infiniti, I got myself an I-pod and have lived with the inconvenience of not having an operable CD player in my car. Then today, I was driving along listening to the radio and all of a sudden the tape ejected. I thought nothing of it so I pushed it back in. Then the audio and a/c controls stopped working. The volume on the tape player suddenly turned up so loud & I could not lower the volume or turn it off. The a/c fan was blasting on auto-econ - meaning it would cycle on the compressor for a minute and then start blowing hot air for 10 minutes. I checked the fuses. Then I called the dealer who told me that the radio and the a/c control circuit board often short each other out meaning that both would likely need to be replaced to the tune of about $1,500. I took your advice and initiated a BBB complaint to Nissan. My G35 has less than 55K miles. Next car, I am going back to a Honda. I loved my '99 Accord coupe and kept it for 6 years. Never had a problem with it.
  • kswettkswett Posts: 1
    Well , well , well ,I've had this issue with my G35 for quite awhile now . It started out I thought as a simple issue until my ac , radio , and all my controls that controlled all these things just went out all together . At first I thought it was just a short in my wiring but over the two years of my ownership it gradually got worse . Every issue that you had I had , with the first starting with the cd changer that stopped ejecting and showing an error display .
    I have been a proud infinite owner but after reading all these complaints and with no one from the manufacturer trying to acknowledge this "defect" I have to question the morals of Infinite or Nissan ! I think we should all ban together and get the Better Business Burea involved , I've got to get this issue resolved because winter is coming and I'll be damned if I want to drive without defrost or heat . I'm calling out Infinite and Nissan to get this issue resolved for us loyal Infinte owners or we wont stay loyal Infinti owners !!!! :sick: INFINITI
  • papachapapacha Posts: 1
    I had the dreaded radio/heater problem that is so common with this car. I was looking for a stereo that had USB input, great sound, good radio reception & affordable. I bought the Alpine CDA-105 & I love it. Crutchfield offers 50% off the metra kit with purchase! With the 2003 model, you will need to purchase a PAC ROEMNIS2 (Factory Premium Sound Interface). This lets you use the stereo amp(s). The reason for this is, because, if you use the rca jacks through the stereo, you just don't get enough power through the stock amp and is sounds week. I purchased the PAC ROEMIS2, and it cranks! In my opinion, this is the best option!
    Alpine Stereo $139,
    Metra kit, $99
    PAC $35
    Under $300 and I rocks and looks great!
  • pablo64pablo64 Posts: 2
    The problem is the radio. It blocks all the controls in the panel. Contact this company on ebay. Fixed it for under $200. User is xw1600.
    Good luck.
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