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PT Cruiser Air Conditioning Questions/Problems

hi my wife has a 2006 2.4 touring edition with 36.6 k miles on it and the AC knocked off today...i cant find any relays or anything in the fuse box that seem to have anything to do with the HVAC system except for a single 10amp fuse that is when i have the hood up and the ac on i dont even hear the compressor cutting in and out...i dont think that it is low on coolant because in my previous vehicle experience they would gradually become less and less effective until they quit cooling because of coolant loss....any help would be appreciated thanks guys and gals


  • Hi all, I have a 2005 PT Cruiser that has recently started giving me some problems. I notice when I am sitting at a light and my AC is on the car jerks. It is so bad that I have to turn off the AC. I noticed this AM that the lights even flicker as it is jerking. I took it into the shop and they did a complete system check and said they couldn't find where the problem was. I am still under warranty on this. Does anyone have any ideas?
    I have 49,000 miles on it.

    Thank you :confuse:
  • I have a 04 PT Cruiser 2.4L Non Turbo. When waiting for a traffic light the A/C vents start blowing warm and the compressor cycles very fast. (driving along is fine, ice cold air) I noticed the electric fan was not working. At home in the driveway it works perfect. It idles with the fan running and ice cold air out of the vents all day.
    Anyone else have this problem?
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I am not an expert but it seems that your problem may involve a sensor that controls the engine's idling. The A/C adds an extra load on the engine and there's a sensor that adjusts the idle for the additional load. This may be a good place to start to find the answer to the problem. Good luck.
  • tstahltstahl Posts: 1
    The same thing happened to my car. How do u fix it. If you could reply back i would really appreciate it. Thanks
  • My PT cruiser (2005 touring edition w/ 2.4L engine) is having the same problems as all the others in this forum. The compressor cycles erratically causing the engine rpm to fluctuate and jerk. What I noticed today when connecting my gauges to the system was that the reason why the compressor is cycling on and off is because the high side pressure is rising above 400psi. When it reaches approximately 450 psi, the high side pressure switch cycles the compressor off for safety reasons. The normal operating pressure for the high side is about 150 - 200 psi. Not sure what is causing the pressure to rise so high, but it appears that there may be a blockage in the system restricting the refrigerant flow.
  • When your high side pressure spikes to 400psi or higher, that could mean that you might have a bad radiator fan motor,or a bad fan relay. Also your engine may be overheating. on a 95 degree the high side pressure should be approxmately 275-300psi.
  • In response to 93taurus's comment, I already checked the operation of the radiator fan motor and relay and they both seem to work fine. As for the high side pressure, it spikes above 400 psi within 4 mins of starting the vehicle up from a cold start and with the a/c on high.
  • The PT Cruiser has a two speed cooling fan. If the A/C pressure is climbing to 450 pounds while sitting still it's most likely going to be either the high speed fan relay (most likely) or a bad cooling fan.(least likely) Without the extra air flow through the condenser from the high speed circuit the pressure will spike until the high pressure cut out switch opens.
  • sorefootsorefoot Posts: 2
    I started to experience the same symptoms as everyone else, stopping in traffic and the A/C starts to pour warm air out of the vents. I had the dealership where i purchased it look at it thinking it needed recharged. Instead the service person came and told me it would be close to $700 to fix the problem, i was informed that the FAN MODULE was bad. I took it to another Chrysler dealer and was told the same thing. I couldn't afford to have it replace so i opted to keep driving it as long as it didn't over heat. My daughter purchased an 07(mine is an 06) 2 days after i purchased mine at the same dealership. she called me 2 weeks ago and asked me what problems i was having and she now has the same problems as i. My future son in law also purchased a used PT Cruiser last yr and he is having the SAME problems, the local Chrysler Dealer told him close to $600 to have it repaired. I'm inclined to think that these fan modules aren't made to last more than about 40,000 miles and then give out. Isn't it amazing that you can' t find them anyplace but the DEALER, unless you can be lucky enough to find one in a salvage yard.
    Anyone else having problems please contact me here. I'd like to see how many of us are having the same problems.
  • gmaureengmaureen Posts: 1
    I think I have the same problem. When I stop in traffic, the engine seems to rev-up then die back and shudder...but only when the A/C is on. Today, the A/C stopped working. I only have 22,000 miles on this car....a 2006 Limited, non turbo
  • mjtoledanomjtoledano Posts: 3
    I had the same problem with my PT cruiser, a 2006 Limited Edition non-turbo w/ a 2.4 L engine. I initially recharged the system and the problem never went away. I also checked the fan relays and the fan. I noticed that as the refrigerant pressure rose up approaching 450 psi, the compressor would kick off and the air would become warm. The A/c works fine if i'm driving down the road, but once airflow stops over the condensor the pressure increases which eventually causes the compressor to shut down. If the condensor fan isnt working properly, it will not reduce the refrigerant temperature/pressure and the system will cycle on and off, over and over again. I was able to find the condensor fan on ebay for $98 with free shipping. Replacing the fan was fairly easy, taking about 40 mins to take off the old one, and put the new one on. Once the new one was on, the system works likes it's suppossed to. The dealer charges an arm and a leg for the fan, and also for labor. If you bought a chilton's manual for $15 and the fan for $98, you could fix the problem for a fraction of the costs of the dealer.
  • sorefootsorefoot Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info Maureen. I contacted my state consumer advocates office and the Feds yesterday as well as Chrysler. I'm getting forms to fill out from the state and feds and Chrysler is startting a probe into whats going on. Although I have to take it to a dealer to have it "RETESTED" because it's been a year since they dicovered the problem. I'm going to look into your solution but I'm hoping Chrysler will come around and discover that their "fan modules" stink and replace it at no charge.
  • mysteriousmysterious Posts: 2
    Usually there are high and low pressure switches on your a/c lines that tell the compressor to kick on and off. Chances are that your pressure is too high or low, which tells the computer to leave the a/c compressor off so that it doesn't tear up the compressor and make your problem worse. Take it to a technician to have the pressures and sensors checked.
  • mysteriousmysterious Posts: 2
    Sounds like you have an electrical short somewhere in the system.
    I would check the connection at the compressor first. Wiggle it with the a/c on and see if it makes the compressor go off and on. If so, you found your problem. Find other sensors(high and low) that are part of the system and wiggle them too.
  • pegscakespegscakes Posts: 2
    We just bought a 2005 Dream Cruiser edition. When we initially were purchasing it the air was not working. It was blowing hot. We asked the dealer to fix it before we picked up the car. They indicated that they replaced a "switch" and the air was working. We used the air the following day and it smelled a little toxic to me. Today when we turned the air on we were back to square one again with it blowing hot air. This seems like the same problem others are experiencing. We had the oil changed earlier today and they also flushed the radiator because the previous owner had the wrong coolant in there, UGH. Do you think the flushing could have caused the air to stop working?? At least the dealer gave us a 6 month warranty on the air, hopefully they will fix it. I'm sure they won't appreciate me coming in there with an idea that the fan module needs to be replaced. Can anyone give me a better way to explain this to the repair people??? Thanks
  • gigilgigil Posts: 2
    Last October the dealer replaced the thermostat/radiator & cooling fan after my car overheated (and less than a week after I got it out of the shop for a broken timing belt). Of course, now it is June and my a/c no longer works. Any ideas what it could be? It appears as if the components that everyone else is having problems with have already been replaced.

  • trese1trese1 Posts: 1
    I have a 06 Cruiser and my air condition only blows warm to hot air the fluid is full What else could it be? I don't heard anything turning on when i try to turn air on.
  • ptcruizinptcruizin Posts: 1
    I have an 07 PT Cruiser and in the last few months when driving on the highway (usually at speeds above 65 mph), I begin hearing water dripping or running and the AC begins to decrease and is not as clod. I will also see steam/smoke coming out of the vents, but nothing is burning.

    Any thoughts? I have about 54,000 miles on it and bought it used.
  • melssatmelssat Posts: 1
    My car is a 2007 PT Cruiser convertible with 39,000 on it. It just started doing the same thing described here. I am really upset over this as I still have 5 years left to pay for this car and already big problems.
  • gigilgigil Posts: 2
    I took my 03 to the dealership. Turned out that there was a leak in the O-ring. Cost $180 to replace.

    One thing I learned is to call Chrysler (at their 800 number) and complain. When my timing belt broke at 85K miles, they agreed to pay half of the repair (since it didn't last until 90K which is their recommendation per the owners manual.) I will warn you that it is time consuming. It took me two hours with at least 3 different people (up the food chain) before they agreed to pay. Persistence (and the threat of buying a Honda or Toyota in the future) paid off.

    Good luck!
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