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Hyundai Santa Fe Paint



  • Do you have a link to the Consumer Reports article on the paint issue that you mentioned above? I'm sure many of us would be interested to read it.
  • gunga64gunga64 Posts: 271
    edited August 2013
    As I have posted, my 1987 Hyundai Excel peeled paint on the bumpers. They still peel paint over twenty years later. Mine is a 2007 and it isnt peeling, but the paint is still not up to'par with other manufactors. I get told paint is made poorly nowadays from everyone that owns a car. But Hyundai is unacceptable, I havent seen this tyoe of problem on even stinky Chevys. Their clearcloat is so light its missing on some parts of the paint.

    The way they keep saying your warranty is up after 36k miles, and they know they have a problem will prevent me from ever buying another.

    I must say I have had warranty work done on my car since owning it, and the dealership has been good at fixing the issues. Last month at 96k, my throttle sensor went out and they replaced the and the entire throttle. I know that would have cost over $600. I did have to pay $100 under my extended warranty and the throttle wasnt covered under the 10 year/100k warranty, what crap that was too. Its an engine component and should have been under the 10/10.

    My issue there is they couldn't just replace the $25.00 sensor, supposedly its not replaceable. Thats what will keep me away in the future as well.

    Other warranty work, valve cover leaked, so gasket replaced, leaked on alternator so alternator replaced. Drivers seat switch broke and replaced.

    The car has been alright overall, and should last me years more, but its my last. You dont back your product you lose business period. You may save like 3k on a twenty thousand car but its not worth it.
  • wms09wms09 Posts: 1
    I left work at 5pm tonight with a few small chips in the paint on the hood and roof of my white 09 Santa Fe. An extremely hard Houston rain (raining sideways at times) pounded the car for about 8 - 10 miles. The rain, with thunder and lightning, was so hard I could barely see my wiper blades. Then I began to see swatches of something. Irregular shapes splattering the windshield along with the rain. To my SHOCK when I reached my destination and exited the car, HUGE patches of primer are now very clearly visible ALL OVER the hood and roof. I drove straight to the dealership to show them, but because I have 68,000 miles on the car, they said there is nothing they can do. Several of the bare spots are larger than my hand. Sales people looked at it in awe saying they'd never seen anything like it. This is CRAZY!
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