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Infiniti G35 Electrical Issues



  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    Was it a 10 year old Lexus with 200,000 miles on it? BTW, your profile shows that you signed up today and browsed G35 forum and commented on Lexus when you currently own a Mercury. Also, if you are driving Mercury for 2 1/2 years what was Lexus for? Just kidding......
  • babijolbabijol Posts: 5
    I'm experiencing the same problem. My radio and dash goes out and my ac comes on very high and I can't do anything to turn it down. They told me at the dealer that it was the circut board. I repaced the circuit board for over $1000 and then a month later it happended again. I took it back and now they say I need a new radio because my radio is draining the circuti board. I called the Infiniti head office and got nowhere. :mad: I was extremely dissapointed because this is a manufacturer's problem due to their error in assembling the car. They told me that they can't help me. I'm geting rid of my car and will never buy anothe Infiniti/Nissan car again because they have major electrical problem.
  • kdooleykdooley Posts: 10
    We talked to a service tech in Chattanooga and he said it was the ignition switch. He said that when the problem happens, try giggling the key in the switch and sure enough, the dash lights and air came back on. I talked to the Infinity head office as well and they said "oh, well" -- not their problem. We are still experiencing the same problem, but we just keep giggling the ignition switch and so far it works. I guess we'll fix it when it breaks completely -- with no help from Infinity. I am very disappointed with Infinity as well!!! I'll buy Honda cars in the future.
  • Did you ever figure out why your car would not start?

    I have the same problem with my 2003 coupe. Car turns over strong but does not start. No code from the computer. Checked all the fuses and relays that I could find. Can hear the fuel pump prime. Sprayed starter fluid into the intake. It did not try to fire on it. Act's like it's not getting any spark. Changed the crank and cam sensors. No help.

    Thanks, ~Scott
  • Babijol, did you find out anything or get any help from Infinity. We're still having same problem, but don't want to waste $1200 for stereo and circuit board and still have problem.
  • lralra Posts: 13
    The issue of the car radio and air conditioning controls going out along with some other dash lights is a well documented issue. I had a 2003 where the unit was replaced under warranty as a known defect. The replacement unit lasted about a year and a half and started showing signs of going out again. I have since traded the car in on a 2007 which is totally awesome. The service manager said that he feels the problem is caused by a lack or loss of contact. If you have the issue I would see about working a deal or getting a discount due to the fact it is a known defect.
  • Checking back in (my car had the slow battery drain problem). I've had my control module replaced, and had the radio repaired by a Bose repair outfit, that says they do one a day for the nearest Infiniti dealer. Following that: first my interior lights failed to work. My repair guys did something to the unit to reset it and now they work. But the dead battery issue is back. I had to jump start the car three mornings in a row this week; now I'm disconnecting the battery at night. It goes back into the shop on Tuesday to have a new control module installed; they believe my "new" module was defective. I'm starting to seriously think about trading the car in, even though it's paid off and I love it otherwise.
  • In Feb, 2008, I bought a new 2008 G35. Since then, I've taken it back to the dealership 3 times for the same problem. I start the car and none of the functions controlled by the center console/computer work. It's frozen for about 10 minutes. The nonoperating functions include heat/air, all stereo functions, blue tooth phone connection and the satellite clock (not the manual clock). The clock will be stuck at the time when I last drove the car, which has always been several hours or less earlier. I assume the problem also affects the navigation system, but I haven't yet used my nav system so am not sure. The car itself drives fine. Windows, door locks, etc. work. After about 10 minutes, and before I can make it to the dealership, everything starts working. Dealership keeps my car several days and then gives it back to me saying they can't duplicate the problem and there's nothing they can do. My car is still under warranty, but that doesn't seem to matter. The dealership is indicating that it's not going to do anything, and from reading other posts, I'm not too optimistic about Infiniti. For now, I'm just going through the motions that my warranty book says I have to. Any advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated.
  • I bought the audio finisher board from the parts department from Gwinnett Place Infiniti. I followed the voluntary recall replacement instructions. The new board worked for about a month and then the same symptoms began. I eventually fixed this permanently myself by trading the POS in for a Honda. Will never ever buy an Infiniti or Nissan again. And it's a shame too because we absolutely loved the G35. After 5 years of faulty circuitry - they still can't get it right. I feel your pain folly - you're going through all the same BS I went through. Honestly, if it wasn't for the audio finisher board - we would still own the G35 today. It became a driving hazzard. The air would spontaneously come on and fog up the windows and we would not be able to turn the air off or change the temp. And they wanted 600-800 to fix a known problem in crappy engineering. Oh well, problem solved - we love or Honda Pilot. :)
  • jthoman: you didn't actually say what model year your G35 was. Was in an '03 or '08 (or something else)? I just got my replacement to the replacement computer module on Tuesday. Now I guess I'll see what happens. I've already been thinking about whether I need to trade the car in. Like you, I'm kind of mad about that -- car is paid off and drives like a dream. Short of this electronics nightmare, I couldn't be much happier with a car. The reason I ask about the model year, is that I've had some indication that the bulk of the problems were with EARLY '03's, which were actually manufactured during the Summer of '02 (the case with mine).
  • airjoeairjoe Posts: 5
    I bought a used 2003 G35 sedan. I've had it for about 2 yrs and began having the temp/audio control issues. Initially it was doing it intermittently but now the dash is completely dead. I have not gone to the dealership yet, but I'm dreading it after reading everyone's posts. i luv this freekin car, but this is driving me nutz. the a/c stays on constantly and no radio is certainly the pits.
  • Here's the latest. Several days ago, I used a multi-tester to measure the drain with the car off, at the 12v battery. The ONLY fuse that makes a difference when pulled is the 15A fuse in the block right by the battery. With the fuse in, it ranges from 0.8 to over 1.0 A. Pull the fuse and it drops as low as 0.02. I've gotten the vehicle service manual and examined the schematics closely -- that fuse only covers the radio/CD/AC controls (it would cover the NAV if I had it; I do not). The 15A fuse in the kick panel block is only for the (optional) Bose amp in the trunk, under the upper deck, which I do have. I did try pulling that fuse with no change. I also pulled the harness plug out of the amp just to be sure; no change in draw. My radio was repaired by an outfit that does many, many of these G35 radios per WEEK. I'm going to be back in touch with them tomorrow morning to see what my next step is. I'm all but convinced there is something left in that radio needing repair, and then my troubles will be over -- for at least a little while. BTW, I did look into the aftermarket center dash console solution -- it has AC controls, and allows you to put in a different radio. By the time you're done, I think you could easily spend a grand. And the plastic only comes in one of the two interior colors (not mine, "willow" -- of course)... But it may come to that yet. I've been driving with the aforementioned 15A fuse pulled for a week now -- the car has started each and every time. The AC is on where I left the settings before pulling the fuse. The radio/CD, of course, is out... But at least I can drive and no dead car in the morning...
  • kdooleykdooley Posts: 10
    I checked into an aftermarket dash console/finisher and spoke with the service manager at Infinity and he said that an aftermarket finisher/radio ABSOLUTELY would NOT work in Infinity autos. He said I would be wasting my money. We're still having the same intermittent problems. I'm hoping Intinity still step up to the plate and make a recall for these vehicles.
  • Even though I'm not heading down this path, these aftermarket dashes clearly must work -- Crutchfield is one of several reputable dealers that sell them, and have for a few years. They wouldn't if they did not work. I can see where a service tech, not having seen one, would figure that you'd lose your AC control. But the aftermarket console HAS the AC controls and circuit board/harness built in. You can see it at Crutchfield's website. Also, somebody sells them on ebay -- same unit. The downside to me is twofold -- first, the color does not match my willow interior (they sell the more titanium interior color), and second, between the consolde, harnesses, steering wheel control adapter module, new stereo, etc. -- it's a lot of money to put into a car actually manufactured in the Summer of 2002. For my own situation, I'm going to try again to have my Bose repaired, and hope to do that this week. I will be able to see the drain go away (or not) on my multitester before I drive home!
  • airjoeairjoe Posts: 5
    I was looking on and if you use the above link, you'll find aftermarket dashkits which allow you to change to an aftermarket radio. Is this possibly a fix for the radio/ac audio finisher board problems?
  • airjoeairjoe Posts: 5

    I also found this response to the radio/ac control problems:

    AC controls are dead, stereo does not power up, no functions work. This is not a front face problem like the dealership may lead you to believe. This may be one of two problem, a bad ribbon cable connection pointed out in our removal instructions or most likely a stereo problem. Repair rate will range $185-295.


    This is only one repair service, but a very popular one.

    The repair could involve the ribbon cable connecting the audio system components together or a problem inside the cd player itself.

    Being and Infiniti is means the cost of repair will be little more than a less luxurious automobile.

    I suggest you take it to a local car install/repair shop and get an estimate from them. It should not be so expensive as having to pull it out and send it off to a far-away place.

    And, if it is the ribbon cable the repair might be nothing more than pulling the cable off, cleaning the contacts and carefully reinserting the cable ends to get good contacts.

    But, this being an expensive model you should have it done by professionals. The Infiniti dealer is probably NOT the place to go unless they do have a trained audio system expert on staff (only a small percentage of Infinity dealers do have an expert)
  • The reason we sent the stereo off for repair was because this outfit fixes many G35 stereos every week for this problem. I figured the experience would make the difference. I'm not aware of a local place that has done this repair. I considered a cable problem, but that seems like it would result in a dead short. The audio repair shop indicated that a bad groud with the radio might result in increased draw, but he thinks that's unlikely because of the metal cage design. The initial repair was done in August, so it's under warranty. If it's the radio, they promised to take care of it. We'll see, hopefully this week!
  • Well... Like everyone here I am about to pull my hair out over a 2003 Infiniti G35 Sedan, which has renedered my Radio Controls/AC Controls useless. I called the Infiniti G35 consumer affairs dept yesterday and they said they know it is a known issue with the circuit board. However, there WAS a campaign after the car was released in 2003 but it was then lifted within the year (03). I was like WHAT???? I bought this car at Car Max and that was another whole experience I will not go into. All in all, I love this car, but I feel CHEATED by Infiniti as I know anyone does with this problem. There was a fuel hose recall, which I did get addressed today at the dealer however, I am stuck with a luxury car which I have no use of my radio and will not have heat for this upcoming winter as my controls are completely dead unless I pay Infiniti $2398 to fix. I have seen quotes from the dealers from other users a year ago on this forum for $300. What gives. Is the dealer treating customers fairly. I can believe that my car's value just dropped $3000 and even if I try to sell it I will be upside down in my payments because I can not get the going value for it because of manufacturer defect.

    The dealer has filed a claim with the consumers affair today and I'll wait and see what Infiniti will do this coming Monday. If they choose not to do anything, I must say that I will be VERY VERY upset and will pledge not to buy another Infiniti/Nissan as long as I live. If they can't take care of this problem, I would vote that we should all band together and make an impact at Infiniti... Enough people bringing this problem to other potential customers attention could cause enough negative impact to Infiniti's business that Infiniti might consider being responsible for a problem on their end and NOT the consumer. It is ludicrous to think I have to shell out $3000.00 to have use of my heating/air and car stereo in a luxury vehicle.

    Anyways.... I wish all the best with this. I am hoping from the best. We should all support each other in this. I will keep everyone tuned in. Please those with this problem share your experiences.
  • lralra Posts: 13
    "I am stuck with a luxury car which I have no use of my radio and will not have heat for this upcoming winter as my controls are completely dead unless I pay Infiniti $2398 to fix" - Where in the world did you get that figure. I had a 2003 with the same issue (it's caused by a bad circuit board) and the cost of repair was only a little over $300.00
  • Ira:

    Thanks so much for sharing. This confirms how much I detest Dealerships - the fact that I am quoted close to $3000 and you had yours fixed for $300.00. I think they just want to soak up money from customers. That figure came straight from the dealership. I have it on the work order. I spoke with the manager in the dealership and told him I knew about a service recall on this very issue. The service campaign is noted as ITB03-007b. It can be found by googling it. HOWEVER, the manager tells me that my VIN number falls outside of the cars that are covered. IN other words Infiniti only chooses to address a small portion of the cars that were affected by a manufacturers defect. I imagine they are quoting me that number for one or two reasons. One - to scare me away or Two - because they dont want to repair it but would rather just replace the whole audio/electrical sub system.

    Either way this is a serious problem with Infiniti, and I hope they will address it. I would love to get more information on how you got your problem resolved and where you went to resolve it. It has been very difficult not having use of my AC/Heat. I am in Atlanta and we are just starting our winter. Although, I know the winters are mild here. You do have to use the defrost, so I could say that it would be a safety issue.

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