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Mercury Mountaineer Electrical Problems



  • get a new fuel cap
  • Check your remote and make sure the lock buttons aren't gummed up. The remote gets a lot of abuse. it comes apart easily and cleans up well.
  • I have a 1998 Mountaineer and My dog has chewed the key when I try and start the car, the theft light just flashes I don't have another key anyone have any suggestions?
  • Just filled gas tank, fuel guage reads empty and service engine light is on. What could the problem be?
  • buck48buck48 Posts: 1
    I just experienced a problem with my 2005 Mountaineer, engine shut down completely, all warning lights came on, lost power steering, minimun brake. My son has the same year and model, he says this has happened to him before and he thinks it is the cruise control,I have a 4.6 L engine with the Premier Package.
  • killabrewkillabrew Posts: 1
    I have the same issue as you do. The grinding and then restarting seems to make it go away for awhile. Did you ever get a resolution? I had a transmission shop check it out and they pulled up a bad key error code. If it is as simple as a bad chip in the key I will be very excited. They reset the code and everything seems fine. Let me know what you found out.
  • court72court72 Posts: 1
    My 2005 Mountaineer did the same thing as yankeefan7 did. Just that the fuel guage reads empty and the sevice engine light is on.
  • My electrical system seems to be freaking out. Go to adjust the mirror and the locks click off and on. The locks will work if the key is on, but not once you start the engine. The heat/air fan only works on high. The radio will shut off then come back on, and the CD has stopped completely. What's going on? How do I fix it?
  • A few weeks ago I discovered that my windows will not work.....however the sunroof, electric seats, mirrors, door locks, etc. all work just fine.

    I am wondering if the circuit breaker might need replaced. Has anyone had this problem? Not sure if I should pickup a circuit breaker at Advanced Auto....or if I need to take it in to the dealer.

    Would appreciate input.
  • Wanted to share this.

    I was having major gauge issues; the gauges would all go to zero, then vibrate, then go back to normal, then do it again. Interior lights would flash, and the radio would turn off and on. Usually would happen in colder weather. One day (Oct.24), the gauges "wigged out". They continuously did the on/off thing for 40 min. They even did it when the car was off and key out of ignition, but not as violently. Dealership just wanted to replace the gauge cluster for about $800.

    Drove it to an independent garage, while the gauges continuously going haywire... so he was able to experience the problem. He tried several reprogramming option on the computer, but nothing solved it.

    He finally went back to electricity 101 and replaced the main ground from the engine to the firewall. It was corroded. He also cleaned all other grounds in the engine compartment.

    The issue was solved. Been driving the car for 2 weeks in all types of weather, and so far, no issue.

    $120 - and he put gas in it.

    As a bonus, replacing / cleaning the grounds fixed my ambient temp gauge. It would give a very inaccurate reading when the temp was below 40.
  • I am having the same problem as some other users here. The fuel guage has dropped below "E", the service engine light is on and now the auto-lamps will not work. Are there any solutions to this problem yet?
  • while changing the drivers side sun visor on my 2004 mountaineer accidentally shorted it out blowing a fuse . immediatly after check engine light came on with a code p0193 also started to have abs problems as well . ideas ?thank you
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