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PT Cruiser Air Conditioning Questions/Problems



  • sweeks1sweeks1 Posts: 2
    I have an 07 pt cruiser. Where can I find the a/c relay?
  • sweeks1sweeks1 Posts: 2
    Where is this door you mentioned?
  • I recently purchased an 05 or cruiser I recently had the sputter at idle with AC on then temp shot up overheated I didn't even go a mike my question is after reading all the posts is where is the AC cycle switch located on the car
  • Can I get the fan relay switches at prolly or AutoZone
  • It's atop the accumulator on the right (passenger side) firewall. The accumulator is an aluminum, round-ended cylinder through which A/C lines pass.
  • I have an 09 pt cruiser and it started running hot at idle and it's winter so I haven't been using the ac only heater but when I'm driving it doesn't over heat so I replaced the thermostat and put new hoat coolant in it cause I figured it needed to be changed but now the temp hand won't move much over the c and the heat isn't really getting hot just a little warm and I have noticed sometime it idles rough and it will shudder some times .I had the compressor replaced a few months ago and it stopped shuttering at idel but some times it still does once I get off the gas and still kinda idles rough i turned the ac on low speed and the fan came on and the high speed fan works too I'm not a great mechanic when it comes to things like this. Any clue whats going on
  • I have a 2009 PT Cruiser. The AC in the works when the car is in motion, but blows warm air when stopped. I took it to the dealer today and they told me the High Pressure Cut Off Switch is broken and needs to be replaced. However, they could not confirm this would fix the problem. It will cost over $450 to have the dealer complete the repairs. Is this a simple repair I can do myself?

  • dg1953dg1953 Posts: 1
    Here's a "shout out" to bthompson40207 on the topic of a/c for the 2006 PT Cruiser. Came across your comments on July 2010, as my a/c had gone out last fall. I am not, by any stretch, a mechanic, but I did the paperclip test, replaced the pressure switch, and the a/c works great. Many thanks for saving me, potentially, big bucks. You're "the man"!
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