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PT Cruiser Air Conditioning Questions/Problems



  • sweeks1sweeks1 Posts: 2
    I have an 07 pt cruiser. Where can I find the a/c relay?
  • sweeks1sweeks1 Posts: 2
    Where is this door you mentioned?
  • I recently purchased an 05 or cruiser I recently had the sputter at idle with AC on then temp shot up overheated I didn't even go a mike my question is after reading all the posts is where is the AC cycle switch located on the car
  • Can I get the fan relay switches at prolly or AutoZone
  • It's atop the accumulator on the right (passenger side) firewall. The accumulator is an aluminum, round-ended cylinder through which A/C lines pass.
  • I have an 09 pt cruiser and it started running hot at idle and it's winter so I haven't been using the ac only heater but when I'm driving it doesn't over heat so I replaced the thermostat and put new hoat coolant in it cause I figured it needed to be changed but now the temp hand won't move much over the c and the heat isn't really getting hot just a little warm and I have noticed sometime it idles rough and it will shudder some times .I had the compressor replaced a few months ago and it stopped shuttering at idel but some times it still does once I get off the gas and still kinda idles rough i turned the ac on low speed and the fan came on and the high speed fan works too I'm not a great mechanic when it comes to things like this. Any clue whats going on
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