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Infiniti G35 Electrical Issues



  • Hey, before you ask your question, note that there are now 20 pages of answers on this discussion -- and guess what -- pretty much ALL of your questions have been answered in previous posts. So take a half hour (yeah, it may take that much time) to actually read the information in previous posts before you ask people to type it all out again. The point is that there are solutions, and mine was successfully repaired at reasonable cost -- and your G35 can be as well.
  • Got G35 2003 Sedan. when it rains and the car stands still windshield foggs up when start driving all clears, same thing during the summer A/C works when car drives when standing still A/C wont work and car overheats.

    Any ideas guys? plz help
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Is the HVAC fan that blows air onto the windshield and into the passenger compartment working?

    Car overheats - do you mean inside the passenger compartment, or the engine?
  • Yes fans do work. Car overheats- engine. thanks
  • Forgot to mention that during the summer when engine overheats, once i turn off the A/C engine goes to normal temp. thanks
  • do your radiator fans work? check those since you have the problem when there is no airflow on the radiator(stationary)
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    edited November 2011
    I'm with castroo. Sounds like one of your radiator fans (electric) is not working.

    With the engine running and the AC on, open the hood and see if the rad fans turn on when the temperature gauge starts to climb.
  • I'm also having the same problem. This is actually the second time I'm dealing with this. My 03 g35 sedan was at the dealer for almost 2 weeks before they solved the problem and fixed it, supposedly. $800 for a new radio and 2 weeks later, I'm in the same boat....temp gauge goes black, ac/fan is on full blast and inoperable and the ghost controls the radio turning it on and off and on and off and volume goes on full blast as well. Good thing the steering wheel controls work to turn off the radio, don't want to know how much it will cost me to replace blown speakers done by faulty parts. Dealer told me my car was out of warranty and did not qualify for the voluntary recall. If anyone has any suggestions about getting this problem fixed, permanently, and possibly getting reimbursed by Infiniti, please let me know!! I don't want to pay out of pocket again to fix the problem and I don't need the ac on permanently in the winter time!!
  • Hi,

    I have an Infiniti G35x sedan that has some starter problems. Press the brake as per usual and hit the starter switch and there is a whirrr but engine doesn't turn over. Do it a couple of times and the whirr seems to die, but still engine doesn't start.
    Its not the battery as lights, radio, GPS are all good still. Any others with same issue? Could be alternator or starter switch? Suggestions?
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Sounds like the starter motor is turning over, but it is not engaging the flywheel (which turns the engine when starting). Usually there's a solenoid or relay somewhere - may be part of the starter or separate from it - that when energized causes the gear at the end of the starter motor shaft to move out and engage the flywheel. This part sounds like it's not working.
  • Anyone have any recommendations for where to take the car in Los Angeles / SFV? I'll be purchasing the meta kit and stereo but don't know any audio guys to take care of the installation. Thanks!
  • Hi...
    Had the same problem a few times over the last 2 years on my 03 G35..
    Believe it or not there is a quick fix....Can't believe know one has posted this???
    There is a sensor or diode on the dash that fails..Air or heater goes on full blast and radio controls won't work !!!It can be reset be thumping on the right side of the dash at the side of the temperature gauge on the passenger side of the dash...This somehow jolts the radio and temp controls back into action.. It is a certainly bit medieval ...But it works...
    You might have to find the right sweetspot to hit,,But trust me..It works....
    Lasted about 6 months then happened again did the same thing and it is still working...No cost ?? and Infinity will not tell you about this>>
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Sounds like it's an intermittent connection. If so, then rapping the dash will only provide short term relief. Over time, the connection will just open up more and more until no amount of hitting will make things work.

    You should try to find and fix the faulty connection.
  • Raymond, please let me know how to contact your shop in scarbourough
  • Are you based in canada, the GTA to be precise? I am having same issues as above on the G35 I just bought. This is causing a big drain on my gas. Kindly, link me with repairs for this
  • I own a 2003 Infiniti g35 and I'm having the same problems as most of the people that have posted on here- with the radio and radio controls cutting out, paired with inoperable ac/climate controls, along with the ac gradually pumping to full blast. I've seen a lot of different posts about sending it to different shops to get it repaired. I debated doing this, but I am also debating putting in a new after market headunit all together. Would this solve both of the radio and ac/climate control problems?
  • dhutzdhutz Posts: 1
    And about how much did that dash kit and radio cost, and what features did you have to give up?

    I'm very close to buying a 08 G35x but all these posts about mother boards failing are making me a little scared.
  • cr729cr729 Posts: 5
    It depends on what type of radio you choose. The dash kits are about $150 -$250 & the optional steering wheel control runs about $100- $150. My whole package cost about $750.00 including installation, plus tax. The big plus was I got an I-pod hookup and blue-tooth which my '03 did not have. You have lots of options which will affect the price. The only thing I gave up was the CD changer. My new unit accomodates one CD at a time, however now that I have the Ipod connection, I find I rarely use the CD player. Another plus, the unit I purchased has HD radio and is satellite radio ready. Tip: when you order the dash kit, most places say they can only get silver or black. If you have one of those taupe-beige interiors, be sure to order a "tan" dash kit or it won't match. This totally solved the a/c problem as well as the CD changer problem.
  • Do you have any suggestions for an aftermarket radio? I seem to always be told that there were non for the '03 G35 coupe.
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